How to Get American Netflix on Roku in Australia (Best Method in 2024)

How to Get American Netflix on Roku in Australia

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Are you looking for ways to get American Netflix on Roku in Australia or from anywhere? People are getting ready to travel the world now that traveling is back in fashion. However, it's important to remember that old habits can be hard to break so bring your Roku with you.

Here is where things can get complicated. Netflix has a unique catalog for each country and not all titles are available everywhere. American Netflix currently has the largest and most diverse library of all regions. It is also highly sought after by users around the world.

There is one catch. Because of content geo-blocking and copyright agreements, you can't access American Netflix from Canada, United Kingdom or Australia.

Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, allows you to unblock US Netflix content on Roku from any location. This is how it works.

How to get Get American Netflix on Roku in Australia (Easy Guide).

Unfortunately, Roku does not support VPN apps and neither the app store nor Roku devices. You need to find a foolproof alternative to Roku to achieve your goal of streaming American Netflix. These options are simple and Surfshark VPN is our top recommendation. You will have American Netflix on Roku within minutes.

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If you don't have one, create one by following the steps below.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to access American Netflix on Roku by 2021

Roku Guide (how do you create a US Roku account)

  • Subscribe to the Surfshark website
  • Go to the Roku Configuration section (
  • Continue with the setup by selecting the US in countries.
  • Enter a US zip-code. Google is a great resource if you have to.
  • To reset your Roku device, long press the Reset button at the back.
  • After it restarts, log in using the credentials you have provided.

How to Setup a VPN on Roku Device (Easy Steps).

  • Turn on the Mobile hotspot via Network and internet settings from your computer.
  • Click the button below to set Wi-Fi.
  • Click Edit to create new credentials
  • Click on “Related Settings”, then “Change adapter options.”
  • On the screen “Network Connections”, add the new credentials.
  • Click on “Surfshark: Tap adapter” to visit Properties.
  • Click on “Sharing” to allow other networks and users to connect.
  • Select the name of your internet connection from the drop-down menu and click “OK”.
  • Open the Surfshark App and connect to any US server (Recommended servers are Atlanta, New York, or Denver).
  • Connect your Roku device with the US server to create a virtual router.
  • Search for Netflix on the Roku Store and then install it.
  • You are now done! Now you have access to the entire American Netflix catalog.

Best VPN to Watch American Netflix on Roku From Anywhere

Netflix's VPN detection radar is very strong and often blocks most VPNs. Screenbinge's team tested over 50 VPNs, and selected three that could easily bypass Netflix restrictions in 2021.

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Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is the best VPN for streaming American Netflix to Roku. This VPN provider is able to quickly breach the Netflix restrictions that block users from accessing certain titles. You can set up virtual routers on your computer to access Roku and American Netflix.

This virtual connection allows you to access US Netflix from many other devices, such as Playstation, Xbox and Apple TV. This service isn't just for Netflix.

Surfshark VPN is one of the fastest. It has over 3000+ servers in 90+ countries, many of which are located in the US. It works with all major devices and software, including Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and others.

With a 30-day guarantee, you can have up to five simultaneous connections per account. You can check the Surfshark review here:

Watch American Netflix on Roku With Surfshark


NordVPN is a trusted VPN that allows you to access American Netflix on Roku. It also allows you to unblock multiple Netflix libraries at once and has over 5400+ servers.

It works with all major browser extensions and devices. It works with streaming devices such as Roku and Firestick that use external connections.

NordVPN provides up to six multi-login accounts with a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction on all packages.

Watch American Netflix on Roku With NordVPN


WeVPN is the best VPN for Roku access to American Netflix. It offers a dedicated Smart DNS service that makes it easy to access international streaming services and titles.

Other devices, such as Roku and gaming consoles, like Xbox, Playstation or Apple TV, do not support VPN directly. WeVPN provides an easy alternative route.

WeVPN is available on every Android, iOS and Windows device. It is the only device of its type to offer unlimited simultaneous connections.

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WeVPN offers a full refund within 30 days of purchase, despite the affordable packages.

Watch American Netflix on Roku With WeVPN

Why is there no Roku VPN app?

Roku has very strict restrictions on what content they allow on its own app store. VPN is not allowed on that list. VPN companies have the ability to create Roku-specific apps, but it is only possible if Roku permits it. We have an alternative way to watch our favorite shows on American Netflix via Roku for now.

How to fix Netflix issues on Roku

We recommend that you uninstall Netflix on Roku if you experience any problems with it. Navigate to the Roku channel tile and press *. Next, select “Remove Channel” and restart your device.


How do I set Netflix up on my Roku

Navigate to the Home screen and choose Netflix.

Netflix missing?

  • Navigate to Streaming Channels and then Movies & TV
  • Next, select Netflix and then Add Channel. Then, go to channel

How can I make Netflix American?

You can change your country by connecting to a VPN server and choosing a US server. Once you have connected to a VPN, you can select a US server and your Netflix library will show you all available titles on American Netflix.

Why doesn't Netflix work on my Roku device?

You may have a cache problem that can be fixed by restarting your Roku device, or reinstalling the Netflix app.

Is Netflix paying Roku?

Netflix charges $1 per customer to have a dedicated area on their Roku remote control. Netflix uses the dedicated button as a form of advertising on Roku.

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