How to use NordVPN on Kodi? (Best Guide in 2023)

How to use NordVPN on Kodi?

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Kodi is a media player that has many add-ons that allow you to access videos. A VPN can help unblock some Kodi addons that are restricted to certain regions. You can keep your streaming activity secret so no one can see what you are streaming or watching.

Kodi can be used on many devices. This means that you will need to know whether Kodi has been installed on your computer, Mac, laptop, or set-top box like an Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Raspberry Pi.

If Kodi runs on a NordVPN-enabled device, you can easily install it and log in with your NordVPN credentials. Once connected to a server in that country, such as the US, you will be able to access the content of the add-on while maintaining privacy through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

Note: Without configuring the VPN plugin to Kodi, you can encrypt your Kodi traffic using the NordVPN app on Windows or macOS Android, iOS, iOS, or Linux.

Kodi is an open-source media player that's free and available for everyone. It can offer a lot of content but it can also pose some risks. It is recommended that Kodi be used with additional security precautions. You will need to connect your Kodi-running device to NordVPN servers in order to use it with NordVPN.

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How to Install NordVPN on Kodi

  • First Download Nord VPN Here.
  • OpenVPN has to be set up and available from the command line.
  • Pre-installation is recommended if you use Kodi LibreELEC or OpenELECOpenVPN.
  • You are using Windows? Check out this tutorial to learn how to install OpenVPN on your command line.
  • Here is the zip file for NordVPN. Add to your Kodi device. This is how you do it:
  1. Download to your computer, save to a USB flash drive and then insert the flash drive into your Kodi device. Connecting to Kodi via SSH (click Here for instructions).
  • You can download NordVPN using either one of these methods in the Kodi interface. Settings > System settings > Add-ons Move Sources unknown Switch to HE.
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How to use NordVPN on Kodi?

  • You will see a warning message. Click safely Yes.
  • Next, you go back to the Home screen and select Add-ons. Click the Add-ons Menu Package, the button in the upper right corner to select Install the zip file. Depending on the method you used to add the file to your device, navigate to the file and choose it.

How to use NordVPN on Kodi

  • After the installation is completed, you'll see a prompt offering you the option to run the VPN setup wizard. You can choose Wizard.
  • After completing the setup, you will be asked to enter your NordVPN credentials.
  • After entering your credentials, you will be asked whether you would like the VPN to automatically connect on startup. You will need to choose the country to which you wish to connect if you answer yes.
  • Once you have done this, the VPN will successfully connect to your computer.

How to use NordVPN in conjunction with Kodi

It is much easier than setting up NordVPN on Kodi. You only need to enter your NordVPN login details to connect to the server. This is the step-by-step guide for performing this task.

Step 1: Setup the VPN to VPN manager > Setting

Step 2 – Type your Username and Password to link your NordVPN subscription account

Step 3 – Next, click VPN Connects > Your First VPN Connection

Step 4 Wait until your login details are confirmed then select your server when prompted

5: NordVPN will establish the connection within a reasonable time

That's it. It is so simple to use NordVPN and Kodi

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How to disconnect/sign off NordVPN on Kodi

Step 1: Open the main VPN Manager Screen

Step 2 Click To “Change or disable VPN connection”

Step 3 Choose To terminate your VPN session, disconnect

How do I change the servers/countries of NordVPN using Kodi

Step 1: Go back to the main VPN Manager screen and click “Change/turn off VPN connection”

Step 2 You will be presented with a list containing available server locations. Choose one and wait for the connection to be re-established .

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Do I need a VPN for Kodi?

Many Kodi addons do not require a VPN and will work without it. However, your ISP will be able to see what you are doing so it is a good idea not to use VPN. P2P is an add-on for Kodi that allows you to download files from multiple sources. It also makes it possible to access torrents.

Although torrent files and P2P are legal, they can be used in many Kodi addons. Many people use VPNs to keep their activities secret from prying eyes. NordVPN, like many other services does not keep logs. It doesn't track your connection time or when you connect to it.

NordVPN offers a selection of P2P-optimized servers. This will give you a better connection for streaming than a server that is not optimized for P2P.

What happens if I have a Kodibox?

It's simple to use NordVPN over a VPN connection as long as it is installed on the Kodi device. There is an Android version for the NordVPN app that can be used on many Kodi boxes.

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You can install the NordVPN app if your device uses Android TV or if Kodi is installed on your Android TV.

For those who use Kodi on a Raspberry Pi you can download OpenVPN and install it using the instructions provided by NordVPN.

NordVPN can I use on an Apple TV or Fire Stick?

It's simple with an Amazon Fire TV Stick, as you can search the App Store for the app.

It's a bit more difficult for Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku owners who want to use NordVPN and Kodi. These devices do not support VPN connections so you will need to install the VPN on another device such as a router or Windows PC and then connect to the VPN from your device that runs Kodi.

It's easier to find another device that can run both Kodi or the NordVPN app, since it's more hassle.

NordVPN cannot be used to bypass copyright regulations. NordVPN does NOT endorse, condone or encourage the use of the Service to do so.

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