MyVpnHub is a website that relies on readers.
Some of the products and services listed on this website earn us commissions.

Clicking on one of our affiliate links will result in you purchasing the VPN providers listed below. Affiliate links are unique links that allow affiliates to promote a service or product online. These commissions can then be used to credit the affiliate.

  • Surfshark VPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • HideMyAss VPN
  • VyprVPN

It is used by many “VPN reviews” websites on the Internet. It's hidden away so people think they don't earn any commissions.

These VPN providers are why we have partnered with them.
Myvpnhub.com was not affiliated with any VPNs when it first launched.

We quickly learned that reviewing VPNs and testing them can be time-consuming and expensive. We decided to make our website monetizable with affiliate links to keep it running.

Last but not least, we found these VPNs to be superior than others.

This will cost you more.

It doesn't.


It is subjective to review VPNs. It is difficult to find the “best VPN”. Before you buy any VPN service, read reviews and compare their features online.

It does not affect our rating system or ratings, according to our tests. This is how we rank providers on our website:

  • To see if your data is being logged, go through their logging policies
  • Examine their background and jurisdiction.
  • Speed tests can be run on at least three servers
  • Check Netflix compatibility
  • Check out their torrenting/P2P policies
  • Check for leaks such as DNS, WebRTC, IPv4, IPv6, and more
  • Check the app's usability
  • Check their privacy and security features
  • Check out their customer service
  • Verify router compatibility
  • Compare the value vs. the cost
  • Read more about the review process by clicking here.

Why is this being disclosed?

We are open with our customers. Our reviews are considered impartial. You have the right to find out if we are compensated by VPNs.

We want to be open with you, our visitors, again.