Surfshark vs PureVPN (Which VPN is Best in 2024)

Surfshark vs PureVPN

Last Updated on May 12, 2024 by Walter

Surfshark VS PureVPN, who wins? Surfshark and PureVPN both offer amazing security benefits to their subscribers, which I was delighted to discover. Surfshark remains the leader in this race as it offers a wide range of features that are affordable.

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Surfshark vs PureVPN

Surshark's Ram-based servers are one of its most distinctive features. These servers are deleted after each reboot. This improves the privacy and security of users and their data. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are leading providers in this industry.

Result: PureVPN has more protocols than Surfshark, but Surfshark VPN uses modern, more secure protocols.

PureVPN provides users with both outdated and current VPN protocols. This gives them more options. PureVPN offers more protocols than others, but this is not always a benefit. Because of the vulnerabilities hackers have, older tunnel protocols can cause more damage than good.

Surfshark VPN, on the other hand, has stopped supporting older protocols due to security concerns and only offers OpenVPN or IKEv2 which are the most secure protocols available for current VPNs.

Both PureVPN and Surfshark support torrenting

Yes (on certain servers)

If you are looking for streaming media, both services can be subscribed to. Surfshark and PureVPN are easy to use. You won't be in trouble if you torrent.

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Surfshark VPN, however, allows for faster torrenting, as it is dependent on the VPN's speed. This gives it an advantage over PureVPN.

1. Speed

Surfshark is 7.5% faster than PureVPN.

Surfshark is slightly faster than PureVPN. Both VPNs were tested using a basic 30Mbps Internet connection.

PureVPN was able to deliver a solid 28.47Mbps when tested on the US server. Surfshark was able to reach higher speeds of 29.15Mbps while we were in the US. This is very similar to PureVPN. Surfshark's average speed was around 29 Mbps. Long-distance servers slowed PureVPN's speed.

PureVPN is a fast VPN service, but it is not as fast as Surfshark VPN.

Here are the speeds for both VPNs in general:

Speed Results PureVPN SurfsharkVPN
United States 31 29.15
UK 26.35 29.35
Germany 21 19
Australia 31 29.1


2. Register Policy

Result: Both providers have non-registration policies

Both providers have clear privacy policies. Surfshark and PureVPN do not retain any personally identifiable information.

It does not record IP addresses, timestamps DNS, bandwidth or traffic.

VPNRanks has a comparison chart that provides more information on registration policies for VPNs. This chart shows the gray and green areas for more than 50 vendors.

3. Customer service

Result: Both vendors offer excellent customer service.

Surfshark and PureVPN both have great customer service, which I discovered while researching this review. Live chat is a great way to get answers instantly.

Official sites also provide extensive information about troubleshooting and installing procedures.

4. Netflix Streaming

Surfshark is the winner in streaming speed.

You can choose to use PureVPN or Surfshark for geo-restricted Netflix content access from anywhere. It's amazing to see that both VPN services allow you to access Netflix media content from the US.

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For more details, see our article on Netflix VPN services.

General assessments

Surfshark is rated higher than PureVPN because it offers attractive 2-year pricing plans at 81% off. Users also love the huge money-back guarantee that lets users enjoy complete privacy on all their devices for more than a month.

You can also claim a refund if you aren't satisfied with the service.

Surfshark and PureVPN have a Trustpilot score

Result: PureVPN is rated higher than Surfshark by Trustpilot

PureVPN beat Surfshark but only by a slight margin, thanks to the highest Trustpilot reviews.

Reddit comments on PureVPN & Surfshark

SurfsharkVPN has won a lot of fans in the popular interactive community.

Reddit is a popular online community that provides impartial feedback on various products and services. You can also use this platform to learn more about different VPN services.

Use Surfshark VPN Today at 82% OFF!

Final verdict

Surfshark VPN is the winner of this competition.

Despite Surfshark's youth, this contest was close between VPNs.

Surfshark VPN is a winner based on the analysis. It has all the ingredients necessary to make any VPN service successful in the market, and it is extremely affordable.

PureVPN is, however, a strong competitor for Surfshark but does not have a direct comparison.

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