How to Install Fusion on Kodi (Best Guide in 2024)

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 by Walter

This article will show you how to install Fusion on Kodi 19 or 18. It also shows how to add Fusion-compatible add-ons. This guide works with all Kodi-supported devices, including FireSticks, Fire TVs, Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Fire TVs in 2024.

The best entertainment app for everyone is Kodi. Kodi TV is the best choice if you are looking to enjoy the best software with almost all the shows that you desire. There are only a handful of official Kodi addons available that offer only a limited number of channels and shows. You can learn more about Fusion on Kodi if you are looking for more media tools.

Kodi is legal, even though it's an open-source project. This media tool is improved every day by more than 500 developers. Few people truly enjoy Kodi's full potential, not to mention the thousands of addon developers.

Fusion on Kodi is now available. The Fusion repository acts as a web hosting server and provides a wide range of plugins. These plugins offer the highest quality content. This repository is ideal for beginners who don’t have the time or effort to install plugins from multiple repositories.

The Fusion on Kodi repository already contains a large number of add-ons, including Exodus, Covenant, Magic Dragon, and Elysium. These add-ons offer the most extensive selection of movies and shows. This is like streaming Netflix, HBO and other premium online streaming services free of charge.

If Fusion on the Kodi repository appeals to you, it is time to learn how it can be installed on your Kodi media center. Don't worry. This guide is easy to follow and simple. All you need to do is follow these instructions and you will be binge-watching your favorite shows in a matter of minutes.

Third-party installation

You should first allow third-party plugins to be installed by activating “Unknown sources”. Here are the steps:

  • Open Kodi
  • Click the gear icon at the upper left corner of the screen, just below the Kodi logo to open the Settings section.
  • Click ‘Systems
  • Click ‘Additionals‘ in the left panel to enable Unknown sources to the right
  • Click ‘Yes' when you see the warning message. Fusion is safe and tested.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

How to install Fusion on Kodi

Fusion for Kodi does not contain a plugin. It is a source that allows you to download many repositories as well as dozens of plugins. We'll first learn how to add Fusion Kodi sources and then how to install addons such as Indigo from it.

Attention Kodi users!

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Follow these steps to add Fusion to Kodi

1. You must be on the Kodi home screen. Open the Settings option in upper left corner.

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How to Install Fusion on Kodi

2. Next, open the ‘file manager‘ option

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

3. Next, click on ‘Add source‘.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

4. Click “ In the dialog box that opens, type “Add File Source” in the space provided.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

5. Type

You must ensure that you have correctly entered the address. Otherwise, you will not be able add the source to Fusion's repo collection. When you are done, click ‘OK.

6. In' Type the name that you would like to give this source. It will be called Fusion. You can call it whatever you like, as long as it is relevant.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

7. After entering the source name, click ‘Okay'.

You have successfully added Fusion source to Kodi. Let's now see how to access the source code to install plugins and repositories.

8. Return to Kodi's home screen, and click the ‘Additionals‘ button on the left panel.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

9. In the upper left corner, click on the ‘open-box_' icon. This icon can also be called “Package Installer”.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

10. Next, click ‘Download from the ZIP file

After clicking Install from Zip file, Kodi 19 will display an additional dialog box. In that dialog box, click OK.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

11. Now you should be able see a list with additional sources. Click'Fusion to see the source name we have added.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

The Fusion repo, plugins and other software are further divided into three categories.

  • begin-here
  • kodi-repos
  • kodi-scripts

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

We'll explore Fusion source more. Let's start by installing the Kodi Indigo addon. It is available from ‘begin'

How To Install Indigo Addon On Kodi

Indigo is the most used plugin in the Fusion installer. It will therefore be the first item that Fusion for Kodi installs. We'll also be exploring the Kodi Ingo addon.

Indigo is an add-on that adds many utilities and tools to Kodi. Indigo is most well-known as an add-on installer for Kodi. This addon lets you install many apps from its library, including Fusion TVAddons, Movie Addons, and many others.

Installing plugins is easy with Indigo. With just one click, you can access any plugin in Indigo's library. Any plugin can be installed from any zip file that you have saved online. Simply enter the URL.

Here are the steps to install Indigo.

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1. Click on the Kodi home screen and click Add-ons. Next, click the Package Installer icon at the upper left corner. Click on “Install from zip file”. Simply click on Fusion to open the list of additional sources.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

2. We have seen that Fusion can be divided into three types. Click' Start-here.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

3. You should now see the name of the zip file Depending on the version, the numbers at the end may change. It is currently 4.0.3 at the time of writing.

Click here to download the zip file.

4. Wait for the notification “Indigo Addon installed”. This notification will be in the upper right corner. You can see it in the photo below.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

5. Return to Kodi's home screen, and then go to add-ons > Video Add-ons. Indigo will be listed in the plugins list.

Access Indigo can be accessed via Add-ons. Indigo is also available as a maintenance and support tool.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

How to use the Indigo Addons Installer Tool

Open ‘Indigo‘ in the Extras section. Indigo has many options and features, as you can see from the image. You can use it to configure your plugins and maintain your site.

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We'll be looking at the Addon Installation as it is the most widely used option. In the list of options, click on ‘Addon Installer.

Indigo offers several options to install plugins, as shown in the image below. The ‘Featured plugins” tab shows the top-download plugins. You can also search add-ons by category like audio add-ons and video add-ons.

You can open any option that interests you and continue exploring it.

Indigo allows you to download any plugin that is not in the library. All you need is the URL to the zip file. Enter the URL of your zip file and click on the ‘Install zip using an internet connection' button. Indigo will install your plugin without any issues.

This is all there is to it about the Indigo plugin. Let's look at the Fusion installer.

Before stream with Kodi Addons and Builds, I warn that all content you stream is on Kodi visible the ISP or Government. You could get hooked on streaming copyrighted video (free movies, TV programs, and sports). legal problems.

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Characteristics for Indigo

Here's a list of Indigo Fusion features that you can expect to use for your Kodi. This multipurpose tool is extremely useful, especially when your Kodi starts to crash or slow down.

Very easy configuration wizard

Indigo Fusion is all you need if you're a beginner. It already comes with a lot of great plugins, and you can tweak it to make it work even better.

Factory Restore

All settings are reset to default by Fusion on Kodi. Clear all settings if you experience errors. This can also be useful if plugins have been installed incorrectly. It is easy to reset your settings back to the default. Simply open the Fusion Tool and you will be able to get up and running within seconds.

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Internet speed testing

This tool can be used to check your internet speed. Any media file can be uploaded from 100Kb up to 5Gb. Then you can see the progress. This is helpful if you want to ensure that your streaming connection can provide smooth entertainment.

Display ads

You will find add-ons and movies you can start watching immediately. You can watch TV shows, sports events, documentaries, and movies right from your computer. If you want to get Kodi up and running as quickly as possible, there is no need to install any add-ons.

Maintenance Tool

You can also manually optimize and tune your Kodi. This tool is best if you only need to delete one package. This tool will clear all caches, thumbnails, and customizations for the deleted plugins.

Use a VPN to access KODI

Kodi may not be suitable if you live in a country that prohibits broadcasting copyrighted media content. You can still use Kodi, even though this restriction is in place, by using a VPN.

This option is available only for Android smartphones, iOS and Mac OS for Kodi devices, as well as Windows devices with Kodi. These platforms offer VPN apps that you can download and use.

VPN applications are used to disguise a user's online identity and make it appear elsewhere by using a different IP. This is achieved by creating an internet tunnel that bypasses all standard protocols of any ISP.

This is legal as it promotes safer internet browsing and private browsing. This feature can be used when you use Kodi on your smartphone.

Use Express VPN to Access KODI


Is Kodi Fusion safe?

Yes, Fusion Kodi can be trusted. There is no danger of malware even though it's open-source.

Is Kodi Fusion legal?

Kodi is legal, even though it's an open-source project. This media tool is improved every day by more than 500 developers. Few people truly enjoy Kodi's full potential, not to mention the thousands of addon developers.

Does Kodi Fusion still work?

Fusion This addon was disabled in 2019, but it is back and better than ever. Kodi Fusion works, so yes.

In conclusion

Fusion on Kodi is a great choice if you don't mind downloading add-ons one after the other. You already have all the great stuff you need to enhance your Kodi experience. Fusion is a great choice.

Think Fusion is your all-in-one Kodi tool. Let us know what you think of this Kodi tool. You can also let us know if you have a better tool for Kodi than Fusion. We would love to hear your thoughts.

You can leave your comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. We will respond to all messages as quickly as possible. We appreciate your cooperation to make this community a better place.

Legal disclaimer – is not responsible for the legality and safety of any plugins or applications mentioned on this website. We do not host, promote, or link to any copyrighted streams. We strongly discourage piracy and urge our readers to stop it. All mentions of free streaming are for content that is not copyright-free and which is freely available on the internet. Please read our complete disclaimer.

Disclosure My VPN hub supports reading. We may be compensated if you buy a product via links on our website.

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