Watching MLS in Europe: How to Stream It from Abroad? (Guide in June 2024)

Watching MLS in Europe

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Major League Soccer (MLS), headquartered in the United States and Canada, has become a global sensation. The league's allure heightened by including soccer Goat Lionel Messi. Apple Inc., with its exclusive broadcasting rights for all MLS matches, has made it accessible to fans worldwide. However, certain licensing constraints have left some European enthusiasts in the dark.

In Europe, where soccer is passionately referred to as “football,” the game is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. Football stadiums are loaded with roaring fans, and streets come alive with celebrations during major tournaments. Given this deep-rooted love for the game, it's no surprise that Major League Soccer (MLS) from across the Atlantic has garnered attention in Europe.

Originating from the United States and Canada, MLS has expanded its reach and is now broadcast in numerous countries worldwide. However, due to licensing constraints, there are specific European territories where MLS remains elusive.

Where in Europe is the MLS Pass Unavailable?

Apple TV's licensing agreements have led to the unavailability of MLS in specific European territories. Here's a comprehensive list of European nations where MLS remains elusive:

  • Western and Northern Europe: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City.
  • Eastern Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Ukraine.
  • Southern Europe: North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
  • Others: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Turkey.
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Furthermore, certain de facto independent regions in Europe, such as Abkhazia, Artsakh, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, South Ossetia, and Transnistria, also lack MLS access.

Watch MLS in Europe with CyberGhost

Bridging the Gap: How to Stream It from Abroad?

To watch MLS in Europe, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers hope for MLS fans in these regions. A VPN masks your original IP address, making it appear like you're accessing the internet from a different location. Here's how you can leverage VPNs to watch MLS:

  1. Selecting a Reliable VPN: While many VPNs promise to bypass geo-restrictions, only a few deliver. Here are some top recommendations:
    • CyberGhost: Known for its vast server network, it's ideal for streaming MLS matches.
    • ExpressVPN: With its lightning-fast speeds and robust security features, ExpressVPN ensures a smooth streaming experience.
    • NordVPN: With its double encryption and vast server list, NordVPN is a favorite among many.
    • SurfsharkVPN: A newer entrant, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections and is gaining popularity rapidly.
  2. Setting Up Your VPN:
    • Visit the official website of your chosen VPN.
    • Opt for a plan that suits your needs, and download and install the application.
    • Log in and connect to a server in an MLS-accessible country like the US or Canada.
  3. Streaming MLS: Once connected, head over to the MLS Season Pass Page, sign in or register, and immerse yourself in the world of soccer!

Remember, platforms like Fox Deportes and TSN also stream MLS matches but are geo-restricted to the US and Canada. A VPN remains crucial for unrestricted access.

In Conclusion

The global appeal of MLS is undeniable. While geographic barriers can be disheartening, modern technology offers solutions. By leveraging the power of VPNs, fans can bypass regional restrictions and stay connected to their favorite sport. As the digital realm continues to evolve, staying informed and equipped to make the most of the entertainment world is essential.

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