How to Install Ola TV on Firestick (Updated May 2024)

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Walter

How to install Ola TV on Firestick? – This tutorial will show you how to install Ola TV onto FireStick. it might look a bit complicated, but it doesn't require much time.  The method applies to Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Cube or older FireSticks.

Ola TV offers live streaming with hundreds of cable TV channels. This app plays on local and national channels in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and India.

Ola TV APK replaces the defunct Relax TV. It was once very popular.

Ola TV requires two additional applications: Kshaw, and Ludio Player. It does not work with other media players or the MX Player.

After installing Ola TV, I provided instructions on installing Kshaw and Ludio Player.

What is Ola TV?

Ola TV, a free streaming TV service that streams live TV from around the globe is Ola TV. This app can also be used as an alternative to Relax TV. Ola TV allows you to watch live TV in the United Kingdom, USA, Middle East, Russia, and several other countries. It doesn't have any restrictions, unlike most apps. This means that you can stream channels wherever you like.

To unblock geo-restricted content and channels, you don't need a VPN. Ola does not require users to create an account or buy a membership. Everything is free. You can still watch thousands of TV shows and movies. It also has the option to view on-demand movies. It supports VLC, MX Player, and other media players but does not support one player. is recommended if you want to view your favorite channels without buffering.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

Ola TV is an Android third-party application. It is not available in the Amazon Store. You should place it on the side of your FireStick or other Fire TV devices. The Downloader will allow us to download Ola TV.

Attention FireStick users

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  1. Visit the FireStick home screen
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How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

2. Click Settings Button

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

3. Now choose My Fire TV Icon

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

4. Now Select “Developer Options” Icon

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

5. Next, Click on.”Apps from Unknown Sources”

6. Next, click “Turn ON.”

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

7. Now go back to Home Menu

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

8. Next, Select Search ICON

9. Type and Choose”Downloader” from the search results.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

10. Tap the “Downloader” Icon

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

11. Click on the Downloader and wait to finish the installation.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

12. Open the Downloader app.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

13. Next, Click Allow.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

14. Popup Will Open. Just Click “OK”

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

15. You will see the HOME Icon and the URL BOX

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

16. Enter this path / URL in this text box using the on-screen keyboard:

17. Click GO

18. Wait for it to Download.

19. Now Proceed with the Installation

20. Once Finished, Click Done

21. Now Click Delete on the Message that will Show


22. Delete the message again if it appears.

Notice: Ola TV needs two additional applications to function: Kshaw Player and/or Ludio Player

23. Return to Home Screen Again and tap Apps Button

24. Next, select the Ola TV Icon from the menu. Sometimes, you have to wait a few min to show up.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

25. You will then see the Ola TV interface, tap on any Numbered choice.

How to Install Ola TV on Firestick

26. The Popup will then open, tap on the button with the message “Direct Download for Android TV/FireStick.”

27. Now wait for the app to download

28. Now select the install button and click it.

29. When finished installing, click the Done button.

29. Ola TV interface will appear again. Choose any number from the interface.

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30. Next, select again “Direct Download for Android TV/FireStick”

31. Tap Install Buton again.

32. Next, click Done.




Excellent! Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Ola TV to FireStick. You will find important information about Ola TV in the next section.

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How to use Ola TV on Amazon FireStick

These are the steps to follow:

  1. After the finished installation, choose any number from the list

2. Select any Chanell or Category from the list

3. Now that you have selected your fav channel, you can relax and start watching. 


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The Ola TV on FireStick app: What are the pros and cons?

Let's find out what Ola TV has to offer.


  • Ola TV offers hundreds of live TV channels
  • You can find many channels in the US, Canada, the UK, and other countries.
  • International locations have many channels.


  • Two external applications are required (Ludio Player, Kshaw).
  • It does not have an internal player.
  • It is difficult to navigate because all channel categories are displayed simultaneously on one screen.
  • Although the user interface is simple to use, it can be a bit confusing.
  • It can be challenging to categorize channels.
  • You cannot configure the app or personalize it to your liking.
  • Many channels don't broadcast.
  • HD cats are rare
  • Ads that support. Advertisements that are both short-term and long-lasting.


Ola TV allows you to access cable TV channels from around the globe. There are hundreds of channels from different categories. Although it may not be the best Live TV app out there, it offers many channels and is free.

This guide will show you how to install Ola TV on FireStick. To play this content, you must also install Ludio Player or Kshaw. What do you think? Let me know if you still have issues Installing Ola TV on Firestick.


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