Is uTorrent Safe? (Definitive Answer in 2024)

Is uTorrent Safe?

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Is uTorrent safe, and how to use it safely? No matter which client you use, torrents can pose security risks. These risks can be mitigated by taking precautions, and this article will teach you everything you need to know about uTorrent and how to use it.

uTorrent is a popular tool for sharing free content for over 15 years.

Owned and developed by RainBerry Inc. in the USA. It's a safe choice as long as it's used correctly.

Using uTorrent, like all other things on the internet, can pose security and privacy issues.

Below are some things that you can do to increase your safety in order to eliminate any potential uTorrent dangers.


What is uTorrent and How Does it Work?

To know uTorrent is safe, we need an understanding of how uTorrent works; it is essential to understand when and why it can be dangerous.

Let's get started.

These are the key components of the process:

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P: P2P is a way for two or more people to share files directly without the use of a middleman. P2P Sharing refers to the sharing of data via this technology.
  • Torrent: Torrent is a file format that contains all the information that you need to upload or download. It was first used in 2011. It began in 2011. torrents are changing the way file-sharing works by centralizing the process. This means that you can share one file across thousands of devices, each holding a small piece of data from a larger file.
  • Torrenting: Torrenting is a variation of P2P sharing. Most often, a file downloaded from the internet is stored on a central server. However, torrenting is decentralized. This means that your file (or torrent) is accessible for all devices on the network. Files from other users can also be downloaded and used.
  • BitTorrent BitTorrent allows you to upload and download files using a P2P protocol.
  • uTorrent:  uTorrent is a BitTorrent client. Both work with the same principle. However, uTorrent is lighter software which makes it one of the most popular BitTorrent clients.

Basically, uTorrent allows you to be a part of the collective process by sharing content.

They can see all devices in the network as well .

This should be your main safety concern.

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While I do find uTorrent useful, especially when it comes to sharing large files, there are still some concerns.

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Is uTorrent Safe?

uTorrent installs unwanted software (bloatware).

uTorrent has been used by many applications since 2009.

uTorrent has collected Conduit Engine adware since 2010. It is not possible to delete this adware, as it was installed without users' permission.

2015 saw the release of uTorrent's software “SearchProtect”, which was difficult to delete or remove.

The policy has not changed much over time, even though the software has evolved. Unwanted bloatware should not be installed when installing uTorrent.

We were given McAfee WebAdvisor as well as Adaware Web Companion during the installation. These programs will change your homepage, default search engine and new tabs to Bing if you agree to install them.

These web security apps are legit, but they don't work well with uTorrent. Moreover, anti-virus software may mark them as undesirable programs (PUPs).

uTorrent makes it hard to avoid these additional downloads.

uTorrent makes it very difficult to not use additional downloads.

Permission forms are hidden as part of the uTorrent installation process. This is intentionally misleading.

There are also bloatwares you cannot avoid. uTorrent installs silently TronTV and DLive streaming features.

Is uTorrent Safe?

Other programs may have different privacy policies. They can also monitor and record your downloads, and other behavior within the app.

uTorrent shares your personal information and includes ads

uTorrent offers ads-free versions of its classic software.

You will need to subscribe to remove ads from your desktop client. You can also disable them manually by going into the settings. You can't disable ads if you use uTorrent Web.

Ads can be used to spread malware and are therefore dangerous. An ad posted on uTorrent in 2017 was compromised and used for malware distribution called Meadgive. It attempted to exploit a Flash vulnerability to install ransomware.

The inclusion of ads in the software raises concerns about your behavior being tracked. Rainberry, Inc.'s privacy policy states, “Rainberry, Inc. shares personal information with its advertising partners to provide personalized advertising.”

Ads can also make customers slower than normal.

uTorrent Privacy risks

uTorrent will display a list with IP addresses when you open it.

Each IP address is associated with a uTorrent user who is sharing the same content.

can also see your IP address just as you can see theirs.

Your IP address is part of your online identity and reveals your real-life location.

How can you tell who to trust when it comes to your physical location?

Hackers can easily find your IP address and launch attacks against you

Protecting your IP address is one of the most important precautions you can take when using uTorrent.

uTorrent Malware Attacks

Although torrents are very popular, they have a bad reputation as malware spreaders.

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It is impossible to be certain that torrents are safe.

Despite uTorrent being malware-free software, the biggest security concern is malware and viruses hidden in torrents.

Be especially wary of those that attach to your device and then run in the background.

These silent hackers pose a serious threat because they don't make themselves easily visible, but can compromise your privacy and devices.

How can you use uTorrent safely?

Although uTorrent is safe, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Here are some ways to enhance your torrenting experience, from using safe and verified versions of the software to using VPNs for extra safety.

Download uTorrent from the Official Website

You should first download uTorrent securely.

This means that you must download the software from a reliable source.

Obviously, uTorrent's official website is the best and most reliable source.

UTorrent currently supports Windows, Android, Linux and, as well as macOS.

It does not support iOS.

Another tip is to Download the Latest Version of uTorrent.

Software updates are often a way to make your software more secure and efficient.

You should also be aware of torrents.

Always download torrents from a trusted source

Check to make sure a source is trustworthy. Only download content from legitimate torrent websites Look for relevant comments and double-check the reputation.

Antivirus and Antimalware Software are recommended

Malware attacks, as I mentioned previously, are a major concern for uTorrent users.

Antivirus and antimalware software are great ways to protect your online privacy.

Before torrenting, make sure you have your antivirus turned on. Also, scan every file before downloading it.

To prevent any potential dangers, make sure you run regular scans of your devices.

Avoidance of a specific torrent should include even the smallest suspicion or irregularity.

Use a VPN to torrent anonymously

Use uTorrent privately and securely with a VPN.

You will be sharing your IP address so I recommend using a trusted one.

VPNs hide your online identity and allow you to torrent anonymously.

They can also hide your internet activity (ISP) from them.

Last but not least, VPNs let you access blocked torrent sites in your country by connecting to their servers.

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The VPN offers fast servers in over 60 countries, and P2P dedicated sharing server.

Using uTorrent is safe and secure with Surfshark.

Surfshark covers all of these aspects and does a great job.

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Previous security flaws in uTorrent

Tavis Ormandy, a Google security researcher, discovered a hacker vulnerability within uTorrent in 2018. This allowed a hacker install malware on a user’s computer.

uTorrent provided a solution, but it did not fix the security flaw. They blocked Ormandy from operating, instead of fixing the bug.

Software development is not without its challenges. Software development is complicated and there are bugs.

uTorrent didn't manage this vulnerability quickly enough, which raises questions about its commitment to user security.


Is uTorrent malware or virus?

Although uTorrent isn't a virus by itself, third-party security software often marks it as such. This is likely because uTorrent tricks users into installing unneeded software.

We tested a UTorrent client with popular anti-virus software and found it malicious to 28 out of 66.

Additionally, the web client installer was flagged malicious by 11 of the 58 virus scanners.

EXPERT ADVICE – Although uTorrent isn't a virus, it could contain illegal copies or malware-infected software. Always download uTorrent directly from the official website to ensure your safety.

Is uTorrent compatible with crypto miners as well?

Cryptominer is an app that mines cryptocurrencies using your computer's processor.

Your computer's resources are used by crypto miners, which can cause your device to slow down significantly.

2015 saw the release of Epic Scale crypto miner version 3.4.2 by uTorrent. He took his Litecoin out and sent it to an unidentified currency owner.

Epic Scale was installed in the background, according to some users. Some users claimed that there was a prompt during the uTorrent setup process.

The process was not transparent due to the many user complaints. Eventually, uTorrent ended its contract with Epic Scale. The cryptographic miner is no longer included in uTorrent.

uTorrent is not an open-source project?

uTorrent is proprietary software, and the source code of the program is not open for inspection.

Without uTorrent access, third-party security analysts cannot inspect the code or verify the customer's use of your personal data.

The closed nature of uTorrent was one reason for the qBittorrent Project, which provides an open-source alternative.

Is uTorrent legal?

uTorrent can be downloaded and used in most countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

It is illegal to use uTorrent to download pirated movies, music, or software.

Your torrent client shares your torrent downloads (leeching) with others for them to use. If you are caught with copyrighted material distribution, you could face legal action or a fine.


I hope you find this article helpful and answer any questions is uTorrent safe, and how to use it safely with a good VPN such as Surfshark VPN.

These tips will ensure that you are protected whenever you share files via uTorrent.

No matter what you do online, safety should always be your top priority.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for educational purposes only. My VPN Hub and Surfshark VPN do not support downloading copyrighted content. A VPN can make torrenting safer and more secure.



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