How to Watch Hotstar in UAE (Easy Guide 2021)

How to Watch Hotstar in UAE

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In this article today I will show you how to watch Hotstar in UAE. In a  nutshell, the method consists of using a Surfshark VPN to alter your IP address so that you can view Hotstar content wherever you are.

Some of the most exotic locations in the world are found in the United Arab Emirates. Because of their extraordinary economic conditions, people from the Indian subcontinent travel to the UAE to enjoy a better lifestyle. Estonians living in the UAE make up 27% of its population.

Many Indians prefer to watch local channels over foreign ones. While some Indian channels are available in the UAE, there is not much live coverage.

Hotstar, India's leading content provider, has been a pioneer in online streaming. It has a huge library of on-demand and real-time content. The service is not available in the UAE.

We have found a solution. This guide will show you how to watch Hotstar in Dubai.

How to watch Hotstar in UAE?

Hotstar does not use Netflix's method of blocking users from unreachable areas. To determine where it came from, Hotstar enters the IP address of the user.

The best way to bypass geo-restrictions is with VPN services. They encrypt your network connection and mask your IP address using a decoy. It creates a secure tunnel between your network, the private DNS server and your network.

You can use the VPN service to connect to an Indian VPN server and unblock Hotstar in UAE. Then, watch your favorite Indian content, live broadcasts, and other Indian content. You will need to follow the steps below.

1. First, you will need to subscribe to a VPN service provider that is certified.

There are many popular VPN services available, but Surfshark VPN  is our favorite because of its fast servers and privacy features. Visit here Surfshark VPN to subscribe to their service.

Surfshark VPN has been rated as one of the most reliable and secure VPNs available. Surfshark VPN  is a secure VPN service. It encrypts your Internet connection using 256-bit AES encryption. This will protect you against cybercriminals and hijackers.

2. Download the VPN client

The official Surfshark VPN client works with any operating system, including Windows, macOS Linux, Android, iOS, and Fire TV. Go to, select your operating system, and follow the Surfshark step-by-step setup instructions to install Surfshark VPN on your device.

3. Connect to the VPN by logging in

After you have downloaded and installed the Surfshark VPN client on your device, log in to the application using your Surfshark credentials. After logging in, choose India from the server selector. Click Connect. Soon, you will be connected to a VPN server.

4. Register for a Hotstar Account

Once you have connected to the VPN, create a private or anonymous window in your preferred web browser. Follow the steps below.

  • Click on to sign in.
  • Select “Do you already have a Facebook or email account?” Click Continue, enter your email address, and click Next. Hotstar can also be signed in using an Indian mobile number.
  • For confirmation, an OTP will be sent via email to your mobile number or email address. Click Continue and enter the code.
  • Enter your name, age, and gender and click on Done. Hotstar will now ask you to subscribe to Hotstar Premium. You can still watch regional TV free of charge.
  • Click Get Hotstar Premium to get a Hotstar subscription. Next, select the plan that interests you.
  • Now you can use your VISA debit/credit card or MasterCard to pay. Enter your card information and agree to the terms. Click Start Becoming a member.

5. Hotstar can be streamed to your device

After you have successfully created your Hotstar account, you will be able to enjoy live and on-demand content on your device. To watch Hotstar in UAE, you will need to connect to VPN. If you don't, the error message will be displayed again.

What devices are available to view Hotstar in the UAE

Hotstar's official app is available on many devices including Android, Android TV, and iOS. Hotstar's Web version can be accessed via a number of web browsers, both on Windows and Mac.

You must also install a VPN client to your device. IPVanish supports all of the above-mentioned devices.


What makes a Hotstar?

Hotstar, is a streaming service that is available on-demand and owned by Star India Television Network, has over 60 channels in eight Indian languages.

Hotstar's content library is primarily based on regional Tv Shows. Hotstar Special is a growing collection of original content that Indian audiences can enjoy. Hotstar offers streaming of the latest Bollywood movies, in addition to TV series and web series.

Hotstar offers Indian movies and TV shows via premium TV networks. It holds national streaming rights to content ABC, AMC, and FOX as well as shows on Showtime, Nat Geo, HOOQ, HBO, HOOQ. Hotstar can broadcast popular shows like The Game of Thrones and Grays Anatomy.

Hotstar also offers sports rights. It holds Indian Premier League (IPL), Formula 1 rights, and home sports rights for all Indian cricket matches.

Hotstar currently offers two subscription options. Hotstar VIP is only 365 rupees per year. It gives you access to live broadcasts, early Indian TV shows, and Hotstar exclusive offers. The Hotstar Premium plan is Rs 1,499 per year, which allows you to stream the most recent episodes and seasons of American TV shows and Hollywood movies, along with regular Indian TV programs and sports from Hotstar VIP plus Disney Plus.

Hotstar's acquisition of Star India by Disney means that there will be a significant change in the coming months. Hotstar may add new Disney content to Hotstar and possibly remove certain premium networks. There are also speculations about changes in subscription prices, which have not been released.

Why can't Hotstar be viewed in Dubai / UAE?

It is understandable that so many Indians are moving to the United Arab Emirates to work and live in business. Hotstar will be available outside India.

However, the live broadcast leaves viewers with nothing but a message saying, “Oh, it's not possible to play it because of geographical restrictions.” If VPN is accidentally activated, disable it.

Because premium content is valuable, licensing and distribution rights are essential benefits to a streaming service. It takes more than money for original content to be transmitted outside of service areas.

Hotstar cannot broadcast on-demand premium or sporting events outside of India and select foreign countries without the consent and permission of affiliate content distributors.

Hotstar uses geoblocking APIs in order to restrict Hotstar users from streaming content beyond their service area. This is done by Hotstar using the public IP address of the user to identify the state. Hotstar is blocked in the UAE and only good VPN services like Surfshark VPN can fix this problem as we talked about before in this article.


This guide will provide detailed information on how to watch Hotstar UAE. Hotstar's geo-limitations can be circumvented easily, making the entire process easier. Please let us know if you run into any roadblocks while following these instructions. We will get back to you with a solution. Also, check out our article on how to watch Hotstar in Australia.

Watch Hotstar in UAE with Surfshark VPN

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