Samsung Max Vpn Review 2024

Samsung Max Vpn Review

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Per your request, it is time to do a Samsung Max VPN Review. Samsung Max, a freemium VPN and privacy tool was launched by Samsung on February 23, 2018. It is free to use but also available in a premium version. It is officially called the “Data Management & Privacy Manager” by Samsung.

The original design of this application was by Opera browser, but Samsung bought it to use exclusively on its smartphones. Google stats show that it has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. It has received more than 360 k ratings averaging at 4.5-stars. We'll be reviewing the Samsung Max privacy and VPN features, and deciding if they are worthy of a review.

Samsung Max Vpn Review

Pros & Cons

  • ● Guards your IP address and location
  • ● Scans for app privacy risks
  • ● Manage your apps network permissions
  • ● Secures your public Wi-Fi usage by encrypting all your connections
  • ● Samsung Max is a No Log VPN, meaning they don't track your usage in logs.
  • Only deluxe and paid VPN plans can choose which country to browse the web from and Limited Benefits in comparing to other VPNsVPN

Samsung Max Vpn Key Features

The Samsung Max can be divided into two modes: Privacy Protection mode, and
Data Saving Mode

The Data Saving Mode can help you save data and possibly money. Samsung Max will alert you if it detects apps that use a lot of data. It will then compress images, videos and music files to make web browsing easier.

You can also set data permissions and have peace of mind by allowing automatic background data to be used for all applications. This allows you to adapt data consumption to your individual needs.

Public Wi-Fi access points that are unreliable or unknown can be protected by encryption (One-Time pad-OTP) and DNS (Domain Name System).

This allows users secure access to the Internet via any connection.

About product development

Opera Max was originally a browser. Opera Max was initially a browser. Later, it added VPN and other privacy options. Opera announced in 2017 that the project was ending. The product was made exclusive to Samsung phones when Samsung took over the project. You can, however, download the product for other phones if you wish. Some phones come pre-installed with Samsung in certain countries. Rest of us would need to download it from Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Apps. Is Samsung able to give this product the attention that it deserves?

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There are several premium plans, as we said at the beginning. There are three types of premium plans: the Premium plan (free), Deluxe plan ($1.99/month) and Deluxe + plan ($3.99/month). Premium plans give you most features, limited privacy, and charging ads. Plan Deluxe offers most features, unlimited privacy, no ads, and automatic location. Only the Deluxe + plan offers the ability to change your location. You don't need to worry about ads and you have unlimited privacy. It's no surprise that you can make payments with Google Pay.


There are many aspects to the Samsung Max. Let's take a look at them. You can use the privacy tools in Android to keep your data safe. According to their in-app reports, they want you to avoid wasting data and extracting as much “savings” as possible. There are four categories in the Samsung Max. These are privacy, mobile, Wi Fi, and home.

  • Wi-Fi Data Saving Mode is exactly what it claims. It saves data.
  • VPN – After you have opened and installed the application, you will be asked to establish a VPN connection. Once you have confirmed, your connection is established. We were unable to find any information about the connection when we checked the “Settings”. It was impossible to view the server location or the encryption level. These options cannot be changed in the Premium plan. We were able to escape and find it.
  • Privacy protection is only available for premium and free tariffs. You can however extend your privacy by viewing your ad every four hours. It can provide you with data protection or savings, depending on which application. Protected requests and ad-tracking blocking are two examples of protection. It may seem ironic to some that this service allows you to block ads. It is possible to extend the time of all your apps without using up too much mobile data.
  • Manage applications – This option allows you to limit or block applications that are using too much data.
  • Ultra Apps – This feature gives you the option to choose “Ultra Apps”. Some of the most used applications have been redesigned by the development team. These web apps load mobile versions of the applications optimized for Samsung Max cloud technology. These applications are said to protect your privacy, and help you save money on your mobile data plans. There are currently only five ultra apps available at the time of writing. These include Facebook, Instagram and VK.
  • Ultra Games – This section includes 21 games. It is odd to see VPN offer games, especially if you are serious about them.
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Use the Samsung Max app

The application is quite simple, as you can see from the image below. It only has a VPN disconnect slider, WiFi storage mode, and privacy. Ultra Apps can be seen in the image.

Samsung Max Leakage and Location Test

DNS leaks are another test to be aware of., which is a great leak-testing site, was used in this instance. Some items are directly related to your mobile browser selection, while others concern your connection security. also gave us the same results. You can see that there were leaks in the VPN connection, as you can see by the yellow highlighted items. These are Google DNS leaks and most people consider them secure DNS. We are not in Washington DC as our location test indicates. He will pass both of the tests. Samsung Max will pass because the goal is to hide your real IP address. You should ensure that the WebRTC settings are turned off if you plan to perform this test on your Samsung Max device. If you do not, the WebRTC settings will allow each site to see your true IP address.

Is the Samsung Max safe to use?

Yes. This is due to the transparency of VPN protocols. The application does not contain any information about the VPN protocols or encryption level. We would like to believe that Samsung values our best interests but we don't understand why they do not disclose this information. While speed and location tests show that they use encryption we are unable to tell if they use PPTP or L2TP, OpenVPN, WireGuard, or a combination of both. These protocols are not secure. This information is not enough to determine if the Samsung Max has been compromised. You should be aware of non-transparent VPNs as a user.

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Samsung Max: Should I Use It?

Samsung Max passed the DNS and location tests. We can't verify how streaming works as we cannot change the servers. Samsung Max is great because it saves data and protects privacy. However, the games and inability to change VPN servers make us hesitate. So it all depends on which purpose you need it for. Because of this, we recommend looking for other options like Surfshark, NordVPN or WeVPN.


Samsung Max is very popular. It is a great idea to save your data. However, it is not the best solution for privacy, security and gaming.

You cannot choose the server, or select the encryption protocols within the VPN settings for Samsung Max. You won't find any additional features, such as split tunnel, kill switch, optimized servers for streaming, torrents, or streaming.

These resources are not available to fully utilize VPN's benefits. This is also due to a lack of transparency regarding VPN service.

There are many better options available that will allow you to have more freedom.

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