Best FlixTor Alternatives (December 2023)

Best FlixTor Alternatives

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Flixtor, a popular streaming website for movie and TV viewing, was offline in 2018. Users began searching for alternative sites and eventually found them. Flixtor's name was used by a multitude of websites. Flixtor's original team advised users to stay away from them as they could spread malware, viruses, or other security threats.

Flixtor has been back online after a long time. You can access it via six safe domain names ( the primary one), where you will find the most popular TV shows and movies.

Flixtors‘ return is celebrated with joy. However, there is no reason to believe it could not go offline again at any moment and without warning. We have compiled a list of 10 best FlixTor Alternatives. This way, even if your streaming site is down for a few hours or years, you will still have a great website to view your favorite streaming content.

Before we present the Flixtor alternatives that we have tested (after testing many), please consider that there may be some that aren't legal in all jurisdictions. Also, before you start to point your browser at these sites, make sure you know your country's copyright laws.

We don't suggest that anyone of our readers engages in illegal online activities, but we think that it is important to know how to access these sites safely, especially for those involved in law enforcement or research.

Best VPN For FlixTor

Let's begin by saying the obvious, keeping these issues in mind. Flixtor should be used with VPNs with military-grade encryption and strict zero-logging policies will protect your online traffic and make it unreadable by third parties. A VPN is essential if you plan to access any of these streaming sites regularly.

For this, we suggest using Surfshark VPN. Surfshark It is a superfast, secure, and user-friendly VPN that protects your privacy.

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Another VPN we suggest is NordVPN. There are many paid VPN services on the market, but we found NordVPN to be the most balanced between privacy and premium features. You can stream HD videos with ease thanks to its fast connection speeds.

NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can test it for 30 days and then get your money back with no questions asked.

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Best FlixTor Alternatives

Now that we have covered the basics let's get into the eleven alternatives to Flixtor. These websites were selected after evaluating dozens of them for safety, quality, and reliability. These websites won't ask you to sign-up to access your favorite content. Additionally, they won't bombard you with ads. If you need to get rid of ads, all you have to do is install an adblocker. Let's get started.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is a well-known name in free streaming sites. It is the main source of entertainment for millions worldwide and is a great alternative to Flixtor. It has been around for years. The menu bar makes it easy to navigate between countries and genres.

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You can also find the blog on the site that keeps you informed about the latest developments in the film industry.

Putlocker can be found at However, please note that the security of this site has been questioned many times by various sources. This makes it one of many platforms that requires a VPN. You can also find quality alternatives to Putlocker in this article.

2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is similar to Flixtor because its original version was also taken offline. However, multiple developers took the open-source code and created a new website for

Popcorn Time will require you to download the software in order to view the videos. This isn't the most appealing feature on any website. Access to the software is free once you have it. Geo-restrictions mean that the service isn't available to all users. This is true even if you want to bypass Torrent blocking from a country that does not allow it. Any reliable Popcorn Time VPN is what you need to stream the entire range of movies and TV series.

3. has thousands of titles. This site is different than the other platforms because you can view its streams in your browser. You don't have to download anything to enjoy them.

4. TorrentTV

TorrentTV requires you to download your own media player. The number of torrent files available for you to view is endless once you have it.

This platform has a beautiful design, which is always a plus. To watch a show or movie, you simply need to drag the file into the media player. The stream will start streaming and then download simultaneously.

TorrentTV is available on Linux, Windows, MacOS, AppleTV, and many more devices. This platform can be accessed at

5. Zona

Zona is an alternative to Flixtor, a Russian love-struck woman. Choose from three interfaces to personalize your Zona experience. You can then stream torrents to your computer for free. Zona is currently only available for Windows users.

You can enjoy Zona's content by pointing your browser to, and then downloading the media player. It is quick and painless and gives you access to thousands upon thousands of movies, shows and music.

6. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is free of ads. It is a fast platform and offers both full HD and standard content.

Each video is labeled as HD or cam to let you know which videos have the best quality, without having to sample them. Cam is a term that refers to movies shot in a cinema with a camcorder. The picture and sound quality are often poor.

Evey video with closed captions is hard-wired so that you can't remove. The captions don't block the screen and aren't too intrusive. Although it would be nice to be able turn them off, it isn't a major problem.

7. SubsMovies

SubsMovies is a website that offers a user-friendly interface, which is reminiscent of Flixtor. You can quickly search for the most recent version of the movie or show by sorting the content according to quality and source.

The interface is also deceptively simple. Although it looks simple, the SubsMovies website allows you to access the video of your choosing. All the content is from the house. This saves you from having to use third-party websites, which can often happen in indexing websites.

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Perhaps you guessed from the platform's title that subtitled content is its main focus. This feature is unique to the site, and is very useful if you have hearing impairment or a desire for international entertainment.

8. Project Free TV

Project Free TV, the top Flixtor alternative, is more of a TV show index than a streaming service. Search for the show that you are looking for, locate it, and then click on the link to take you to the third-party website where you can access the video.

This website is not as user-friendly as the others. You might find it difficult to navigate and that you may need to click on several links before you find the one that works. This can be frustrating.

It is fortunate that the main website does not have any advertising. However, you won't have any luck once you reach the third-party websites that will display an ad. These third-party sites are not safe and you should never download any content, video or otherwise. These are just a few examples of why Surfshark, a VPN that blocks ads, is your best friend for streaming free videos.

Despite all these disadvantages, the index catalog is huge, so you can find what you are looking for, even if it isn't very common. Plus, more content is added every day.

9. Watch Series

Watch Series is an alternative to Flixtor that offers a wide selection of movies and shows. You have to put up with more ads and pop-us than any of the options in this guide. This site will be much more enjoyable if you have a VPN that blocks ads. While you will need to manually close some ads, your streams will continue uninterrupted.

It is responsive and quick. It also functions more as an index, since your videos are streamed from third-party websites. You will have to persevere because you may not find the content that you are looking for at the first link you click.

The site is organized well so it is easy to find the titles you are looking for. It would be a good idea to use a streaming VPN when browsing this site, so you can avoid downloading any content.

10. LookMovie

If you are familiar with Flixtor, LookMovie can be a great alternative. You can download movies instantly and it's completely free.

LookMovie's main advantage is its lack of pop-up advertisements. This can be frustrating for streaming enthusiasts.

There are two cons: the movies only have movies and there is no TV series. The quality is also not always excellent.

Beware of Flixtor copycats

The Internet is a void. Nature hates it. Three years ago, Flixtor was shut down. A multitude of websites tried to fill the gap. In a letter, the original Flixtor team promised to bring back the site and warned users about imitations claiming to be Flixtor.

Fake Flixtors are still popular. Be wary of websites that ask for money or promise VIP accounts.

Why VPNs are so important for streaming online videos

You now have 11 websites similar to Flixtor, which will keep you entertained even if Flixtor goes down for minutes or for years.

This guide has mentioned VPNs many times. This is because a VPN should be mandatory for streaming video on the Internet. A VPN service that is reliable and paid for is essential for Internet streamers. We'll show you why.

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Hackers and third-party observers

Hackers are a persistent group of people. Hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities that could allow them to gain access to your equipment. This allows them to steal your banking information or login details.

Edward Snowden's revelations raised awareness about the importance of online privacy for political purposes. Let's not forget, however, that being anonymous online isn't just about protecting your rights; it also helps to protect your safety. A VPN is one of your best options for this purpose.

VPNs will mask your IP address so that no one can see your location online. They will also encrypt all of your outgoing and ongoing data. Encryption is used to make meaningful data appear like random noise to people who don't have the keys. This is how you are protected from hackers.

If a hacker is monitoring your connection, he will soon give up on you. The same applies to your ISP and governmental agencies. ISPs are another topic.

Bandwidth Throttling

ISPs don't like users who watch video streaming online because they consume too much bandwidth for what appears to be a minor application. If they see you streaming a lot, they may cut off some of the bandwidth. This allows them to reduce congestion and has more satisfied customers.

Your ISP will detect the bandwidth you are using to stream videos. However, they won't know why. They won't throttle bandwidth and your transfer speeds will stay high as they should.

Why is Necessary to use VPNs for Streaming Sites

There are a few reasons why a VPN service can improve your streaming experience.

Avoid copyright violations

All these streaming services are not popular with the movie industry. They have the right to be angry, legally, since hosting movies without permission from producers is a violation of copyright. Both websites and users are at risk of being sued.

By keeping your connection private and encrypting all your traffic, a VPN such as Surfshark VPN will protect you from legal risks. This VPN has a great privacy policy and protects users. I highly recommend it to avoid any legal issues when using Flixtor or its alternatives. 


You can have a lot of fun watching free movies and tv shows online if you're able to find the right side with the content that you are looking for and an interface that allows you enjoy the content easily. There is no legal reason to not use them.

Flixtor, like many other streaming sites, is guilty of breaking copyright laws in every jurisdiction. They will find themselves in trouble and be taken offline. You should always have alternate sites available.

We have eleven alternatives to Flixtor so that you can stream entertainment from multiple sources. We know that protecting your data and devices is as important as seeing the shows you love.

Although many websites offer the content you are looking for, it is important to make a wise choice and only use sites that provide security. SurfsharkVPN, a reliable VPN service that will keep you secure and address other issues, is not to be discounted.

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