Top 12 Best FileLinked Alternatives on FireStick in 2024

Best FileLinked Alternatives

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FileLinked not working? Do not worry here are the best FileLinked Alternatives. One of the Best FireStick Apps was FileLinked, which was used by millions of cord-cutters to install applications not available on Google Play or Amazon App stores.

It's not yet confirmed the fact that FileLinked will shut down forever or will be reopened in the future however for the moment, it is best to switch. We're not sure if this application we've been recommending to you will not be going down in the near future.

Top 12 Best FileLinked Alternatives in 2024

We've chosen a handful of the best FileLinked Alternatives for you to pick from, which may assist with file sharing and sideloading APKs for FireStick.

1. AppLinked

AppLinked can be described as an Android app that is supported by Google and allows you to download and set up APKs on your FireStick or another Android device.

It's a very popular option in comparison to FileLinked APK, just like FileLinked You can use it to host APK files and even share saved files without entering URLs. It's still in beta, and there are more features to be added.

Of course, it's free and they would like to make it completely accessible to anyone.

Best FileLinked Alternatives

2. Aptoide TV

Aptoid TV is not just an alternative to FileLinked but also an alternative to Google Play Store and Amazon Store.

You can download apps that are: blocked by big corporations Movie APKs can be installed using Aptoid TV. It is possible that you will not look for other alternatives after installing this onto your FireStick or any other Android device.

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3. APKPure

APKPure is an open-source, unofficial application library service that gives direct access directly to APK files. It's easy to use and is fast enough to be one of the top Filelinked alternatives. You can access an extensive library of applications that include older versions.



UnLinked is another great Filelinked Alternative. One of the things that differentiate Unlinked in comparison to Filelinked is the fact that it uses AES-256 encrypted.

By using encryption, nobody will be able to see what's available in a shop until it is made available for sharing.

Store codes are generally distributed, so it may be beneficial for those who share their files only with a handful of people and would like their files encrypted.

5. FileSynced

FileSynced is a different alternative to FileLinked and it is compatible with all Android devices including FireStick TV.

It does not have hosted applications but they have powerful servers that can handle the ever-growing load on databases. It offers powerful file speed acceleration for downloads, which improves the speed of downloads.

You can make your components Code that FileSync has created either private or public by making a pin, or not. It is also possible to create multiple codes to grant different levels of access to applications.

6. UptoDown

Uptodown is accessible for Android, Windows, and Mac users. It is a popular application for a variety of APK applications. It's quick and secure. It also offers automatic updates for applications.

The Uptodown app is accessible to everyone and is not is it geographically restricted and does not require an account or account for use.

Additionally, it detects XAPKs that contain additional OBB file extensions. You can access the web version of both android apps, both of them work perfectly, however, they claim their Android application is a better version that includes all the exclusive features.

7. ApkTime

APKTime provides you with a vast selection of apps as an Android store. It offers applications for Android television, video streaming software animation apps, entertainment games, apps, and music, as well as torrents available for downloading.

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A large number of applications that aren't accessible on Google Play or Google Play Store are available on APKTime Free.

It is compatible with all Android devices, including FireStick TV, Android TV, and Android smartphones.

8. F-droid

You can download open-source applications for Android. It's an easy way for downloading and installing apps and track changes.

F-droid isn't able to display ads and doesn't allow any kind of monitoring of any activity. It isn't considered to be unsafe or outdated.

They monitor security, by identifying security weaknesses through the scanner of the F-droid server.


9. Downloader

The Downloader application is a well-known APK application that is widely employed for devices like the FireStick TV to download APKs and other files downloaded from websites.

Downloader Application is a tool to install and download a variety of files that aren't supported by the browser's limited support. It comes with its own distinctive interface very efficient on any android device.

10 Web browser

For any Android devices (ie FireStick TV, Android TV Box, and smartphones) in order to install an APK it is possible to use an internet browser.

To ensure your experience is secure and safe, download APKs on trusted websites since APKs that are not trusted could include malicious trackers or malware that can be introduced into your system, causing damage or even violate your personal privacy.



11. Aurora Store

Aurora Store is another alternative to FlieLinked and includes all the details of FlieLinked like Google Play. It is possible to check out the app's description, screenshots, reviews, and updates posted by others by downloading the app straight to an Android device. The list doesn't end here and you can also do a search for earlier versions of the app in Aurora. Aurora store.

It has a sophisticated and easy-to-use experience to manage applications already installed on your device.

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You can also stop applications from automatically updating and opt to delete the APK immediately after installation of the app.


12. APK Archive

APK Archive is an online marketplace that provides thousands of APK files to download. It is best to use this in conjunction with Downloader, which allows you to search for APK files that are compatible with your Android device and then download them to it. It is easy to use and provides access to many popular apps.



What is the most suitable replacement for FileLinked?

AppLinked is the ideal alternative to Filelinked since it's popular, reliable, and offers a more user-friendly interface. The next best alternative choice is Aptoide TV, which offers the latest content, with a better user experience, as well as crisp, high-definition images.

What's wrong with Filelinked? FileLinked not working?

Filelinked has been removed from the air since the summer of 2021. It is believed that Filelinked was the victim of an ACE abstinence order. There's been no announcement or update regarding the future plans to date.



The most notable Filelinked Alternative is the AppLinked application. The latter offers the ability to create a store and share your username globally. Another option is Aptoide, a software marketplace application for Android apps. Unlike Filelinked, it does not have a central store but offers you the ability to manage your own store.

Each of these apps offers APK download and management of your previously downloaded applications. You can visit each app's website for more details as well as details on the features.

Do not forget to install NordVPN to safeguard the device against malware. It will offer great speed to stream and download.

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