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We've compiled a list of the best Stremio addons in this post. These add-ons are compatible with all Stremio platforms. The instructions for installing the Stremio add-ons may be found further in this article.

In recent years, the Stremio media streaming service has grown in popularity. It has a fundamental UI that really makes streaming easy. You may use this platform to view movies, series, live TV, YouTube videos, and much more. Here's how to install Stremio on FireStick and Android TV Box if you don't already have it.

Stremio, like Kodi, requires add-ons to stream content. The add-ons connect you to media servers all around the globe and provide you with a list of streaming URLs to pick from. Stremio add-ons, unlike Kodi, are downloaded and installed online and do not take up space on your device's local storage. This saves device space and guarantees that you only have to install the add-on on one device and that it is accessible on all your Stremio devices (provided you have the same Stremio on all devices). the account is currently logged in).

Stremio add-ons are also simpler to install than Kodi add-ons. Go to the Stremio add-on library, choose your add-on, and install it with a single click.

Stremio also provides official and third-party (community) add-ons like Kodi. However, Stremio's add-on library is far from as extensive as Kodi's. There are just a few options for add-ons. This, I believe, will change in the future as more developers get interested in this platform.


Main Points:

  • Stremio is a fantastic streaming software that allows you to watch material for free.
  • Stremio and its plugins are entirely legal and secure. However, streaming copyrighted information is prohibited. Therefore, you should always utilize a VPN, such as NordVPN.
  • You will need to install add-ons after installing Stremio and NordVPN.
  • This article discusses the greatest Stremio plugins and what you can do with them.
  • Stremio is entirely legal. You will, however, continue to broadcast copyrighted information, which is prohibited. That is why you require a Stremio VPN.

We have chosen the best Stremio addons for you. Look!

Top 12 Best Stremio Extensions in 2024

So, without further ado, here is our list of the finest Stremio add-ons. This list covers both official and third-party (community) add-ons.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Stremio add-on allows you to browse the whole database of the well-known torrent website The Pirate Bay. This add-on lets you watch torrent material without downloading it to your device. It contains an endless supply of your favorite movies and series.

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The Pirate Bay comes in two flavors: PirateBay Addon and ThePirateBay+. Many third-party developers create these add-ons. Both get high-quality broadcasts from a variety of torrent sources. Go to Stremio's Add-ons area and choose Community Add-ons to get these add-ons. They can be found among the Stremio add-ons recommended. If you enjoy streaming on Stremio, here are some of the best Stremio add-ons.

Remark—After this post, I've included step-by-step directions for installing Stremio add-ons. Continue reading!


RARBG is yet another well-known name in the world of Stremio add-ons. It offers a massive collection of your favorite entertainment, including movies and TV shows. I've used this add-on for a while and have never been disappointed.

This Stremio addon searches several torrent servers for the movie or episode you wish to watch. You may also choose the streaming resolution, which ranges from SD to 1080p. You could even get fortunate and locate some 4K feeds. It simply takes one click to install RARBG, and you'll have access to an infinite collection of material for your viewing enjoyment. It is one of my favorite Stremio extensions.

3. Juan Carlos 

There are many entries in the list of community add-ons with the name ‘Juan Carlos.' While they are all good, the one named Juan Carlos 2 (at the time of writing) is the one you should acquire. Juan Carlos is a well-known torrent source. The same-named Stremio add-on allows for hassle-free torrent streaming. It contains a massive library of movies and TV series.

The multimedia collection is regularly updated. If there is anything new, it will most likely be discovered first by Juan Carlos 2. The add-on installs with a single click and requires no more settings. Numerous streams of this add-on will appear when you click on a movie or episode. It has frequently been named one of the most excellent Stremio add-ons on several lists.


4. Popcorn Time!

EZTV and YTS are two of the most popular torrent servers around the globe. Popcorn Time gives you access to its complete collection, which includes high-quality on-demand material such as movies, series, documentaries, and much more. Like many others on this list, Popcorn Time is regarded as one of the top Stremio add-ons.

The material collection of EZTV and YTS is continually being updated. This means that Popcorn Time always has something fresh to offer. Give it a go.

5. Zoogle

Zooqle may be thought of as a content aggregator. It has no parent website or server to get the content streams. However, it compiles the greatest materials available and gives the best quality streaming links. It uses torrent trackers such as Mega Torrents, YTS, RARBG, and others.

Zooqle is mainly used for on-demand entertainment, such as movies and television shows. However, you may sometimes locate streaming for documentaries and even YouTube films. I've also seen it discover streams for ancient movies and episodes, which many other top Stremio add-ons don't. Zooqle is still relatively young as I write this article, but it has made its presence known. You may give it a go.

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6. Open Videos

This is another add-on that enters our list of the top Stremio add-ons. Open videos may not be as excellent as other add-ons like Juan Carlos 2 or RARBG, but it has been performing a solid job for a long time. So I felt you should be aware of its existence.

Open Videos is a movie and TV program on-demand add-on. It discovers streams for any current and popular material you wish to view. This Stremio add-on lets you choose a resolution, such as SD, 720p, or 1080p.

7. Youtube

YouTube is an official Stremio add-on that is frequently bundled with the software. The add-on is a great way to explore and watch YouTube videos. And we know YouTube has hundreds (if not millions) of videos for you to watch.

YouTube has developed over time and is no longer merely a repository for odd handmade films. Every day, several experienced producers and artists add to the massive video collection of our video streaming network. The YouTube Stremio add-on allows you to view web series, trailers, viral videos, and various unique materials.

The add-on, however, has significant limits. You cannot access the YouTube account. As a result, you can't access your watchlist, subscribed channels, or anything else related to your profile. It also does not play YouTube TV videos. You may only see standard videos.

8. Netflix

Another popular Stremio add-on is Netflix. This add-on lets you explore the library of Netflix movies, programs, and other material forms. While it is presently accessible as a third-party community add-on, you can watch the material only if logged in with your existing Netflix account. Furthermore, you are not required to supply Stremio with your Netflix credentials. When you choose a movie or program (or any other title), you will be sent to the Netflix website, where you may safely log in.

If you don't have a Netflix membership and are debating whether to buy one, this Stremio add-on may be helpful. You may go through the content collection to see whether enough videos interest you.


9. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is another excellent Stremio add-on. It is an approved add-on that may be included with Stremio. If you like viewing movies and TV episodes with subtitles, OpenSubtitles is a must-have add-on.

OpenSubtitles, as you are undoubtedly aware, is one of the biggest and most popular subtitlers. We also advocate using OpenSubtitles with Kodi. It offers a massive library of subtitles in practically every language imaginable. If you like viewing movies or TV programs, you'll find all the subtitles you need here.

10. Ex addon

Ex Addon is not one of the fascinating Stremio additions. It does not include the most recent movies or television episodes. However, it provides access to select masterpieces in the public domain. If you like viewing vintage movies free of copyright, you should try Ex Addon.

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You don't even have to worry about infringing copyright rules since it exclusively broadcasts movies in the public domain. While Ex Addon does not have an extensive content catalog, there are specific titles that may be of interest to you.

11. Cinemeta

Although Cinemeta is an approved Stremio plug-in, it does not stream movies or television programs. Instead, it aids in extracting information on Stremio's free movies and TV episodes from websites such as IMDb, TheTVDB, TheMovieDB, and Fanart. tv, eliminating the need to look for them individually in a browser.

12. Twitch

Twitch is a famous video streaming network where you can watch live sporting events and content other gamers or artists provide in categories like cooking and artwork. Installing the Twitch add-on allows you to access the whole Twitch library to broadcast content directly from the Stremio app.

How can I install the best Stremio addons?

The following are the procedures for installing an add-on on Stremio. I captured the screenshots below using an Amazon FireStick. However, the procedure works similarly on all systems. So here we go:

  1. Launch Stremio and log in to your Stremio account if you haven't already. You should see something like this on your home screen.
  2. Select the hamburger menu (3 horizontal bars) in the upper left corner. Scroll down a little and choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.
  3. At the top, you should now see two choices, with All and Officially chosen by default.
  4. By selecting the All menu option, you may filter add-ons by movies, series, channels, and others.
  5. Once you've decided, click on the option that reads Officially.
  6. You may now choose whether to install official or community Stremio add-ons. Let's go with Community.
  7. Note: If you click Installed in this box, you will get a list of all the add-ons you installed.
  8. Scroll down to the selected add-on (The Pirate Bay) and click the Install button.

This is how you install Stremio add-ons.


So there you have it: our selection of the top Stremio add-ons. These add-ons have been tried and used by me, and I have written about them based on my own experience. If I encounter an intriguing Stremio add-on, I'll immediately add it to this list. And if you come to find one, please let us know in the comments area below. Don't forget to use a VPN service to be sure and hide your IP. We recommend NordVPN


Legal Disclaimer: makes no claims about the legality or security of any add-ons, applications, or services included on this site. Furthermore, we do not promote, host, or link to copyrighted broadcasts. We firmly condemn piracy and urge our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any reference to free streaming on our site is just for copyright-free public domain material.


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