Pluto TV not working with VPN? Easy FIX in 2024

Pluto TV not working with VPN

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How to fix Pluto TV not working with VPN? If you've been using Pluto TV with a VPN and it's stopped working, then Pluto TV has managed to block the I.P. address that your VPN provided you with.

It's because your VPN has been unable to keep only one step above Pluto TV's VPN blocking methods.

It's not necessary to panic. There are several solutions you can attempt to solve this issue.

This article will show you how to solve the issue of Pluto TV not working with VPN and how to keep these issues from happening anytime in the future.

How to watch Pluto TV outside the U.S. with a VPN

Here are the quick steps to watch Pluto TV from anywhere without restrictions:

  1. Visit NordVPN
  2. Download and Install NordVPN app
  3. Login and Select the U.S. server
  4. Visit Pluto TV and watch your favorite shows!

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How to fix Pluto TV not working with VPN: Easy Steps

Delete Cookies

How to fix Pluto TV not working with VPN

A good starting point in attempting to solve Pluto TV not working with VPN is to delete your cookies.

Cookies are tiny files that help to simplify your online experience. For example, Pluto TV uses them to keep information about your account information so that you can log in faster.

The issue with these data files is that they contain details about your physical place of residence.

If the information stored on your cookies is not in the exact location as the one you select by the VPN, Pluto TV knows that you're connecting to the VPN and will block the connection.

Switch to a different server

If your VPN has stopped being compatible with Pluto TV, try changing to an alternative server.

The reason why you're now having issues when you watch Pluto TV with your VPN is that Pluto TV is constantly monitoring and trying to block VPN IP addresses. In this particular instance, Pluto TV has succeeded in this endeavor.

Moving to a new server will provide you with an alternative I.P. address, and If this one isn't restricted from Pluto TV, you'll be allowed to stream the service once more.

Make sure it's an account in a country in which Pluto TV is available: USA, UK, Austria, Canada, Germany, or Switzerland.

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Reinstall your VPN

If your VPN has stopped working in conjunction with Pluto TV, you may have downloaded an error that is disrupting the program.

The best method to eliminate the issue is to install your VPN.

This will ensure you use the most recent VPN version and bug-fixing updates. This also means that you'll have an updated version of the program, meaning any bugs or errors you might have encountered will be wiped out.

Change to a Better VPN

If the solutions above didn't solve the issue, Then Pluto TV has managed to stop all VPN IP addresses.

This occurred because your VPN cannot overcome PlutoTV's blocking methods.

The most effective way to fix Pluto TV not working with VPN is to upgrade to a VPN with reliable methods implemented to keep in front of the fight against these VPN blocks.

NordVPN is compatible with Pluto TV. It does this because it allows you to play cat and mouse using this streaming provider.

If Pluto TV identifies an I.P. address provided via NordVPN will block the I.P. address and create another one that isn't blocked.

This will stop you from encountering the issues you've experienced when using your current VPN and allow you to stream Pluto TV reliably anywhere in the world.

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Why am I experiencing issues while trying to stream Pluto TV?

If you're experiencing problems when trying to watch Pluto TV using your VPN, It's evidence that your streaming provider has been able to block and identify the I.P. address that your VPN has provided you with.

Pluto TV blocks VPNs because it doesn't have the right to distribute its programming globally. VPNs are a popular method to watch Pluto TV anywhere in the world. However, using the VPN could lead to Pluto TV breaching the copyright and licensing agreements it has with its content partners.

These types of breaches frequently result in streaming services having to face massive financial penalties. This is a given; Pluto TV doesn't want this to happen. Therefore, to avoid such security breaches, Pluto TV blocks VPNs.

This is the reason your VPN isn't working anymore.

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How does Pluto TV stop VPNs?

Pluto TV blocks VPNs using three principal methods:

  • The most commonly used method is to utilize your VPN's I.P. addresses. VPN providers have more clients than they provide, meaning that clients can use identical I.P. addresses. In most cases, only a household with a couple of devices uses the identical I.P. address. If Pluto TV sees hundreds or even thousands of connections passing via an I.P. that is the same, it is aware that it's a VPN and blocks it.
  • Pluto TV monitors for IP DNS, I.P., and WebRTC leaks that can tell the service off that you're using VPN. VPN.
  • Pluto TV uses GeoIP databases such as Maxmind to find I.P. addresses. When the I.P. address your VPN gives is in any of the databases mentioned, Pluto TV will be capable of determining where you're connecting to the internet and will block your access.
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Lower-quality VPNs have to fight to overcome these restrictions, and eventually, all their I.P. addresses are blacklisted through Pluto TV. Unfortunately, this has probably been happening with your VPN.

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Does Pluto TV still work with VPNs?

Pluto TV still works with VPNs. However, it would help if you used a VPN to stay above Pluto TV's VPN blockers.

VPNs such as NordVPN and VPNs like Surfshark VPN are highly effective. These VPNs are reliable in conjunction with Pluto TV because they play games and play mouse and cat with Pluto TV's streaming services.

Inevitably, Pluto TV will sometimes identify an I.P. address provided via NordVPN and PSurfshark VPN; however, if the I.P. address is blocked, these VPNs will shut them down and allow another unblocked I.P.

That means that there always will be an I.P. address for you to access, which will allow viewers to watch Pluto TV from anywhere in the world with ease.

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Best VPNs For Pluto TV in 2024

If you want to watch Pluto TV abroad, you need a VPN. A good VPN provider will offer you a wide range of server locations and speeds to unblock Pluto TV. There are several good VPN providers to choose from. First, we'll look at NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, and ExpressVPN.


If you want to unblock Pluto TV and other online content from the United States, you need a VPN. NordVPN is a reliable, fast VPN provider with more than 5400 servers in 60 countries, including over 1700 U.S. The company offers mobile apps for iOS and Android and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a live chat support option.

You can try changing servers for those worried that Pluto TV will detect their I.P. address. This will provide you with a new I.P. address, which the service will not block. You can also try selecting a server located outside the United States. There are servers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the U.K. If this doesn't work, you can try reinstalling the VPN.

Once you've installed the VPN app, you'll be able to watch Pluto TV without restrictions. However, because Pluto TV is geo-blocked in many countries, you'll need a VPN compatible with your country. NordVPN is one of the best choices for this purpose, and you can use it to access Pluto TV in various countries. This safe and secure service will help you unblock Pluto TV anywhere.

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Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is a budget-friendly, reliable VPN service that's easy to use on all devices. The program includes unlimited devices and a money-back guarantee. It has 3,200 servers in 65 countries and a clean web option to remove clutter on your screen. Unlike other VPN services, Surfshark doesn't log traffic but retains metadata that can improve its services.

To use Surfshark with Pluto TV, you must create an account with the VPN provider. After signing up, you need to log in to your account. Then, click on the “connection” button from the home screen. Next, select the U.S. server option. Your internet connection will be rerouted to that server, giving you a U.S. I.P. address. This will trick Pluto TV into thinking you're in the U.S. Make sure you check your VPN interface to ensure it's not inactive.

After you've signed up for Surfshark, you'll need to connect your device to the VPN server. Then, you can connect to Netflix and other streaming services to access the content. Once you've connected, you'll need to accept the connection request from the streaming service. The VPN server will then route your data through the secure channel.

Unblock Pluto TV with Surfshark VPN


If you live outside the United States, you'll need an ExpressVPN VPN to watch Pluto TV. The good news is that you can set up the VPN on various devices, including your Android T.V. or Samsung Smart T.V. ExpressVPN offers guides for setting up the VPN on each device.

This popular VPN service has more than 23 U.S. servers. To connect to Pluto TV, users must install the ExpressVPN app and choose the Chicago server. After this, they can access the channels available on Pluto TV. If you're a first-time user, the company offers three months of service for free when you subscribe to a 12-month plan. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and up to five simultaneous logins.

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Conclusion: How to fix Pluto TV not working with VPN

Using a good VPN to watch Pluto TV is very important. It will allow you to view the vast collection of content that is available on the internet. In addition, you can watch Pluto TV worldwide if you have a good VPN installed.

We hope this article helped you learn how to fix Pluto Tv not working with VPN issues. Let us know in the comments section if it worked for you.

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