How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 (Best Method in 2024)

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 73

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Are you having trouble accessing Disney +? Don't worry, we have a solution for you to fix Disney plus error code 73. This error is most common when you try to access Disney + from an area that is geographically restricted.

We have also covered the reasons for the error. Please continue reading our guide to find out more about the error as well as how to fix it.

What is the Disney Plus 73 error code?

Normally, the Disney Plus 73 error code will appear when you try to access Disney + from an unreachable area. The following message will appear if you access Disney Plus from a restricted area.

Disney + is not available in all regions. You may not be able to access Disney + depending on where you live. You can report this error to the Disney + Help Center at error code 73.

When you visit Disney Plus, it checks your location first. If it finds that you're using a VPN to mock your location, it will display an error code 73. When you use free VPNs, or paid VPNs that have weak servers or malicious services, the error code 73 is most common.

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If your ISP, or location service provider is not reliable, this error could also happen. This error can also occur if Disney Plus is unable to determine where you are coming from or if you hide your identity.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 (Simple Soulution)

To get rid of Disney Plus Error Code73, you can use the following simple solutions:

Enable location services

You must ensure that your location is active when accessing Disney Plus via phone. Disney + will verify your location once it is enabled. These steps will enable location access to your phone.

  • Go to Settings on the phone.
  • Click Security & Privacy for Android users or Privacy for iPhone users.
  • Click Location Access and Location Services.
  • Verify that My Location Access is on.
  • Access Disney + from your smartphone and you can get rid of Disney Plus73.

Disconnect from the VPN

You can disconnect the VPN temporarily and then try to access Disney Plus. You can try the next solution if the error persists.

A premium VPN is recommended

VPNs that are free offer a weak service and cannot circumvent Disney Plus's geographic limitations. Surfshark VPN is a premium VPN that allows you to connect to the secure servers of Surfshark VPN to access Disney Plus without any bugs. Check the Surfshark Review here. These are the steps to follow:

  • Subscribe to Surfshark VPN.
  • Install the VPN client on your device.
  • You can connect to the servers from any country that has Disney +.
  • Visit the official Disney Plus site.
  • Log in using your login details
  • You can enjoy Disney + content with no mistakes.

Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 with Surfshark

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Alternative VPN

If you don't want to use Surfshark, you can try Nord VPN. NordVPN is an extremely fast VPN which works great when unlocking Disney Plus content.

This means that the service provider is equipped with the most advanced technologies to bypass geo-restrictions.

NordVPN is a great investment option, as it offers a low price and can serve six simultaneous devices within a single paycheck.

It has also expanded in more than 60 nations, making it the only one with 5500+ servers to meet the needs of users while avoiding traffic.

The best servers to use are Atlanta and Miami, Chicago, and Dallas.

Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73 with NordVPN

Antivirus software should be turned off

Antivirus software can interrupt or limit programs and services, which can lead to device problems. Disable the antivirus software installed on your computer to see if it can be disabled.

These steps will temporarily disable antivirus from your system:

  • Click Start, then click Settings.
  • Click Windows Security after you have selected Updates and Security.
  • Choose from Threat Protection and Virus Protection
  • Next, click Manage settings.
  • You can change real-time protection from On to Off.
  • You can access Disney Plus from your browser, and you shouldn't get error 73.

Get in touch with your service provider

If you still receive a Disney Plus error 73 after trying all the methods above, please contact your ISP. Even if this doesn't happen often, you can ask your ISP to verify that he has the correct IP address. This will allow Disney + to think you are accessing it from a restricted area.

Contact Disney + Customer Support if you are located in an area that has the content you desire to view. They will provide you with the best instructions to access Disney Plus and enable you stream smoothly.

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Questions frequently asked

What is Error Code 73 on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus Error Code code 73 indicates that Disney + is unavailable in your area. This error is caused by trying to access Disney + from a restricted area. This error is most common when you use a VPN. You can fix it by disabling your VPN.

What does the error code 42 mean on Disney Plus?

When you aren't connected to the Internet, Disney Plus 42 error code will be displayed. This error can be avoided by making sure you have a reliable Internet connection. You may also experience this error if your Internet connection is weak or slow.

What does the error code 83 in Disney Plus mean?

When a compatibility problem occurs with Disney Plus Error83, it will appear. It is usually referred to as an “unknown” error. It is usually caused by a connection problem, a device compatibility or account issue. Our comprehensive guide to Disney Plus 83 with its simple fixes.


We have discussed the causes of Disney Plus Error 73 in this guide. We also have all the simple fixes that you can use to fix this annoying error. If Disney + is unavailable in your area and you attempt to access it via VPN, and you get error code 73 then make sure that you use a trusted VPN like Surfshark VPN. It has extra security and strong enough servers so you can circumvent the restrictions of Disney Plus. .

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