How to Watch CW TV in Australia (Best Method in 2023)

How to Watch CW TV Australia

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CW TV, an American free-to-air television channel, is owned and operated by The CW Network, lets see how to watch CW TV in Australia because CW TV is blocked in Australia. Surfshark VPN is a VPN that allows you to unblock and view CW TV in Australia.


The CW app can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Fire TV.

how to watch cw TV in Australia with vpn

How to Watch CW TV in Australia – Easy Steps

Follow the instructions.

  • A VPN that connects to a USA server is available. Surfshark VPN is the best vpn
  • Install the VPN app and install it on your device
  • Click connect to select a US VPN server from the list.
  • Go to CW TV and select the show you wish to stream.
  • Access your favorite CW programs

Watch CW TV in Australia with Surfshark VPN


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Is CW available to watch in Australia?

Unfortunately, CW can only be accessed in the USA and beyond its geographical restrictions. This error message displays when a location is not correct.

This content is not available outside the United States due to licensing restrictions.

CW TV is not available in Australia. You will get a message stating that you cannot stream CW TV in Australia if you attempt to view it. You will need a VPN to alter your IP address to the U.S. to get around this geo-blocking issue. You can unblock content and access it from anywhere.

Is it possible to watch CW in Australia via VPN service?

Streaming CW programs from Australia can be difficult because of geo-blocking restrictions. However, you can use VPN to bypass geo-blocks. VPN allows you to access the US IP address required to view the channel from your location. A VPN with a US IP address is required if you wish to access CW in Australia.


 The CW offers many TV shows and is free to use. CW TV is accessible on all devices. Surfshark VPN allows you to access CW TV in Australia. See our other articles related to watching shows in Australia, like hotstar

Watch CW TV with Surfshark VPN

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