How to Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online in 2024

How to Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online

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How to Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online – Colorado Avalanche has been dominating the ice hockey scene since the 1970s.  Because they are in the top tier of NHL teams, they are the favorite to win next season's cup. With their great picks of new players, the Avs roster is sure to be favorites. So we are here to help you stream your favorite team in 2024, Colorado Avalanche games this season online.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online

Here's a quick guide on how to watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey live online:

1. Utilize a VPN for Unrestricted Access

Note: Each VPN has its unique features and pricing. For instance, NordVPN boasts a vast server network and can unblock various services like ESPN, FOX Sports, and CBS All Access. ExpressVPN is known for its fast connections and superior unblocking capabilities.

2. Choose a Streaming Platform

  • Sling TV: Offers a Blue package with NBC Sports Network, which broadcasts FOX hockey games.
  • Hulu + Live TV: Provides access to NBC Sports Network but not Altitude. It has a single live TV package costing $54.99 per month.
  • fuboTV: Does not offer Altitude but provides NBC Sports Network. It has various packages, with the standard one costing $64.99 per month.
  • YouTube TV: Offers 85+ networks, including NBC Sports Network, for $64.99/month.
  • AT&T TV: Provides NBC Sports Network across all packages, with the Max plan costing $80/month.

Note: Each platform has its unique features, pricing, and trial periods. Ensure to check the specific details and choose one that suits your needs.

3. Ensure Compatible Device Support

  • Amazon Fire TV: Use streaming services like DIRECTV, Fubo, Hulu, or Sling.
  • Roku: Utilize streaming services like DIRECTV, Fubo, Hulu, or Sling.
  • Apple TV: Access through streaming services like DIRECTV, Fubo, Hulu, or Sling.

4. Consider NHL Live for International Fans

  • Pricing: $29.99 per month.
  • Note: Local blackout restrictions apply to regular season games.
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5. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

  • A stable and fast internet connection is crucial to watch the games without interruption.

Additional Tips

  • Always check the streaming platform for the specific games and schedules.
  • Consider your budget and viewing preferences when choosing a VPN and streaming platform.
  • Ensure your devices are compatible with the chosen streaming service.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey with NordVPN

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online with a VPN

You are traveling abroad and want to watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live while you travel. Many streaming services restrict access to certain countries. 

For example with Fubo, If your access is restricted, you will get the following message:

How to Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online

It's possible that it is only available in certain countries. However, you may find it difficult to stream it abroad if the country where you live is restricted. You may also find that the game you are looking for is blocked in certain countries. No matter what, you can access safely through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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The Best VPNs to watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey

1. NordVPN

NordVPN boasts a vast server network that is unmatched by other VPNs. NordVPN has nearly 2,000 servers in the US, some of which are optimized for streaming HD video. It's a great way to stream Hockey securely. NordVPN can unblock many other similar services such as ESPN, FOX Sports and CBS All Access.

NordVPN gives experienced users many options to customize their security settings. You can use 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection as default. However, you can choose to activate a program-specific kill button, connect to Tor over VPN or block malware and ads automatically. It does not log any personally identifiable information, and it accepts Bitcoin payments. This allows you to remain as anonymous as possible.

Check out our complete NordVPN review.

Watch Colorado Avalanche with NordVPN

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a great choice for streamers due to its fast connections, large server network (3,000 servers covering 94 countries) and superior unblocking capabilities. ExpressVPN is the only VPN that can access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video reliably, so streaming Colorado Avalanche Hockey shouldn’t be a problem.

You will find a variety of security features, including DNS leak protection, perfect forward secrecy and a kill switch to stop data transfer if you lose connection. ExpressVPN does not log any personally identifiable information so your activities can't be traced back. ExpressVPN also provides 24/7 support via live chat for any issues.

Watch Colorado Avalanche with ExpressVPN

3. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN is different from other VPNs because it can navigate content restrictions. Surfshark works with more Netflix libraries than any other VPN. Surfshark offers unlimited bandwidth and high-speed servers that allow you to stream live without buffering, lag or low resolution.

With its 256-bit AES encryption and kill switch, as well as DNS and IPv6 leak protection, this VPN will allow you to stream securely. MultiHop servers provide additional encryption and an ad blocker are just a few of the security features. Surfshark offers reliable and fast customer service 24/7 via email and live chat.

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Watch Colorado Avalanche with Surfshark

4. WeVPN

WeVPN offers a cost-effective service that is well worth the price. It is fast, simple to use and can unblock NHL remotely. 45-day money-back guarantee.

Watch Colorado Avalanche with WeVPN

What channels broadcast the Colorado Avalanche games?

Colorado Avalanche games are often split between Altitude, a regional channel that covers the Rocky Mountain region and NBC Sports Network. This channel broadcasts many soccer and racing events, as well as hockey games.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online with Sling TV

You will need to subscribe the Blue package to Sling TV. The Orange and Blue plans are $30 per month. However, they have different network lists. Orange has more networks than Orange. Orange has 45+ channels, including NBC Sports Network, which broadcasts FOX hockey games. If you don't want any of the channels, it is possible to combine them for $45/mo.

The streaming service is very affordable and simple to use. The streaming service doesn't provide DVR. Each user has access to ten hours DVR, regardless of the plan they choose. 50 hours of DVR is the only upgrade that costs $5 per month. The trial period for Sling TV is shorter than that of other platforms. Sling TV gives you only three days to decide whether it is right for you.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online via Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV has a network dedicated to sports. Avalanche fans will be able to watch Avalanche games live on NBC Sports Network. Hulu subscribers can't view games via Altitude, unfortunately. There are 65+ channels offering every Big Ten Network and ESPN event. There aren't many networks dedicated to one sport, such as the NHL Network for hockey.

Hulu simplifies your life by listing only one live TV package. It costs $54.99 per monthly. The platform also includes access to its award-winning on-demand catalog. Subscribers to Live TV receive 50 hours of DVR storage. This can be increased to 200 hours for $9.99/mo. For the same monthly fee, unlimited simultaneous streams can be availed to suit the entire household. You also get 2 simultaneous streams with the plan. For seven days, you can try Hulu + Live TV free of charge.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online via fuboTV

FuboTV broadcasts more than just championships and games. With more than 30,000 broadcasts each year, it still broadcasts sports. FuboTV is the leader in ice hockey. Although it doesn't offer Altitude, it does offer NBC Sports Network which allows you to stream the Avalanche live. Subscribers to the $79.99/mo. Additional benefits are available to subscribers of the $79.99/mo. package. You have unlimited access to NHL Network with the Elite package. (If you subscribe to the standard $64.99/mo subscription. The Family Package, $29.99/mo or the Family Package. Spanish-language plans are $5.99/mo. The extra option can be added.

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Major sports networks include ESPN and FS1. FOX and NBC offer local content. The Family plan offers more than 100 channels and 250 hours of recording space. The Elite option has over 140 channels and a DVR with 1000 hours. With so many channels, you may not need to add additional channels. FuboTV has a number of premium channels such as NFL RedZone or Stadium. FuboTV is available for a seven-day trial just like Hulu + Live TV.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online via YouTube TV

YouTube TV's 85+ networks rank it between Hulu + Live TV (fuboTV) and YouTube TV. NBC Sports Network is listed which is not surprising. However, Altitude is, so some Colorado Avalanche matches might not be available. YouTube TV does not have the NHL Network.  But, YouTube TV has a large local selection that includes many other sports. YouTube TV has all of the major national networks, including ESPN, FS1, TBS, and TNT. YouTube TV allows you to watch Avalanche games live and other sports action.

All of this and more are available for $64.99/month. You don't have to worry about too many NHL games being recorded. The $64.99/month fee includes unlimited cloud recording and selected on-demand content. You get a 2-week free trial to test all channels and features.

Watch Colorado Avalanche Hockey Live Online with AT&T TV

AT&T TV now offers two ways to stream live an Avalanche game. NBC Sports Network is available in all packages, however the Max plan doesn't include Altitude regional name. This package is $80/month and includes 60 channels. It also includes major channels such as ESPN or CBS Sports Network and specialty channels such as Golf.

AT&T TV Now provides seven additional packages with more channels. The Premier plan includes many extras. It is $183 per month. You won't be able to access more DVR storage but you will have 500 hours storage and three streams at once. These limits should be enough to meet the needs of the average sports-mad household. If you're interested in international, Max, plus or international packages, you can get a free seven-day trial.

Colorado Avalanche is available on Amazon Fire TV

Colorado Avalanche can be viewed on Amazon Fire TV using one of the following streaming services: DIRECTV, Fubo, Hulu, Sling, and DIRECTV. After downloading the app, you can sign in using your credentials.

Colorado Avalanche on Roku

Colorado Avalanche can be viewed on Roku using one of these streaming services: DIRECTV, Fubo, Hulu, Sling, and DIRECTV. After downloading the app, you can sign in using your credentials.

You can watch the Colorado Avalanche live on Apple TV

Colorado Avalanche can be viewed on Apple TV via one of the following streaming services: DIRECTV, Fubo, Fubo, Hulu, or Sling. After downloading the app, you can sign in with your credentials.

NHL Live is available for $ 29.99 per month to anyone who lives far away from their favorite team. Regular season games are subject to local blackout restrictions. You can also opt for NHL Live Streaming the Stanley Cup Playoff Pass to view the playoffs live and without restrictions for $ 74.99

  • There are no blackouts
  • Fastest speeds
  • Private browsing
  • Only $ 6.67 per month
  • Free 3 Months

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