How to Watch NFL Games Free and Avoid Blackouts in 2022

How to Watch NFL Games Free and Avoid Blackouts

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Today we're going to talk about the ways you can watch NFL games free and avoid blackouts. There are times when you just don't want the football. You might be traveling abroad or are unable to find coverage for your favorite bands. These situations can be helped by knowing which VPN site to use. Use VPNs to avoid NFL blackout restrictions.

How to watch NFL games using VPN?

There are many ways you can see your favorite band, as we have already mentioned. NordVPN will be our guide.

  • Enter your name NordVPN (with a 30-day money back guarantee).
  • Install the NordVPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a VPN server within the city that supports your streaming service. New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta are some of the most recommended locations. You will get the fastest speed if you choose the closest city to your location. However, all servers are very fast.
  • Register or log in to your streaming service.
  • All season, cheer on your favorite NFL team.
  • For the most current information, visit the NordVPN NFL Page. The NordVPN support team is available for assistance.

Watch NFL games With NordVPN Now!

It is so simple. Once you have entered the NordVPN server IP address in the required field, you are able to browse the Internet like you were there. This is true for any country. To view the British NFL coverage, connect to a UK server.

Besides NordVPN, to watch NFL games and avoid blackouts, you can use ExpressVPN which has high connection speeds, and more budget-friendly VPNs such as Surfshark VPN and WeVPN.


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Is it possible to use a free VPN to watch NFL games?

Free VPNs seem great on the surface. A free VPN that includes NFL Game Pass is not recommended. Free VPNs are slow in speed and have a small network. They also do not allow you to access streaming services such as NFL Game Pass. There are other reasons to be cautious when using a free VPN.

To make money, some services may keep your data and place ads in you browser. They may not offer many server options. Free VPNs often have very limited data limits. This is not ideal for video playback as you will get the hat very quickly, especially if your goal is to watch it in HD.

Free VPN software programs can infect computers and steal data. It is worth looking into the paid alternatives for all of these reasons.

Watch NFL games With ExpressVPN Now!

Ways to Watch NFL Games Free and Avoid Blackouts

There are various ways to stream NFL throughout the season. The most popular way to watch football is on major networks such as FOX, ESPN and CBS. Let's take a look at some other ways you can play the game online. Some of them are free while others require a subscription.

Verizon – You may enjoy the best free games. Verizon has partnered up with the NFL to bring you the best NFL app. This will allow you to watch the market, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. For $ 1.99 per month, you can add NFL RedZone. To download the NFL mobile application and play games on your smartphone, connect to a US server using a VPN.

Twitch. tv –, a streaming site that allows you to play videogames, is Twitch. The company broadcasts all 11 Thursday Night Football streams free of charge. You can only access it in the US and US territories. If you are outside of these areas, you will need to connect to a server.

Amazon Prime Video – Amazon Prime Video allows you to watch 11 games every Thursday, along with an exclusive one. For a 30-day trial, those who don't have Prime memberships can sign up. If you have a VPN server located in the US, or elsewhere in the world, you can enjoy 30 days of NFL action for free.

DAZN – If you're a veteran of the streaming world, DAZN may be a familiar name. You will only be able to access the boxing information if you are in the US. If you're not in the US, or are looking for more information, the Canadian version is available. You can view NFL games and other sports there for only $ 20 per month. The first month is free. A full year can be purchased for $ 150. This is the only way to view this content.

You can also stream from Paramount Plus (for CBS NFL Games), Hulu and Youtube TV. Each one offers a minimum of a seven-day free trial that allows you to play the games for at least one week. Before registering, you will need to provide a valid US ZIP Code (zip code), and connect with a VPN server.

Watch NFL games With Surfshark Now!

How to stream NFL games online free

Although you might not be able to watch every NFL game for free, there are still a few options to catch some of them. These services are free, and you don't need to pay for anything. You will need a VPN if you're traveling abroad.


Watch some NFL games free of charge on Twitch on Thursday nights, even if your Amazon Prime subscription is not available (which Amazon Twitch owns).


You can view some NFL games on your mobile device using these methods:

  • Yahoo Sports App (Android & iOS)
  • Yahoo Sports Mobile Site (only for iOS and Safari )
  • Tumblr app
  • AOL Application
  • Mobile Website For iOS (Safari Only).

You can view pre-season games, live games from your area and regular season games.

Watch NFL games With WeVPN

YouTube TV: A Free Trial

YouTube TV has some channels that broadcast NFL games. These channels include Fox, CBS and NBC, as well as ESPN. YouTube TV also offers a free trial. You can enjoy the free trial for 14 days.

Hulu: Free trial

Hulu gives you a seven-day trial for free. You can watch NFL games on Hulu by tuning into the broadcast channels. These channels include Fox, Fox, CBS, ESPN and NBC.

Enjoy NFL Games without Blackout

You will save money and avoid blackouts in other regions by enrolling in one the above-mentioned methods. We've all been there. You are ready to cheer for your favorite team and find out if there are any NFL blackout restrictions. With the VPN and the methods above, this is not true. Connect to the VPN server at any of these locations.


That's it, I hope we've been helpful on how to watch NFL games free and avoid blackouts, and made you enjoy the NFL Season without restrictions. Please share this message with friends. All the best to your favorite team.


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