7 Best Free NBA Live Stream Websites in 2024

best NBA Live Stream Websites

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Are you looking for the best NBA live stream websites, well you have come to the right spot!

You can watch your favorite players and teams without having to buy an NBA League Pass membership, regardless of whether you are a DFS player (or a regular basketball fan).

Use VPN to Unblock NBA Live Streams 

Two types of NBA streams are available: international and the US. US streams are restricted to residents of the United States, but you can access them using a VPN.

Surfshark VPN is a VPN that I use to view the US NBA game streams. You can access all major networks that broadcast NBA games including ABC, ESPN, and Fox Sports for just $2.49/mo 

Watch NBA with Surfshark VPN

Check your internet connection

Two main types of Internet sources are available: Standard Definition (SD), and High Definition (HD). HD streams are for those with faster connections (greater than 1 MB per sec) and SD streams are best for those with slower connections.

SpeedTest will first determine the speed of your connection. If your connection speed is less than 5 Mb, I recommend that you watch SD streams. HD streams may be confused by slow connections.

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Choose an HD connection if your connection is more than 5 MB per second!

 Best Free Websites for NBA Live Stream in 2024

Here are the top free streaming sites for NBA Live Streaming.


nba live stream websites

This is my favorite HD live website for NBA games. It is compatible with desktops, mobiles, and desktops.

NBA Live Stream

nba live stream websites

Live NBA streaming for those with international connections.


nba live stream websites

This site is exclusively dedicated to NBA basketball. It organizes games based on your favorite teams.



This alternative is for those who have slow internet connections. They are focused on NBA basketball and have a high playing speed.


Another high-definition streaming option for basketball games is this. Their service is not for everyone. I have spent more time buffering. Although you may need to refresh the chat room frequently, it is the best online.



CrackStreams is a website that streams live sports streaming. This website organizes live streaming of the most important and recent sporting events. This platform is easy to navigate and offers many sports events for free. There are many sports you can view, including the NBA, NFL, UFC, MMA, and boxing matches.


NBAbite has a lot more than just your favorite NBA games. Although the site appears to be having an identity crisis, this is not uncommon as URLs for streaming websites can change often. You can still access NCAA, NCAA Women, and other NBA Leagues.

How to reduce buffering and upload times on streaming websites

This step is only necessary if you have very fast internet / DSL/ fiber connections. If you travel as frequently as men, it is possible that you are leaving in a country or city with a slower WIFI connection.

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These are some tips that will help you reduce buffering and live-stream fast.

  • Clean your computer. Download CCleaner to clean your cache files and make your browser work faster.
  • All other windows should be closed – Every open window should make your browser more difficult to use. To optimize streaming speed, close all other windows.
  • Disconnect all WIFI devices. All other devices connected to your WIFI network are slowing you down. Disconnect your wireless connection from your smartphone if you are using your computer or laptop to watch videos. Disconnect your WIFI connection from your phone if you are watching on your desktop or laptop. This will increase your streaming speed by 100 percent.
  • Chrome and Safari are the fastest web browsers. Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are slower than I have found.
  • Refresh frequently – If the broadcast stops, it does not necessarily mean that the broadcast is stopped. You may need to restart your connection in order to watch games. To quickly refresh your connection, click on the F5 icon or the “Refresh” button.

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Which is your favorite NBA Live Streaming site?

It's now your turn to improve this article. Comment below with your favorite NBA streaming sites.

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