50 Best Filelinked Codes (Updated May 2024)

50 Best Filelinked Codes

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Walter

We've gathered more than 50 best Filelinked codes, so you have everything you need in one place. File-linked codes are safe and provide users with a convenient way to share their files, apps and other content. Though originally designed to be used for use on devices running Android, such as tablets and smartphones but they are now used as a valuable tool within the Firestick community, where third-party applications can be downloaded directly from the shared folder in just one swipe.

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What are Filelinked Codes?

Filelinked is a service on the internet that lets users upload their files or applications on the Internet and share it with other users. With Filelinked, the user can register accounts on their site by providing basic information about themselves, such as their name, email address, password, and username, to ensure security before uploading any file they would wish to distribute in large quantities.

When this is done, there are only six steps to upload specific files (which should be formatted correctly) through the direct URL link from where they are located, whether it's the cloud storage service, your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other hosting site and distributing an image for the logo to let users know what kind of content they will discover when they click on these URLs.

After you've finished your files, simply enter the title or description for the file. The description is an optional step and is generally only required if the description wasn't already in place at the time of uploading the file. After they write the content they want viewers to see when watching this content, they then share the file on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by publishing their unique form online, so others can access them by using the same URL in the future.

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What Are the Best Filelinked Codes?

This article will cover the most recent and most effective Filelinked Codes.

FileLinked is not currently functioning at the moment. Here are the best alternatives to use:

Because Filelinked depends on its use of code and pins, you'll have plenty of websites and stores to pick from if they know how to look for the codes.

We've removed the guesswork from it for you.

Perhaps, by the end of this article, we'll be able to assist you in finding the most recent and best code for filelinked and the benefits they provide.

Note Be aware that Filelinked is not running on the device you are using; follow this step-by-step guide:

The best Filelinked codes list was updated (May 2024).

Top Filelinked Codes

Filelinked Codes


      Store Name      Contents Last Checked Date
51829986 Stream Tech Now TOTAL  Number of APPS: 583

VPN,  Live TV , Movies & TV Shows, IPTV, Anime, Sports, Music,  Games , Media Players, Non-English Apps, Tools, Kodi

October 15, 2022
67664537 StreamItAll TOTAL Number of APPS: 319

Movies & TV Shows, Kodi, Live TV, Sports, IPTV, Anime, Tools, Music, Adult, Media Players, Movie Streaming Websites

June 16, 2022
71607934 FireTVSticks TOTAL  Number of APPS: 216

Kodi, Live TV, Anime, Adult, Music, IPTV Players, VPN, Tools, Games/Emulators, VPN, Media Players

May 30, 2022
11039868 NxtLvLTech TOTAL  Number of APPS: 298

VPN, Kodi, Anime, TV/Sports, IPTV, Music, Adult, Tools, Media Players, Emulator

October 15, 2022
27256340 Dr. Venture TOTAL  Number of APPS: 136

VPN, Live TV, Sports, IPTV, Kodi, Music, Anime, Utilities, Media Players

October 15, 2022

(Pin: 3223)

Amazon Fire/Android Apps by Kevin Porteous TOTAL  Number of APPS: 148

Media Players, Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Non-English, Games

October 15, 2022
32364318 iTrustStream TOTAL  Number of APPS: 123

Live TV, Music, Tools, IPTV Players, Free Movies, VPN, Premium IPTV Services, Anime, Adult, Games

October 15, 2022
(Pin: 9898)
New Tech Evolution TOTAL  Number of APPS: 107

Kodi, Movie Apps, TV Shows, Live TV, IPTV, Media Players, Tools

June 15, 2022
85810914 Electrical M.D. Super App Store TOTAL  Number of APPS: 38

Kodi Builds, Movies & TV Shows, Tools, Media Players

October 15, 2022
(Pin: 0000)
Bujiki Filelinked Depot TOTAL  Number of APPS: 320

VPN, Music, Sports, Adult Apps, Kodi Build & Addons, Tools, IPTV Players, Media Players

October 15, 2022
95030652 Review On This and That TOTAL  Number of APPS: 277

Movies / TV Shows, International Apps, Tools, Sports Apps, IPTV Players, Web Browsers, Kodi, Media Players

April 23, 2022
10093418` ROHAS TOTAL  Number of APPS: 208

Movies / TV Shows, International Apps, Tools, Sports Apps, IPTV Players, Web Browsers, Kodi, Media Players, and Utility Apps

June 17, 2022

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Top 5 Filelinked Codes

Stream & Tech Now – 51829986 (Updated June 18, 2021)

Stream Tech & Now boasts the biggest Filelinked store and offers around 600 apps in total. From movie apps that are free to download, TV Show apps, Live TV apps, utility applications, and others. They'll have it! can provide it!

It's updated on an ongoing schedule, so you'll keep abreast of the latest versions of your most-loved streaming applications.

Stream It All – 67664537 (Updated June 18, 2021)

It All It All is one of our top choices due to the numerous useful apps it provides. It's a prestigious store offering over 200 apps that the store's owner personally tried.

Most apps available on the store are current and suitable for TV shows, Movies, Free IPTV, Paid IPTV, modified apps, Adult Apps, and other utilities suitable for Firestick and Android devices.

It also includes an index of Best Free Movie Streaming Websites.

There are also significant savings on VPN Services such as Surfshark. Click here to find the lowest price for Surfshark by taking advantage of our limited-time promotion. Overall, it's an excellent place to find everything you require in one spot.

Fire TV Sticks – 71607934 (Updated May 31, 2021 )

Fire TV Sticks' store is full of great streaming apps, both free and paid.

You'll notice that the store layout may be to guide a new user of the Firestick. The first section comprises VPN services, which are crucial in free streaming. The second section focuses on the essential applications that might be required, such as Blokada Mouse Toggle and MX Player.

NxtLvLTech – 11039868 (Updated June 17, 2021)

NxtLvLTech is among the longest-running stories in the history of the internet. The store offers all important apps and the top streaming apps for free currently available.

We are incredibly proud of the proprietor of this store due to the dedication to keeping it up to date and maintaining it. It may appear simple but it requires enormous work and time to operate a Filelinked store. That's why NxtLvlTech is worthy of plenty of recognition and attention.

Dr. Venture – 27256340 (Updated on June 17, 2021)

Dr. Venture is an extremely well-rounded store, as its apps can be used for Live TV, TV Shows, movies, Kodi Builds, and utilities. It also gets updated frequently, which is why it's selected among our best choices.

New/Latest Filelinked Codes

We conducted a more thorough study and discovered new code codes that will be used for Filelinked 2024.

It's refreshing to know that there are more new Filelinked Stores. Aren't you happy?

EK Sored APK Store – 66324670 (Updated on June 8, 2021)

EK Sored APK Store is one of the latest codes that is filelinked that we have discovered.

It's a great store that has a wide range of apps that make your Firestick the ultimate streaming device.

It has popular apps such as Mobdro, Nova TV, CatMouse, FilmPlus, Cinema HD, and others that are recognized as the top Firestick Apps.

Juggernaut's Vault – 57518849 (Updated on March 8, 2021)

Juggernaut's vault is a newly-revived code that was not active for a long time.

Since it's back, all the apps it offers are updated with the most recent versions.

Juggernaut's Vault is an excellent shop to purchase the top streaming applications available with the Firestick to stream Movies and Television Shows, Live TV, and Sports.

Make sure you look this code up!

Streaming 2.0 – 57585686/1234 Pin (Updated on February 7, 2021)

Another store we've discovered was Streaming 2.0.

This store is home to many apps you can use to stream your content. It has Movies, TV Show apps, Utility Apps, Official Apps, and Free IPTV, Modded Apps, and Video players.

It might appear to be a tiny amount in the beginning, but the apps available within this app store include among the most well-known apps available on Firestick and other Android devices.

MGMShop – 27352278/4242 Pin (Updated on May 12, 2021)

The store offers Ad Blockers, Anime Apps, IPTV, Live TV Apps, Movies and TV Show Apps, Sports Apps and Utilities.

The store isn't huge; however, we believe it includes the essential applications you require to operate your Firestick effortlessly.

Cord Cutters and APK Tool Shed – 23885279/2020 Pin (Updated on April 6, 2020)

The store offers a variety of apps needed to provide you with a great streaming experience. You can browse and download apps for Movies, Television Shows, Live TV, Utilities, IPTV, Kodi and many more.

The APK Tool Shed – 19867227/2021 Pin (Updated on January 9, 2021)

The APK Tool Shed is another option to our list of top-quality files linked codes. It is a collection of apps sure to enhance your enjoyment of streaming.

Some apps can use to enhance your speaker, and we believe that they are distinctive. Additionally, you can download and install important apps like Anti-Virus scanners, VPNs, Utilities, IPTV Players, Live TV, Live Sports, and VOD.

Stream Doctor – 33627466 (Updated on June 18, 2021)

Stream Doctor is a relatively new online store offering only the best Apps that work with the Firestick. It's easy to use and doesn't offer apps that don't work to the Firestick.

Everything you need to stream? This store is full of everything you need! From Movie and TV Show Apps, Live TV Apps, Alternative App Stores, Media Players, Kodi, and Adult Apps. If you can think of it, they've got it!

Android Pi Guy – 69253274/ Pin 0639 (Updated on June 16, 2021)

The Android Pi Guy store is keeping its slick by offering free streaming apps, Sports Apps, Free VOD apps, Free IPTV Apps, and utility applications.

It's not as massive as the other stores, but you can find all the most well-known streaming apps on this store.

Feel free to browse our shop; we're confident you'll find something you need for your device.

Bujiki Filelinked Depot – 73748207/0000 Pin (Updated on June 18, 2021)

Bujiki Filelinked Depot is one of our top finds this year. Like the other best stores, its creator is dedicated to keeping it running and up-to-date.

It has a wide range of applications you can use to stream, listen to music, and many more functions. The thing that caught our attention is that it includes Adult Apps. There aren't many stores that are brave enough to include apps like that, and we appreciate that.

Filelinked Codes and Pins – 52271895/pin 5806 (Updated on June 14, 2021)

We love this store because it has a Facebook account. Members are regularly reminded that there are any updates to apps or updates. It's also proactive in letting users know of issues with specific apps. They are also eager to assist users with issues on their devices.

Amazon Fire/Android Apps by Kevin Porteous – 76705196/Pin 3223 (Updated on June 17, 2021)

Kevin Porteous is a well-known persona in the world of cord-cutting. There is a YouTube channel that provides free tutorials on applications and an online site that you can use to find the latest and most requested APKs.

This is the reason this store is among the top. It's well-maintained and comes with an extensive selection of applications to pick from. Reliability is a major factor in selecting the best Filelinked store, and this one is extremely reliable.

iTrustStream – 32364318 (Updated on May 27-2021)

Another gem we discovered this year was iTrustStream, a reliable retailer with various apps. There are paid applications and also free ones.

Compared to other stores in terms of the number of APKs, the store isn't as good. However, the available apps are among the top streaming apps. We're guessing that the way it's kept is because it's easier to update and maintain.

However, you can still enjoy streaming at no cost by using the Filelinked store, which includes some of the top streaming apps on the market.

Jo714 Filelinked Store – 17779393 (Updated on May 15, 2021)

Jo714 Filelinked Store is the authority in streaming apps that aren't in English. There's a large portion of our users who search for such content. So, if you're interested in Spanish and Latino television shows and movies, This store is the right one for you.

Apart from that, it also maintains an up-to-date list of the top free streaming applications, such as Cinema HD, Bee TV as well as Nova TV to name a few.

Other Working Filelinked Codes

Electrical M.D. Super App Store – 85810914 (Updated June 16, 2021)

The proprietor of this store is a well-known Youtuber on the internet and has placed this store among our top 5 choices. It includes apps for TV and movies, Kodi Builds, players and utilities. One reason we love the store is the regular updates. You'll be sure to receive the most recent versions whenever developers release new updates.

New Tech Evolution – 22222222 / 9898 Pin (Updated June 15, 2021)

This code is extremely long-running code codes out due to the diligence of the creator of the code to ensure that the app is updated frequently. It is possible to use applications that feature Kodi Builds, Movies TV Live TV, Shows, IPTV External Players, and a variety of utilitarian apps.

Web Safety Tips – 11111111 (Updated on May 13, 2021)

Web Safety Tips Store Filelinked is an application specialist ensuring your Firestick runs at its best.

There are also important apps such as Mouse Toggle, Set Orientation, Clean Master, and MX Player available at this store.

The apps aid in streaming and maintenance since film apps need these apps to function effectively for the Firestick.

More Pins and FileLinked codes

Here's a list of more files linked to FileLinked and pins you can use to stream your content.

  • 11867288 – Nola dynasty
  • 35746417 – TV Zion
  • 51829986 – Various APKs
  • 71607934 – Various APKs
  • 74238464 – Various APKs
  • 38069272 – Various APKs
  • 45691709 – Slamious and Xanax Filelinked Store
  • 80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and up
  • 7429627 — Chad Hunte, streaming 758 is the most up-to-date streaming APKs
  • 76705196 – APKs of K Porteous 76705196 – APKs from K Porteous (PIN 3223)
  • 17779393 JO CAN, One of the largest lists of APKs. Adfree, and also including Latin things. (PIN: 2222)
  • 44427643 – Peters YouTuber, Big List of Kodi Wizards and Repositories
  • 34349226 – Various APKs by Jays Tech
  • 12345678 – NewTechevolution, Youtuber, Kodi Builds
  • 27352278 – ModgodMal – (PIN: 4242)
  • 76115743 – Various APKs
  • 73047734 – James Evans – Enigma2Tv-Xtra – All Kinds of APKs – (PIN: 0572)
  • 51829986 – FreeTech. Nearly everything is covered here
  • 9530652 based on reviews about this and this and. There are several fantastic APKs
  • 73748207 – Bujiki Filelinked Depot.
  • 42420789 – Wide selection of APKs – (PIN 7997)
  • 66324670 – Different APKs of EK Sored
  • 13131313 – JetBox – (Pin: 4545)
  • 96031172 – Various APKs – (Pin: 1234)
  • 14224735 – Movie RedBox – (Pin: 9876)

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How do you delete codes that are associated with files

After you've added all the codes for files to your device, it's crucial to erase them regularly to clear up space.

Clearing space/memory in such apps can help stop buffering Firestick.

Follow the steps below to erase the codes in Filelinked.

On the main Filelinked screen, select My Codes.

50 Best Filelinked Codes

You will notice the history of the code. You can click on the trash bin icon.

50 Best Filelinked Codes

Click Delete.

50 Best Filelinked Codes

That's it! You've successfully erased the passwords that are associated with the devices.

Legal Disclaimer MyVpnHub.com doesn't support or approve of any illegal activities associated with using the services or applications mentioned on this website. We don't check the licensing agreements for services. The end user is entirely accountable for ensuring that the media accessed via these services does not violate the rights of the copyright and/or licensing laws. MyVpnHub VPN is not a promoter of using, linking to, or earning a fee from any apps or IPTV services.

Securely stream by using VPN. 

We suggest installing an active VPN on your device before installing Filelinked. This will secure your online activities.

It's one of the best options to prevent buffering from occurring on Kodi and Firestick.

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Note: For further information regarding Surfshark VPN you can learn how to install Surfshark on a Firestick.

How to Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

In case your Firestick has an older interface, check out this article to find out how to make it up-to-date Update the Firestick Interface.

Use the screenshots for installing the SurfShark VPN application for Your Fire TV stick.

  1. You can go to your “Home” screen on your Firestick.
  2. Go to your search tab. Hit the search button from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the search term of the SurfShark and choose from the suggested options that be displayed.
  4. Click on the Official SurfShark symbol in your results.
  5. Click on the Download (You are the owner of this) button.
  6. This SurfShark VPN Installer will be downloaded onto your device.
  7. SurfShark VPN's application will install itself onto the Fire TV stick.
  8. Click the Open button following the completion of the SurfShark VPN installation process.
  9. You must wait for SurfShark VPN to load its user interface.
  10. Now you can sign in using your SurfShark VPN account details.

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Filelinked FAQs

What are the most effective Filelinked codes?

The best codes for those files is 76705196 51829986, 67664537, 95030652 27256340, and many more which we have included in this list.

Where Can I Find Filelinked Codes?

The internet is a goldmine of almost everything.

By doing a quick Google search, you'll locate relevant Filelinked codes you can use to share your files.

The best part is that nearly every code you find online is completely free!

Where Can I Download the Filelinked APK?

If you want to start using the Filelinked services and convenience for entertainment, file-sharing, and streaming services, you can head over to http://www.filelinked.com and follow the instructions on the site. There is also the option of downloading Filelinked APK from other sites. However, these might not be as secure as those we have mentioned.

How Do I Use Filelinked on a FireStick?

Through Filelinked, which is a feature of your FireStick, You can download APKs and upload them, access them, play videos, and stream services from your favorite channels

Here's How You Can Use Filelinked on a FireStick:

  • After you've installed Filelinked onto your FireStick, press and hold the HOME button located in your FireStick remote, and you'll be able to see the Apps Sleep, Mirroring, and Setting options at the top of the screen.
  • Find Filelinked under the choices and then open it. It will prompt you for a code, and you can input the one you're using to access your files. After entering, click Continue. After you have seen the mailer with a file link, close it.
  • Once everything is done, you can view the videos, files, APKs, music, and many other things. There's a download button on the right side of the object or file.
  • If you're using an APK file, you can install it and then choose yes to all permissions before enjoying the benefits of its use following that.

How Can I Use Filelinked on Android?

In addition to your FireStick, you can access the Filelinked services, including files, from Filelinked through Android devices. Below are some steps to follow:

  • Go to get.filelinked.com
  • Choose “Download FileLinked.”
  • “Open” and click “Open” and click “Allow.”
  • After installation, you'll be able to find it; it will be available under Apps.
  • Open the App.

Does Filelinked Work on iOS Devices?

For IOS users, the IOS operating system doesn't support unlicensed apps. It allows users to download apps through the app stores they own.

How to Troubleshoot Filelinked if It's Not Working?

Like other programs, Filelinked is not without issues and some niggles. These are the most frequently encountered issues users face and solutions to solve these issues.

App or File in Filelinked is Offline

Similar to torrents, the content in Filelinked is generated by users. If you're not able to access to the files you wish to download, it is best to get in touch with the creator of Filelinked Store since they might have deleted it.

Pin Not Available for Filelinked Store

Contrary to other Filelinked codes, where you receive pins immediately, some applications or files require pins from the author of the. Contact them directly or click the request pin button to learn more about options.


FileLinked is a breeze to use. So long as you have the codes to a specific store, you're set to download.

It provides you full access to abundant content at the press of a button.

We strongly recommend it for those who want to access high-quality content without hassle. Additionally, FileLinked is so popular that lots of users use it already.

We hope we've helped you discover the best method for you to use Filelinked. If you know of applicable Filelinked codes and pins, you can help the community by posting an entry in the comment section.

Remember that when it comes to advancing technology, it is crucial to be cautious, and using a Surfshark VPN to safeguard your online activity is highly recommended. Let us know should you have any queries regarding VPNs.

Let us know if there are ways we could improve this article. We welcome constructive criticism. We appreciate your feedback!

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