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Welcome to My VPN Hub About Page

Through our unbiased testing, research, and analyses,, an independent VPN review website, promotes online privacy, security, and freedom.

The team, which was established in 2021 by software entrepreneur Dragisa Beric, carries out rigorous VPN testing, analysis, and research in favor of free and safe internet.

Our goal is to make using VPN services for digital privacy, security, and independence simple and accessible for everyone.

VPNs are a crucial weapon in the battle against governments, businesses, and other hostile entities who invade our online privacy, censor our access to the public internet and target our devices to steal important data.

Since 2020, has reviewed all major VPN services and published research and advice about VPNs to help protect your online privacy and security.

Why do we focus on VPN’s?

One-fourth of the world's population now has a VPN subscription due to their desire for internet freedom. They are the most effective weapon for anyone worried about their online privacy.

There is an issue since not all VPN software is made equal. Even the privacy and security that certain VPN services are supposed to guarantee may be in jeopardy.

We've tested the top VPNs for countless hours.

We assisted thousands of internet users from 180 different countries in finding a reliable, secure VPN service last year.

Extensive VPN Testing Callum has evaluated dozens of large and small VPN services on a wide array of gadgets.

Every assessment entails hours of testing for IP, DNS, and WebRTC breaches, reading through privacy rules and speaking with VPN providers directly to gain a deeper understanding of their services.

In-depth how-to articles on everything from setting up a VPN to understanding VPN logging regulations have also been created by Dragisa to assist users in learning.


Dragisa Beric graduated from Polytechnic Academy with a bachelor's degree in software engineering.