How to Watch Channel 4 outside the UK (Best Method in 2024)

How to Watch Channel 4 outside the UK

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Are you unable to watch Channel 4 outside the UK or your other location? You're in the right spot because I will teach you how to access Channel 4 from any country.

You'll be able to see all 4 streams on 4 different channels (for example, emigrated) if you have tried.

The official availability of all 4 is only in the UK. If you don't live in the UK or are traveling, you won't be able watch any live TV or keep up with the quality Channel 4 programs.

Watching Great News outside of the UK is easy. Below I will show how.

Continue reading to learn how you can view the world from any time zone.

How to unlock Channel 4

Your viewing of the All 4 website from outside the UK will be suspended.

All 4 has your location and you have been blocked from viewing.

Why? Every Internet connection is assigned an address. An IP address can also be used by websites to pinpoint your exact location.

You can watch Channel 4 (all 4) anywhere by changing your IP address to a UK one.

It is easy, and you will need an app called VPN to help, and in our opinion, Surfshark VPN is the best for this.

VPNs are privacy applications that allow you to keep your IP address online secure. Below, I will show you where to find a VPN and how it can be used to access Channel 4 (all 4) from anywhere.

How to Watch Channel 4 Outside  the UK

Surfshark VPN is my number one recommendation for VPN software.

They have great VPN apps, fast connections, large servers networks, trusted servers, and privacy features that protect data.

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There are applications available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS mobile devices, as well as Linux.

Surfshark VPN does not offer the only VPN app. All three VPNs that I will mention here provide software for both mobile devices and programs for desktop computers (Android or iOS).

Go to the website of the service provider or the appropriate app store and download the software for your device.

It is easy to install and use. Select a UK server, and then press Connect. Connect to All 4 via their website or app. You can then watch live TV or other channels.

Below is a step-by-step guide to Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark VPN

  • Register at Surfshark VPN Website
  • The application can be downloaded from the Products section.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Log in if you need to.
  • Click on Selected location to view the servers.
  • Connect with them

Now, the app will connect to your device.

Once you are connected, you will be able to watch any of the live broadcasts or shows by visiting All 4 or using their app.

The VPN can be used to access streaming sites such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, Demand 5 Sky Go, and many other UK-based websites.

30-day money-back guarantee

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What can I see on Channel 4?

Channel 4 has great TV shows and movies available on All 4 and is a standout among other streaming platforms.

There are some of my favorite shows, available on-demand if you like.

My favorite show is The Inbetweeners. It's a series that four college-aged teens watch.

The Peep Show is one of the most loved shows. Mark is accompanied by his roommates, who are as simple as chalk and cheese. Jez, on the other hand, is…

You can also change the pace by watching reality TVs like Made In Chelsea. These shows show a group of young, wealthy toffees who live a life full of drama.

Each channel also has a selection of content from Channel 4, E4, More4, 4Music, and all other Channel 4 channels.

There's something for everyone, and it's all available on-demand (no need for time zone collisions).

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How do I watch channel 4 on my TV?

There are four ways to view Channel 4 outside of the UK.

1. Surfshark VPN offers a free MediaStreamer DNS service.

Surfshark VPN offers the free DNS program MediaStreamer when you sign up. This can be used to access restricted sites or streaming services outside of the UK and unblock them.

You will need to match the MediaStreamer DNS settings to your TV's DNS setting to set it up.

This method is not difficult to set up, but it can be daunting for those who don't have the technical skills. This is a great way to access UK content from abroad.

This method works only if you have a TV that has Channel 4 installed.

2. Use the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular ways to access Channel 4 from outside the UK.

Register with Surfshark VPN to get started. Then, download the application to your Fire TV Stick. Once you have connected to the UK server, you are good to go.

The Channel 4 application must be installed on your Fire Stick channel.

It is easy to set up and start streaming all of Channel 4's best shows.

This has one downside: if you don’t have an Amazon Fire Stick you will need to purchase it here.

3. Use Invizbox 2

Invizbox 2 can be connected to any streaming device using a hardware VPN. Invizbox 2 VPN is safer than DNS (mentioned above).

You won't notice the difference, as it is with all VPNs.

Invizbox 2 has one drawback: it is more expensive than other options.

This is a great way for you to unblock Channel 4 from outside of the UK.

The smart TV requires the Channel 4 app.

4. Use StreamLocator

StreamLocator connects to your router and can be connected from all devices.

StreamLocator uses DNS to allow you to access restricted websites. You can access foreign content from anywhere you are without having to connect or disconnect.

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StreamLocator uses DNS to provide a lossless speed that is ideal for streaming video content from streaming sites.

The device does not offer the same protection as VPNs. If you are concerned about your online privacy, I recommend you look into another option.

This method will only work if Channel 4 is installed on your TV.

Other VPN services

Internet privacy has been a significant issue in recent years. This means there are many VPN providers to choose from.

You might be confused when searching for VPNs on Google.

Although all VPN services cost roughly the same, there are differences in their quality.

A reliable and fast VPN is necessary to access all four channels (channel 4) from abroad. I tested several providers to determine which one was the best for watching all 4 channels (Channel 4 abroad). The following three were my favorites.

To sign up, click on the button or name above to go to my recommended provider.

A good VPN should not cost more than $ 10, and they are even less if you sign up over a longer period.

You are in safe hands, no matter which Surfshark VPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost you choose.


You need to get help to access Channel 4 from outside of the UK.

VPN, such as our main recommendation Surfshark VPN VPN, should be your number one choice. Unlimited access to channel 4 (channel 4) and all other channels 4 (channel 4), no matter where in the world, is your No. 1 choice.

You won't experience time zone problems if you have access to all four.

Surfshark VPN is now available. You can watch shows such as The Inbetweeners, Peep Show, and many more from almost any device.

Are you ready to watch?

Simple to use, works anywhere

30-day money-back guarantee

How to Watch Channel 4 outside the UK Using Surfshark VPN

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