How to Watch Hulu in Singapore with a VPN Guide 2023

How to Watch Hulu in Singapore with a VPN

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Let's see how to watch Hulu in Singapore, which is available only in the United States. You will need a VPN that connects to a US server such as Surfshark VPN. This can bypass geo-blocking.

We will be sharing a quick guide on how to get Hulu in Singapore using a VPN.

Follow the instructions.

Hulu, a premium streaming service, offers amazing TV shows and movies like The Simpsons and Vikings, Rick and Morty, and The Act, and many more.

Comcast and Disney own Hulu. Hulu is the most well-known streaming service in the US. The following error message will appear when you attempt to access Hulu from Singapore:

“Hulu isn't available at your location”

Is Hulu available in Singapore?

Hulu isn't available in Singapore because of geo-blocking content. Not only Hulu is blocked in Singapore, but many other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO are also restricted. This restriction is set by content distributors.

Hulu is one of these online streaming services that use geo-blocking technology to instantly lock users when they attempt to view Hulu from a country other than Singapore.

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With a VPN, you can access Hulu Singapore and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Here are five quick steps to get you started.

How to See Hulu In Singapore

Follow these 5 steps to get Hulu in Singapore

5 quick steps

  1. To stream Hulu, we recommend Surfshark VPN.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server by connecting to VPN
  4. Sign in to Hulu's website or app
  5. Hulu Singapore is a great place to watch TV and movies.

These are five quick steps to get Hulu in Singapore. These steps are available for premium Hulu accounts.

To watch Hulu in Singapore, you will need a VPN.

Your internet connection is therefore your local IP address. Hulu will block your access to Hulu Singapore when you attempt to get it.

Surfshark VPN allows you to change the local IP address of your US location by using a VPN. This will allow Hulu to believe you are in the United States and allow you to view TV and movies.

Surfshark VPN allows you to start watching Hulu in Singapore
30-day money-back guarantee

Is Hulu available in Singapore?

Hulu isn't available in Singapore. However, you can connect to the US server via VPN.

When will Hulu be available in Singapore?

Hulu is not expected to arrive in Singapore, so there are no official announcements.

How to subscribe to Hulu Singapore

Two ways to open a Hulu account from Singapore:

A gift card is a great way to get Hulu Singapore subscriptions. You can sign up for Hulu using a gift certificate.

  • Get the code by email when you buy a Hulu gift certificate at mygiftcardsupply
  • Connect to the US server using the VPN Surfshark app.
  • Enter the code at Hulu
  • Complete Hulu subscription with U.S. ZIP code (e.g. 90210).
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Asking a friend to sign up for Hulu is another way to obtain a subscription. You will need to connect to the US server using a VPN. Once you have the credentials, log in to Hulu to start watching Hulu in Singapore.

What is the cost of Hulu in Singapore?

Hulu has the following plans available for Singapore viewers:

  • Hulu Basic with ads (USD 5.99 / month).
  • Hulu Premium with ads ($ 11.99 / month).
  • Hulu + Live TV ($ 44.99 / month)

Hulu Singapore: What are you waiting for?

Hulu allows you to watch movies, TV shows, TV series, live TV, and sports. Here's a list of the most-watched shows on Hulu Singapore:

  • Better Things
  • What We Do in Shadows
  • Legit
  • Vikings
  • Fargo
  • Legion
  • Damages
  • Future Man
  • National Treasure
  • Son of Anarchy
  • The Handmaids Tale
  • Into the Dark
  • Ramy
  • Justified
  • Animaniacs

What devices can I view Hulu in Singapore on?

These devices allow you to access Hulu in Singapore:

  • Android phones, tablets, and TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • iPhone and iPad
  • LG TV
  • Nintendo Switch Consoles
  • Browsers and applications for Mac and PC
  • 4
  • Samsung TV App
  • ROKU


You now know how to watch Hulu in Singapore with Surfshark VPN. Enjoy the best movies and TV shows Hulu has to provide.

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