WeVPN Review 2024 – It is Cheap but is it Secure?

WeVPN Review

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WeVPN, a young VPN, is certainly more advanced than we expected. There is much to be proud of in their achievements so far, our WeVPN review revealed that is a very promising VPN.


WeVPN Review 2024

WeVPN, the rarest of all rare things, is a brand-new VPN.

This is a completely new entry into the market. It has a lot of work ahead and much to prove. WeVPN's team is made up of people who have held top positions in the industry, including former employees at other VPN providers.

It is important to ask the question, “How does WeVPN perform?” Can it challenge big guys like NordVPN and Surfshark VPN? To find out, we have been testing it.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing apps
  • Great transparent privacy policy
  • Standard for WireGuard protocol
  • Unblock Netflix and More
  • Still new
  • Medium Network

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WeVPN emphasizes its no-user logs policy on its website and in marketing. However, VPN users who have used VPNs for a while will be aware that many providers follow this policy. The devil is often in the details.

WeVPN deserves credit for making its privacy policy simple to find and understand. The policy is quite comprehensive and clearly states WeVPN's strategy.

  • Traffic is not logged
  • There is no log of DNS requests.
  • There is no recording of connection details, including the time and date one connects, disconnects or connects.
  • There is no log of VPN session details, such as timestamps, duration, and location, except for the purpose of logging.
  • There is no log of IP addresses by users
  • There is no logging of bandwidth.

Although they do keep records of the payment method and email addresses of their users, the privacy policy clearly states that this information is not shared with anyone.

However, they do not collect diagnostics from the app in the event that there is a crash. This can only be done if users are opt-in.

The best part of their privacy policies is the section that explains how users can request deletion of all information that the company holds in the event you choose to switch VPN providers.

WeVPN's policy of no user logging has not been independently verified. This is also true for more established providers such as Surfshark VPN or NordVPN. This isn't surprising considering the provider's young age.

We are not going to doubt their policy based on the information they provide.


Before you can even consider whether a VPN is right for you, its speed will determine how useful it is.

Slow internet speeds can lead to poor internet experiences, such as slow loading websites and buffering videos.

Unfortunately, speed can't be checked until you sign up. WeVPN servers have been put through their paces to make sure you understand how they will affect your connection.

We used the regular UK residential internet connection. It was exactly the same as what you would use. There was no unrealistic or high-priority automated testing.

At the time of testing, our ‘home' speed was 198.1 Mbps

WeVPN servers were tested using the Windows client. We downloaded a test file three more times. The average speed at each midpoint of each download was then taken. These are the results.

  • UK – 149 Mb
  • Netherlands – 150 Mbs
  • France – 123 Mb
  • New York, USA – 72 Mbs
  • Australia – 36 Mbit
  • Switzerland – 98 Mbps
  • Sweden – 125 Mbps

The service was excellent overall. Our regular connection to the UK was able to provide a faster connection, but the UK server experienced very little loss of speed. This is remarkable.

It was easy to get a feel of the service by using it for daily tasks like web-browsing and email sending, as well as video streaming. This is a good thing.

This is just a snapshot at speed at a given time. You can expect results to vary widely and you may not achieve the same. Your connection might perform worse or better than yours.

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Simultaneous connections

WeVPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices at once to your service.

This is a great number, and twice as many VPNs as Surfshark.

Ten simultaneous connections should suffice for most people to be able to connect all their devices simultaneously and share them with their families.

It is important to note that Surfshark was launched two years ago and offered unlimited connections. A few other providers, such as IPVanish, have since followed their lead.

WeVPN has decided not to go so far. Although their offer is generous, WeVPN has taken a risk by not matching the closest competitor.

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WeVPN's headquarters are located in the British Virgin Islands. Surfshark VPN is also located there.

WeVPN makes an intelligent decision.

The British Virgin Islands has some of the most privacy-friendly offshore locations in the world.

WeVPN does not have any obligation to share data from their users with local authorities. This explains their privacy and logging policies.

The British Virgin Islands do not belong to the 9-Eyes, 5 Eyes, or 14-Eyes Intelligence group. These countries are known for sharing excessive amounts of information and user data.

WeVPN sees the British Virgin Islands as having very favorable tax laws. If WeVPN is keeping their taxes low, then they should be able to pass those savings on to their users.

Customer Service

WeVPN's customer service team is outstanding.

Their live chat feature connects you to customer service agents in just 10 seconds. This is very fast.

Once they were connected, the agents were helpful, friendly, and open to new ideas.

Every person we spoke with seemed to speak fluent English and be able to answer all of the questions they might be asked. We ended up speaking to the WeVPN Chief Experience Office via Live Chat more than once.

While most people prefer the live chat support for quick answers, others may prefer email support.

It is impressively fast, with most of the questions we asked getting a reply within two hours. The responses were detailed and easy to follow.

We never received every answer we requested, but it was rare that we had to send more than three messages in order to resolve any issue.

You can also engage with WeVPN via the usual social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Discord is also offered by WeVPN, which we have never seen from any VPN provider.

There are many variables that can affect customer service from one VPN provider. It is a strength of WeVPN.

Server locations

Although WeVPN's server network may not be large, it is still quite manageable for a young provider. WeVPN's transparency about the location and number of servers it has is a credit to them.

WeVPN currently has 100+ servers across 31+ countries. This includes two locations in London and Manchester in the UK, and nine locations in the USA.

Most of them are located in North America and Europe. There are still several locations in Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan, and India as well as two Middle East servers (Israel and Dubai) and one in South Africa.

Even though they are only a few months old, not many VPNs boast such a broad range of server locations.

WeVPN needs more servers to increase its numbers, it is obvious. As their subscriber base grows, we would expect this to be the case.

While numbers are still small for now, let's give WeVPN some more time to expand their network.

WeVPN shared some information with us about their servers having Sealed Server Technology (SST).

They are unhackable once deployed. Even if a law enforcement agency takes a server, it will wipe it immediately if it is not plugged in and can't be accessed even though the power is on.

This is a fantastic privacy feature that not many VPNs consider.


Does WeVPN work in China?

WeVPN claims it works in China and other countries that block VPN access.

Agents claim that they have Chinese partners and organizations who have confirmed this. Although they are not specific about how they do it, they mention ShadowSocks as well as other proxies.

Our ground testers however had difficulty accessing the network due to slow speeds. You should also keep in mind that different networks and applications may produce different results.

WeVPN wants to be able to work in China.

However, at the time we wrote this review, WeVPN was not recommended to be used for internet access in Communist China.

Does WeVPN use virtual servers?

No. WeVPN confirmed this and double-checked it with them.

This means that their servers are located exactly where they claim. This is good news, as virtual server locations can cause problems with speed and pose a risk to certain users.

It's also remarkable that WeVPN is open about this. All VPNs are not transparent.

Is There a dedicated IP address offered by WeVPN?

No. WeVPN has only a few servers, and all of them offer dynamic IP addresses. You will therefore always share your selected server and its IP address with other users.

WeVPN claims that this is a benefit to user privacy, and they are right.

However, it could cause problems for future users who access the same services from multiple locations. It could cause Netflix and other streaming problems, but WeVPN is ready for this.

Is There a Double-Hop server offered by WeVPN?

No, WeVPN hasn't yet introduced Double Hop servers. It does plan to.

This is a feature that WeVPN staff frequently requests and they plan to add it to their service as soon possible.

Although there is not yet a timeframe for its introduction, they believe it will be sooner than expected.

Security & Safety

Protocols and Encryption

WeVPN is the first VPN we've seen that uses WireGuard as its standard protocol.

You will automatically be connected to WireGuard if you use their Android app. This will allow you to enjoy faster speeds and better security settings.

WeVPN users have the option of choosing from:

  • IKEv2
  • OpenVPN (TCP).
  • Wireguard
  • OpenVPN (UDP).

They vary depending on which device type you have, but WeVPN informs us that they will be available soon if they are not already on your specific platform.

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These are the top VPN protocols available right now, and it's a pleasant surprise that WeVPN didn't waste their time adding outdated VPN protocols to many other providers.

It is simple. WeVPN considers itself a VPN for the future.

DNS Leak Testing

WeVPN includes an automatic kill switch that, once activated, will eliminate any chance of your VPN connection losing connection and exposing your true connection details.

WeVPN passed both DNS and IP leak tests. This is good news.


Are there any WeVPN Security Breach Investigations?

No. WeVPN is only a month old so we are not surprised or concerned about security breaches.

We will update our review if this is changed. However, at the moment, WeVPN has no security issues.

Is WeVPN safe to torrent?

WeVPN is a VPN that you can use to torrent.

Because you are based in the British Virgin Islands, there are no anti-torrenting laws. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any torrenting logs will be kept.

There are no restrictions as to which servers can be used in P2P.


Mobile Apps

WeVPN offers both iOS and Android mobile apps. These apps can be downloaded directly from the WeVPN website, or from your usual app store. They are not recommended to be downloaded from any other source.

We tried both the WeVPN iOS and Android apps, which offer similar features and designs.

First, the WeVPN iOS App is very easy to set up.

After downloading the app from Google Play, and logging on to our account, we just had to approve the VPN settings. Then we could click Connect.

The app's design is minimalistic and clean with the prominent ‘Quick Connect” button in the middle of the screen.

WeVPN's Android App.

Below the box is a box that tells you the server location to which you are connected. At the bottom of this screen, you'll find details about IP addresses and data usage.

Click on the box that contains your current server to switch servers. A list of international servers will be displayed.

The menu button is located in the upper right corner of the screen. It takes you to a clean, well-designed page that allows you to manage different settings.

You can choose between a dark or light theme, auto-connecting and switching the kill switch off. You can also select your preferred VPN protocol and manage your account.

The ‘Help Improve WeVPN’ toggle is located at the bottom of this menu. This toggle shares WeVPN app diagnostics. This option is default enabled. However, you can turn it off by clicking a single button.

WeVPN is a mobile app that has done everything right. It's a user-friendly, functional, well-designed app that does everything you want.

Desktop apps

WeVPN offers desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

These apps are very similar, but we tested both the macOS- and windows versions of their desktop software.

The WeVPN desktop apps are very similar to the mobile apps, which is a good thing.

It's simple and clean with the same large “Quick Connect” button at the centre of your screen.

Below this box is the box that tells you the server you have chosen. At the bottom of your screen are details about IP addresses and data usage.

WeVPN's Windows App.

Clicking on the server box will open a new window that displays their complete server list. This will allow you to switch to your preferred place.

You can access four options from the menu button located in the top-right corner of the desktop app. These include changing your location, managing your settings, customer support and quitting the app.

The settings menu opens in separate windows and is more detailed than the mobile version.

You can control the desktop notifications, which menu bars WeVPN appears on, and whether they connect automatically when your device is switched on.

You can also manage and control your kill switch, as well as access your account information.

WeVPN's desktop app was very user-friendly. It is similar to the mobile app. These apps are impressive for a newcomer to this market.

Other apps

Many new VPNs only offer apps for core devices. However, WeVPN is different from most new VPNs. There are many apps that can be used on most devices.

You can find a dedicated Chrome OS app, as well as apps that are specific to Amazon Fire OS, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Apple TV users have access to SmartDNS.

Set-up guides for Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch are also available.

A Linux app is the only missing app. This app is listed on the WeVPN website as “Coming Soon” so we expect it to arrive sooner than expected.

Are there any browser extensions available for WeVPN?

Yes. WeVPN already has two browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Is WeVPN able to support VPN routers

WeVPN can be used with certain VPN-enabled routers. They have help guides and compatible configuration files on their website.

Are there any other features offered by WeVPN?

WeVPN currently only offers a handful of features, but we believe more will be added over time.

Split-tunnelling allows you to choose which apps will run over the VPN and which ones you wish to connect directly. This feature is only available for their desktop apps.

The Kill Switch is a privacy feature that will cut your internet connection in the event of a VPN link dropping out. All their apps already include this feature.

The site also features a WeDNS feature that is supposed to encrypt all DNS queries for extra security.

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Additional features include a tracker, malware, and adblocker as well as IPv6 leak protection.

We have already mentioned that features such as a double-hop server are in the works.

What are the differences between these apps?

WeVPN's app was a huge hit with us.

They've mastered the delicate balance of keeping it simple while adding core features.

It is professional and elegant, but it is extremely user-friendly. The decision to allow users to choose between a dark or light theme is welcome.

We rate the WeVPN's as one of the best VPNs we have tested. We also think there are many other VPNs that could benefit from their app design.


To be effective with streaming services, VPNs must have two key features. VPNs must be able unblock streaming services and be fast enough to stream the movies and shows you love.

WeVPN's effectiveness in blocking streaming services is discussed in detail in this section.

Which streaming services are available?

Is WeVPN compatible with Netflix?

Yes. Yes. We all know Netflix works hard to block VPNs. For young VPNs it can be a difficult task to unblock US Netflix.

We tried Netflix on three different WeVPN servers, and Netflix worked on them all.

Netflix UK could be unblocked by using the two servers based in the UK.

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Is WeVPN compatible with BBC iPlayer

This should answer the question. WeVPN claims that it can access BBC iPlayer. However, in our experience, this was not always true.

We were able to access it on some occasions, but it was blocked on other occasions.

This can be annoying so you might need to disconnect and reconnect several times in order to resolve the issue.

Is WeVPN compatible with Disney+?

Since its debut last year, Disney+ has been a huge success in streaming. The service is only available in select countries, so it is worth using a VPN to unblock it.

We are happy to report that not all VPNs can do the job. However, in our tests we were able to unblock Disney+ from the US without any problems.

Is WeVPN compatible with Amazon Prime?

In our tests, it didn't. WeVPN does have the Amazon logo, but it didn't work for us.

Amazon Prime is the most popular streaming service right now. It has managed to block VPN access more than any other. It is not surprising, considering the resources they have.

While there are several VPNs that can block Amazon Prime, WeVPN is not one of them.

Can WeVPN unblock other streaming services?

Yes. WeVPN was able to unblock all streaming services. It worked flawlessly with Hulu and HBO Go as well as ITV Hub and 10Play.

Unfortunately, it didn't work with Sky Go UK.

WeVPN does not work with every streaming service in the world. However, they were able to unblock very well in our tests.

You can request any service anywhere in the world.

Prices and plans

WeVPN provides three options for customers to choose from. These packages are:

  • 1 Month – US$4.99 per month
  • 6 Months: US$2.99 per month
  • 12 Months – US$2.49 per month

Although these are extremely competitive prices, we are somewhat surprised that WeVPN does not offer longer subscriptions at lower rates. They should offer a 2-year or even 3-year subscription.

Download one of the WeVPN apps to your mobile device and you'll be able to get a 7-day free trial.

This is a fantastic offer that not all VPNs offer, however it is not available in their desktop apps right now.

Every user has a 30-day money back guarantee. This should allow everyone to test WeVPN before they decide to subscribe.

WeVPN accepts payments from all major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay. They also accept a wide range of cryptocurrency. They are great because anyone can sign up anonymously if they choose.

Try WeVPN FREE for 30 Days!

What is the price comparison?

WeVPN, a brand new VPN provider, must compete on both price and service to be successful in a highly competitive market.

It does this, there is no doubt. A subscription for an annual period costs $29 (or PS22), which is very affordable and competitive with other VPNs.

Although the WeVPN service may not be up to the standards of the largest VPNs, that is to be expected from a young provider. WeVPN has a bright future with these prices and the potential.

WeVPN could offer more deals, but we think the price point is just right.


WeVPN is still a young VPN, which we stressed throughout this review. This is true, and it is a limiting factor in some of the areas WeVPN fails.

Subscribers don't care about potential; they want to see how WeVPN is performing now and whether it's worth the money they have invested.

WeVPN is, at the moment, a very promising VPN service. Some aspects of the service are comparable to the best.

Although the privacy policy is excellent, we would like to see an audit by an outside party.

Both the desktop and mobile apps are excellent in terms of design and usability. It is very impressive that they include the WireGuard protocol in all of their apps.

WeVPN unlocks many different services, but we found them to be a bit inconsistent with some of the more important ones.

We also wish they would put more effort into expanding their server networks and unblocking their service in China, and other oppressive places where VPN use is vital.

We appreciate a lot about WeVPN's work and, for a VPN that is its age, it is certainly further along in its development than what we would have expected.

Although they are doing many good things, there are some rough edges that can be fixed to give the project a polished look. Our suggestion? These are our recommendations:

What do you think about WeVPN? Are you familiar with them? Please leave a comment below if you have tried them.

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  1. Jada Brown says:

    Please read to understand why it might be THE WORST VPN EXPERIENCE you might ever encounter!!

    I just subscribed normally to this VPN.This useless product doesn’t work at all, LIKE AT ALL!! Yes you read that right.

    As you expect, I have asked for a refund but apparently they don’t refund payments made by ” cryptocoins” as one of their fraudsters from their ” support team” said to me, due to” market fluctuations”. First of, this is daylight robbery, because that’s SURELY
    A MADE UP EXCUSE of course because every other RESPECTABLE COMPANY LIKE NORDVPN OR SURFSHARK VPN for example, REFUNDS CRYPTO PAYMENTS.And of course there is something called STABLECOINS that exist in this universe as of today, like usdt, busd, usdc, etc.So you can obviously avoid that so called fluctuations. Don’t tell me about network fees, because you don’t have to use ethereum, you can use busd obviously for almost no network fees.




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