This is the Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Subscription in 2023

Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Subscription

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You may be wondering what is the cheapest way to get Netflix? Don't worry, we got your back, today you will learn the right steps for this.

Most TV and movie fans want to watch Netflix unlimited or lifetime or both. Imagine how wonderful it would be to just sit down on the sofa and watch TV, without doing anything. All this at the lowest price.

You cant do it for free, only trial and hacked accounts, but you can get it cheap, here is how.

Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Subscription in Easy Step


  • Get Surfshark VPN which is a VPN that connects to the Cheapest Netflix Country. Turkey $3.27 per month.

  • Visit Netflix Turkey to purchase a basic Netflix subscription

  • Login to Netflix to Watch Netflix from Anywhere. (If you wish to view US Netflix, connect with Surfshark VPN).

Watch Cheap Netflix with Surfshark VPN

Netflix Price Comparison by Country

First, let's note that Netflix is a popular streaming service. There are 190+ countries where Netflix can be accessed. Netflix offers a wide range of TV series and movies that viewers can watch, including original movies and TV serials. As you know, Netflix's subscription plans have different prices in different regions. This is due to the availability of content in a particular region and regional pricing.

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It is amazing to see the differences in Netflix subscription prices and regions. Turkey, for $3.27 per monthly, is the most affordable country to subscribe to Netflix. Japan, with its 5986 titles and $5.86 per monthly, is considered the most affordable country. In terms of the number of available TV shows, the USA is the clear leader. Denmark is second, while Norway is the most affordable.

Why the USA is the Best Region for Netflix?

According to price comparison and statistics, 1682 TV shows are available on US Netflix. This is more than any other Netflix region. If you love TV shows, then this is the best region to stream Netflix.

Netflix hidden library. Netflix secret library. The US Netflix has over 20 secret categories. Netflix subscriptions allow you to access TV shows as well as Teen shows and Crime shows. This secret library will allow you to discover the best TV serials and movies you are looking for.

You should definitely try US Netflix. It has the largest selection of original TV shows, movies, and videos.

How to Get a Cheap Netflix Subscription With a VPN

It's as easy as pie Follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step by Step Guide

  • Go to Surfshark VPN

  • Download and install VPN on your device

  • Connect to Turkey server

  • Visit Turkish Netflix to purchase a basic Netflix plan

  • You can watch Netflix from anywhere in the world!

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You can access Netflix from anywhere.


Top 10 Cheapest Netflix Countries

Below is a list of the top 10 Netflix subscription countries that are the cheapest at the time of writing. All amounts in USD

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  • 1 Turkey TV Shows  1,111 Price $3.27/month

  • 2 Colombia TV Shows 1,417 Price $4.90/month

  • 3 Brazil TV Shows  1,315 Price $5.54/month

  • 4 South Africa TV Shows 1,711 Price $5.98/month

  • 5 Chile TV Shows 1,352 Price $6.44/month

  • 6 IndiaTV Shows 1,650 Price $6.61/month

  • 7 Australia TV Shows 1,929 Price $6.92/month

  • 8 Philippines TV Shows 1,542 Price $7.39/month

  • 9 Canada TV Shows 1,713 Price $7.46/month

  • 10 Japan TV Shows 1,308 Price $8.20/month

You can see that Turkey is the most affordable country for Netflix Subscriptions, as you can see from the table.

Surfshark is available today!

Top 10 Countries With the Most  Netflix Shows

Here are the top 10 countries that have the highest number of titles. The following list contains the top 10 countries with the most Netflix titles at the time this article was written. All amounts are in USD


  • 1 Japan No. Titles 6,031 Price $8.20/month

  • 2.  USA No. Titles 5,665 Price $8.99/month

  • 3. Canada No. Titles  5,450 Price $7.46/month

  • 4.  United Kingdom No. Titles  5,109 Price $7.59/month

  • 5. Ireland No. Titles  5,020 Price $9.08/month

  • 6. India No. Titles  4,707 Price $6.61/month  

  • 7. Australia No. Titles  4,702 Price $6.92/month

  • 8 New Zealand No. Titles 4,566 Price $7.78/month

  • 9 Luxembourg No. Titles  4,533 Price 9.00/month 

  • 10 Belgium No. Titles 4,330 Price $9.08/month

The United States, Japan, and Canada are the top three most populous countries in terms of a number of titles. There are many titles available on Netflix.

A reliable cheapest VPN for Netflix such as Surfshark VPN allows you to view all content from any country by simply connecting to the server.

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How to Get the Cheapest Netflix: FAQ

How do I get the lowest Netflix subscription?

To get the lowest Netflix subscription, sign up from Turkey. You will need a VPN to change your IP address to Turkey. This will allow you to buy Netflix at the lowest price. Surfshark VPN is our recommendation.

What is the monthly cost of a Netflix Basic subscription in Turkey?

The basic plan costs $3.27 per month and includes unlimited TV shows and movies.

How do I get a free Netflix subscription?

Netflix is a paid service, but they offer a 30-day free trial. To subscribe, you will need to enter your credit card. You will not be charged if you cancel your account within 30 days. However, if you forget to cancel your subscription within 30 days, your card will still be charged.

How can I watch Netflix from my home?

Netflix can be viewed on many platforms, including the website, Netflix app, and smart TVs.


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