Shack TV Review – How to Install on Firestick, Android and IOS


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This post will demonstrate downloading and installing the Shack TV IPTV app on your Fire TV stick, Android, IOS, and PC.

Every person would like to have continuous entertainment. However, the people who love entertainment seem unsatisfied with traditional cable services and are searching for alternatives, bringing IPTV into play.

Are you unsure about what the Shack TV application is about? If so, we have the answers to your questions. Check out this article to the fullest. You will be able to learn more about the capabilities included in Shack TV IPTV. Shack TV IPTV app. We will also show the installation process for the Fire TV device.

Shack TV app is an IPTV service provider. This means that the app depends on Internet Protocol Television so you can stream any kind of media content. This is possible thanks to the power of the modern internet.

If you are using Shack TV's IPTV app, you can select from over 8000 live television channels. All TV programs and channels on TV are accessible on HD resolutions. The channels come from a variety of countries offering live TV streaming services.

Let us show you the technical specifications included in Shack TV IPTV. Shack TV IPTV app.

Why use VPN for IPTV?

Today, a variety of IPTV applications are accessible for our use. For those who want cheap or free TV streaming, IPTV apps are suitable for your needs.

In certain situations, we may encounter difficulties downloading certain apps. In addition, streaming could also lead to the internet becoming slow.

To remedy this, we suggest downloading to download and installing Surfshark VPN.

Here are the advantages that Surfshark VPN shares with its users:

  • Live TV streaming is supported. channels.
  • Compatible with IPTV applications.
  • Speedier streaming and download speeds.
  • It stops buffering and stuttering on Kodi and Fire TV sticks.


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How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

Installation of Shack TV on Fire TV stick. Shack TV IPTV application to the Fire TV stick by using the Downloader application. Follow our step-by-step instructions below.

1. Open FireStick settings

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

2. Scroll to the left until you arrive at My Fire TV. Click on it.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

3. Choose the Developer options.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

4. Switch on ADB for debugging and Applications from unknown sources.

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How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

5. Click the Turn On button when the pop-up window appears.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

6. Select home and press Find.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

7. Press on Search.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

8. You can either speak the word Downloader or Downloader to the Alexa voice-enabled remote or begin typing it. If you have typed it you can click the suggestion after it pops up.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

9. Click on the Downloader Icon.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

10. Tap on Download.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

11. Click on Open.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

12. Press the Allow button.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

13. It is now possible to use the Downloader application.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

14. Enter:

15. The Shack TV IPTV app's APK file will be downloaded next.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

16. Click on the Install button.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

17. The Shack TV IPTV app will automatically install onto the Fire TV stick.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

18. Open Shack TV's IPTV application. Shack TV IPTV app by pressing the Open button after installation.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

19. Login using your Shack TV IPTV app credentials to use the IPTV service offered by Shack TV.

How to install Shack TV IPTV on Fire TV Stick

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How do I sign up for Shack TV IPTV?

  1. Go to the Shack TV official IPTV site ( using your smartphone or computer.
  2. Select the option “Get Premium IPTV Now” on the main screen.
  3. Select the perfect plans page, select the plan you like
  4. Next, on the review and pay page, choose the Checkout button.
  5. Now fill in your personal information within the Personal details section, including your Name, Email, and Telephone number.
  6. Next, input your address and any other information in the Billing section. Create the Code for your key and then insert it into the security section of your account.
  7. Type in the information ON the payment page and then select “Complete order”.
  8. Congrats, You joined Shack IPTV.

How to Install Shack TV IPTV Apk on Android Devices

  1. Start any web browser on your smartphone and then go to the Shack TV IPTV website.
  2. On the IPTV homepage, scroll until you reach the Download application button.
  3. You will receive a warning notice informing you that the “file might be harmful.” You can choose the download option regardless.
  4. Once the download is completed, click the “Open” button.
  5. Note Make sure you turn on the Install unknown apps option on your Android device before installing any app from other sources.
  6. Now click the Install button to download the Shack TV IPTV apk file.
  7. After installation, click the Open button.
  8. (Enter the Shack TV Username and password you have received via your email ID. Select Access to log in to Shack TV IPTV.
  9. Stream Shack TV IPTV channels and movies on demand from your Android tablet or smartphone.

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How do I watch Shack TV IPTV on Smart TV?

If you own an LG or Samsung Smart TV, follow the steps below to access content from Shack TV. Shack TV app.

  1. Open the App Store on your television.
  2. Find the Smart IPTV application and install it.
  3. Then go to the Smart IPTV website ( and register your IPTV service. Provide your IP address associated with your television and the IPTV link. Click the Send button.
  4. Now Smart IPTV app will be enabled, and you'll be able to stream IPTV content to your LG or Samsung Smart TV.
  5. If you own an Android smart TV, You can use the URL for downloading and installing this IPTV application.
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How to Get Shack TV IPTV on iOS Devices

  1. Install GSE Smart IPTV on your iPhone or iPad through the App Store.
  2. Open the application and then click to agree to all Conditions and Terms.
  3. Tap on the + icon in the upper right corner. Select to select the “Add M3U URL” option.
  4. Specify the playlist's name and the URLs for m3u. Click on Add button.
  5. The GSE SMART IPTV application will load IPTV content. Once it's loaded, you'll be able to stream all IPTV content to the iOS device.

How to Stream Shack IPTV on PC – Windows and Mac

For PC, There isn't a Shack TV IPTV app available. Instead, you must use the VLC Media Player app to stream the IPTV content.

  1. Open the VLC media player.
  2. Select media from the menu at the top and select the Open Network Stream. Additionally, you can use Ctrl + N as a shortcut Enter + N.
  3. In the network URL box, type into the link IPTV M3Uand click the Play button.
  4. The VLC Media Player app will look up the URL and show the live TV channels.

How do I set up Shack TV IPTV on MAG Box?

  1. If you're using a MAG BOX, follow the instructions below.
  2. Turn on the device, then go through Settings—options.
  3. On the screen for Settings, select the Systems settings option.
  4. To access servers alternatives and select the portals.
  5. Four options will pop up four options will appear: Set portal 1 name 1. Portal URL, Set Portal 1 Name Set Portal 2 URL, Set Portal 2 Name, Set Portal 2 URL. All details will be sent out to your email 
  6. Enter all the details, then save your modifications. After that, reboot the device.
  7. After rebooting, you can access the IPTV content in the MAG BOX.

What is Shack TV IPTV?

The Shack TV IPTV provides an IPTV service provider. They provide over 8000 live SD and HD channels around the world. The channels come from countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, France, Spain, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Latino adult channels.


Features of the Shack TV IPTV app

  • IPTV Service Provider
  • Reliable app for streaming live TV channels
  • Includes more than 8000 live TV channels
  • Channels are available from sources around the world.
  • Offers a reasonable Subscription plan.
  • Video-on-Demand (VOD) is a way to request and receive videos from the app's developer.
  • Catch-Up TV (Time-Shifted media) allows you to view old television shows.

App Interface

  • Shack TV IPTV app is a great choice. Shack TV IPTV app presents an appealing red-colored interface.
  • Initial Login page to sign in to the initial login page for your Shack TV IPTV account.
  • Live TV
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Account
  • EPG
  • Click to Catch Up

Channel Sources

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • France
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Latino adult channels
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • US – United States of America
  • United Kingdom


Channel List

  • USA
  • A&E (ca)
  • lifetime Latino
  • Azteca Trece HD
  • MTV Latino
  • ESPN deportees HD
  • ABC HD (ca)
  • Max Latino
  • Fox deportees HD
  • ABC News
  • Meteo
  • Passion HD
  • America heroes channels (ca)
  • MTV (col)
  • canal Uno HD
  • Animal Planet HD (ca)
  • Caracol 2 HD
  • Antenna TV (ca)
  • music plus col
  • BBC America
  • Nat Geo (col)
  • Bein' USA HD (ca)
  • NBC east (col)
  • bet ca NBC
  • west (col)
  • El Tiempo
  • Big Ten Networks
  • OLN HD (col)
  • RCN HD
  • Bloomberg HD (ca)
  • Omni 1 (col)
  • Boomerang HD (ca)
  • Bravo HD (ca)
  • C-Spain 2 HD (ca)
  • PBS East (col)
  • Cartoon Network,
  • CBS (ca)
  • Comedy Central
  • Investigation channel
  • Discovery Science
  • Disney HD
  • Fox business network
  • Fox sports
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Compatible device

  • PS4
  • Amazon TV, Firestick tv, Fire TV.
  • Android box TV
  • iPhone
  • Android phone
  • iPad
  • M3U
  • MAC
  • Windows
  • Linux

Support Service

Subscribers can submit questions or complaints anytime during the day. In addition, the technical support team at the company is available 24 hours a day to help customers. You can reach them via their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Pros and Cons


  • It offers 8,000 live TV channels that you can choose from.
  • Beautiful and bright interface.
  • No advertisements or cyber threats.


  • Users must sign up for an account before using the application's features.


How to Install Surfshark VPN on Firestick

In case your Firestick has an older interface, you can read this article to understand how to make it up-to-date and update the Firestick Interface.

  1. You can go to your “Home” screen on your Firestick.
  2. Go to your search tab. Hit the search button in the dropdown.
  3. Input the keyword SurfShark and then select one of the suggested options that will pop up.
  4. Click on the Official SurfShark symbol from the results.
  5. Click the Download (You are the owner of the right to it) button.
  6. This SurfShark VPN installation will be downloaded onto your device.
  7. The SurfShark VPN app will install itself automatically onto your Fire TV stick.
  8. Click the Open button after completing the SurfShark VPN installation process.
  9. Wait for the SurfShark VPN to load its user interface.
  10. Now, you can login using your Surfshark VPN account details.

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How to Use Shack TV APP?

After opening the application, fill in the blank spaces and sign in to your account. Then, you'll be able to select to open the Live TV or Movies tab to stream any kind of channel.

Does the Shack TV IPTV app have an option to subscribe?

Yes, Here are the payment and subscription options for Shack TV IPTV app:

1 Connection

  • Monthly subscription for $9.90.
  • Three months of subscription – $27
  • Six months subscription – $48

3 connections

  • Monthly subscription — $24.99
  • Three months subscription for $59.99
  • Six months subscription – $99.99
  • Is Shacks TV safe to use?

Is Shack TV safe to use?

Sure, there aren't cyber-attacks or malicious software that we have found so far.


For avid streamers and fans of IPTV applications, don't overlook the fantastic functions of the Shack TV IPTV application. It offers 8,000 and even many more channels that are live. The channels are all from trusted international sources. So you'll never run out of content for your media to pick from.

This article should help to set up Shack TV IPTV app on your Fire TV stick.

Please note: does not own or operate any application and does not recommend any. The primary goal of this article is to be used for educational purposes only.


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