How To Watch US TV in Vietnam? Here’s the FIX (Best Method in 2024)

How To Watch US TV in Vietnam

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How To Watch US TV in Vietnam? Here are some things to do!

Vietnam's stunning beaches, delicious food, and rich history make it a great destination for tourists looking for the ideal place to spend their vacation. It is, however, not as great as it could be, and it does not have access to American television. This can make it really frustrating.

You should not miss out on your favorite TV shows if you're planning to visit the country. This is why you might want to know how to access American TV in this country.

You are probably wondering “How can I unblock American TV in Vietnam?”. Read our guide below for the answer.

Why do we need a VPN to watch US TV in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country that Reporters Without Borders have designated as the “Enemy of the Internet”. It has some of the most restrictive Internet access laws anywhere in the world.

Vietnam's Censorship Laws are designed to limit politically or religiously sensitive content, as well as violent or explicit material.

You may have problems accessing streaming media sites, human rights websites, streaming media sites, and social media platforms.

You can browse the Internet without being caught by the police, whether you're visiting Vietnam for the first time or staying in Vietnam for a long-term.

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You can't trust any VPN. We have compiled a list of the top VPNs in Vietnam to protect your identity.

How can US channels find user locations?

An IP address is a unique identifier that you can use to identify yourself. It acts as your internet address when you log in to the internet. Every country, including Vietnam has its own unique IP address list. The same goes for the United States.

They can track the contents of any country that you are trying to block using your IP address. They can block your access and stop you from accessing your favourite content.

What can I do to circumvent these restrictions?

A VPN can be used to hide your IP address and location. VPN works by hiding your location and giving you a US IP address. This is displayed instead of your Vietnamese IP.

Eventually, U.S. TV channels will mislead you into thinking that you are actually trying to view from the U.S. and will give you access immediately. Here's how it works:

  • Register for a VPN.
  • Get the right applications
  • Log in using your login details
  • Connect to the US server
  • Enjoy American TV from abroad

Surfshark VPN: A VPN solution to watch American TV from Vietnam

Surfshark VPN is one of the best VPN services to stream or watch American TV from Vietnam.

VPN is a fantastic tool for allowing you to access your favorite American TV shows from anywhere in the world. Surfshark VPN not only allows you to hide your location while watching American TV shows but also offers exceptional data encryption with 256-bit encryption.

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This protects your data from prying eyes while unblocking streaming services in the United States.

This VPN service also offers great speed for watching online content. A kill switch is included that prevents traffic from leaving your device or entering it when the connection is lost.

It protects your privacy when you use public Wi Fi networks in Vietnam to access, unblock or stream your favorite television shows from the US.

Apart from the many features included in this service, there are also attractive incentives such as a 3-month-free plan. How do I activate a 3-month tariff You can buy a 12-month plan.

VPN offers 82% off on a yearly plan. It is no surprise that it has the aspiration to be the number one VPN rank updated in 2022.

Also, you can request a refund anytime under the 30-day policy if you aren't satisfied.

Surfshark allows you to watch American TV in Vietnam without any issues.

Watch US TV in Vietnam with Surfshark

Alternative VPN's to watch US TV in Vietnam


NordVPN allows you to anonymize your entire family or team and allows you to connect to 7 concurrent connections. This means that anyone can use the intuitive interface to download torrents and stream media, and surf the internet without restrictions.

It also includes built-in features to protect you against malicious websites and block ads. See what his fans have to say.

NordVPN offers an extensive 30-day money-back guarantee and a free 7-day trial for Android and iOS users.

Watch US TV in Vietnam with NordVPN


WeVPN is one of the fastest cheap VPNs.  It is ideal for streaming, torrenting, and playing games thanks to its high-speed connection.

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The provider provides security protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. This application is compatible with all major devices, even Amazon Fire.

You can read our review of WeVPN or you can try it yourself with a 30-day guarantee. Don't forget, make your decision before the month ends.

Watch US TV in Vietnam with WeVPN


Surfshark VPN makes it easy to stream American TV from Vietnam. Surfshark VPN is able to keep up with the best despite tough competition.

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