How to Watch Wowow Outside Japan (Best Method in 2023)

How to Watch Wowow Outside Japan

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Today I'm going to guide you on how to watch Wowow outside Japan. Visual entertainment has come a long way since the invention of the first motion picture in the 1900s. It is now so widespread that virtually no one can claim that they have ever seen animated or live action content.

Television has quickly grown to be a significant part of our daily lives, from the farthest reaches Europe to the corners Asia. Today, there are many companies around the globe that offer visual entertainment services, both local and global.

Wowow Japan is one of the most notable. This private satellite TV service allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows whenever you want. It has one drawback: you must be in Japan to view the content.

Why is Wowow not blocked in Japan?

Geo-restrictions are the reason that Wowow is not available to you if you're not in Japan. A geo-restriction is a restriction that a company places on its website to prevent people from accessing their content from locations other than the approved ones.

Geo-restrictions work by looking at your IP address and determining whether you are located in Japan. If you are, then you will be blocked. This problem can be avoided by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a solution.

Virtual Private Networks allow you to route your internet connection via a different server. They also give you a Japanese IP Address. This will change your current location. This allows you to stream Wowow from anywhere in the world.

What VPNs are available to view Wowow from outside Japan?

These Virtual Private Networks are extremely efficient at streaming Wowow from outside Japan.

  1. WeVPN


There are so many great movies and shows on Wowow that you can stream online. We can think of Cowboy Bebop and Ozuma as well as Devil May Cry. Wowow doesn't allow you to view these items if you are not in the country. This is a big bummer. WeVPN makes this a relatively simple problem.

As we have already mentioned, a VPN routes your connection to its server and helps you bypass geo-restrictions. WeVPN currently has around 3000 servers across the globe. These servers can be found in over 164 locations on almost every continent. Among them are Tokyo, Kawasaki and Yokohama. All three of these are Japanese areas, so we won't have to say anything. These servers are located in Japan, so you can connect to them all and stream your shows on Wowow.

Some servers of WeVPN are virtual. They are not accessible by anyone who wants to access your data as easily as physical servers. This means that you have greater privacy and security. WeVPN can be used to add butter to your bread. It is located in British Virgin Islands. There are no data retention laws in this part of the globe. You can be sure that your Wowow content will be protected in Japan. WeVPN does not keep any records of your internet activities. Your business is yours.

WeVPN can also be used to watch other television channels abroad, whether it's the popular paid service AbemaTV or the free service TVer.

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Watch Wowow Outside Japan With WeVPN

  1. NordVPN


NordVPN is one the most widely used Virtual Private Networks today. It boasts thousands of users in the internet privacy industry. We don't expect that you will use this network just because there are so many people using it. These are our reasons.

First, the VPN boasts one of the most extensive servers collections in the world, making it the best in the business. The sheer number of servers available is not the most impressive thing about this VPN. Of the 5860+ servers in the world, 72 are located in Japan. Wowow offers a wide range of streaming options.

NordVPN is extremely committed to protecting the privacy and security needs of its customers. One Russian government body demanded they compromise the safety and security of customers. They refused to give up and fled the country. They will go to any lengths to protect you.

They will also ensure that your data is protected twice before it is sent to the internet. This makes it doubly certain that Wowow can't discover that you use a VPN to block you from the internet again.

They offer a 30-day risk-free trial period to allow you to try them out. You can request a refund if you aren't satisfied with their performance after 30 days. NordVPN, like WeVPN and other Japanese TV services, is also an excellent choice. NordVPN makes it easy to access other popular TV shows, such as Niconico and the DMM gaming platform from outside Japan.

Watch Wowow Outside Japan With NordVPN

  1. SurfShark

WOWOW and SurfShark

SurfShark is our third choice for streaming Wowow from anywhere outside Japan. The VPN wasn't born with a fancy name. It has some unique qualities, according to its rights.

SurfShark boasts 1040+ servers around the globe, including some in Japan. This is the minimum requirement for streaming Japanese Wowow outside of Japan. It does more than just provide the minimum. It has great features, as well as affordable prices that won't break your budget.

WhiteLister is one of the most useful. This feature is an excellent addition to SurfShark’s portfolio, as it helps avoid unnecessary complications.

This feature helps you to filter the apps that you wish to tunnel. Your IP address should not change every few minutes if your bank app is involved.

Whitelister isn't the most common feature in the industry but Surfshark is unique because it allows simultaneous connections. SurfShark allows you to connect as many devices as possible. Once you sign up, all your devices can be connected to the app. If you have friends who are interested, you could add a few more.

SurfShark is committed to protecting your privacy. CleanWeb ensures that there are no unwanted ads, phishing attempts or malware. Surfshark can also be used with Japanese TV platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

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Watch Wowow Outside Japan With Surfshark

  1. UltraVPN

UltraVPN's home page

Our second-to-last option was able to bypass China's Great Firewall despite its restrictions and encryptions. It is not surprising that it is able to scale over Wowow’s geo-restrictions.

It has just over one thousand high speed servers all around the globe in its stock. Japan hosts two of these servers. This number is not as high as other Virtual Private Networks. It makes up for what it lacks in quantity with its quality.

UltraVPN is known for its speed. This allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows on Wowow, without the need to pause or rely on slow internet connections. You can watch your favorite movies until you get tired.

This VPN also has top-notch security features. UltraVPN employs a top-of-the-line encryption system to protect your online activities while you stream on Wowow. UltraVPN is an Advanced Encryption System with 256-bit keys. It is used by military and financial institutions as well as arms of government for online protection.

When you sign up, you can connect up to five devices. If you're a family member, it covers you, your partner, as well as all your children. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If they are not right for you, you can request a refund.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost's home page

We've reached the end of our list. CyberGhost is a well-deserved leader in this category. Wowow is an excellent streaming platform.

It has grown to 5900+ servers in 89 countries over its 15-year history. This VPN is available almost everywhere, even in Japan. It also provides 44 servers for watching Wowow movies if you're not in Japan.

It protects your online identity from third parties and, in some cases, itself. It is well-known that your Internet Service Provider may keep data about your internet activities. They can still see your activities even if you are using incognito mode without a VPN. CyberGhost is different. CyberGhost's zero-logs policy ensures that. It also uses military-grade Advanced Encryption Systems to protect you online.

The VPN is available on many platforms and some offer cool perks. CyberGhost is available on your mobile device for one day, before you can decide whether to subscribe.

CyberGhost has a little more flexibility when it comes to testing periods than other VPNs. You have two weeks to decide whether you would like a refund if you subscribe for a month. If you subscribe for a longer period, the money-back guarantee is valid for forty-five days.

What can you do with your Virtual Private Network?

This article focuses on how to use a VPN to bypass geo restrictions and stream on Wowow. If you're going to invest in one of these options, you should be able at least to do another thing. This way you can maximize the return on your investment. They can, and they do. Here are some other things that a VPN can do:

  1. Public Wi-Fi Spots: How to protect your data

There are designated areas in many countries that allow people to use the internet publicly. It is a wonderful thing for the most part. This could be your salvation when your mobile data is low and you need to send one important email to your boss or someone else. It isn't completely safe, however, if you look closely at it.

These Wi-Fi spots will often ask you to register. You will usually be asked to enter your email address in order to use the internet. But who is to say they don't collect emails from hundreds of thousands of people who visit the site for selfish reasons.

You can hide from them by connecting to a VPN. Your data is protected even though you connect to their internet. Your data will be encrypted and your servers won't be able compute it.

  1. It protects against your intrusive Internet Service Providers

Your ISPs are the largest keepers of your internet logs, as we mentioned earlier. They keep track of your internet activities every day. They can even create a bio for you online! It's creepy, right?

Your connection to the Virtual Private Network is so secure that no one can see what you are doing. This alone is enough to make you feel empowered. Imagine how it feels to actually do it.

  1. It protects your anonymity

One of the best things about using Virtual Private Networks is the fact that no one can see who you are behind the screen. While a VPN's IP-masking function is great for bypassing geo-restrictions it also protects you in other ways.

You can choose to voice your opinion as a demonstration of your fundamental rights to speech. There might be people who don't want you to. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not, not all people have good intentions. A VPN allows you to rest assured that no one can trace you back to your exact location and harm you. This isn't an excuse to defame others on the internet. Remember that what is illegal without VPN stays illegal with VPN.

Final words

If you are looking to stream Wowow outside Japan, all of the options that we have presented to you are great choices. All of them offer affordable subscriptions and excellent services. You can be confident that you have made the right choice if you choose one of these services.


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