How to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix (All Seasons in 2024)

How to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix

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So is Attack on Titan on Netflix? The answer is yes, but not in all countries. I will help you learn how to watch Attack on Titan on Netflix (Shingeki No Kyojin) All seasons, no matter where you are located.

If you are in a hurry, see my short tutorial below.

How to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix: Easy Steps

Here's a short guide on how to watch AOT on Netflix:

  • Install and download Surfshark VPN
  • Connect with the server located on Japan and/or South Korea server.
  • Open Netflix and launch a search Attack on Titan.
  • Choose any season or episode you want to watch and enjoy the show.

Watch AOT with Surfshark VPN

Is Attack on Titan on Netflix?

Attack on Titan (AOT) all seasons are accessible on Netflix using the VPN service and changing your geolocation, so you can access Netflix country libraries that have (AOT). That way, you can view all seasons in the US or other parts of the world.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Plot

The story takes place in a universe where humans reside in cities protected by three huge walls to protect them from massive man-eating creatures called the Titans. The show focuses on the main character. Eren Yeager. When the gigantic Titan destroys the city wall, titans attack the city and kill Eren's mom. Eren vows to stop the history of the Titans. He becomes part of an elite recon corps, a group of soldiers fighting the titans. They fight the titans and also investigate their origins and their past.

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Trailer: Attack on Titan

Why can't I stream Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) on Netflix right now?

What happens is that Netflix employs geo-blocking software to stop viewers from viewing content from outside the country, which is why it's not accessible in your area. So every time you try to find the specific show, but it doesn't have the same show:

Attack on Titan is not accessible in Netflix's initial results for searches.

The moment we are writing this, Attack on Titan season 6 is on Netflix in countries such as Japan and South Korea. And if we could somehow switch our location to these countries, we would be able to access attack on Titan and other shows on Netflix right now. What exactly is this? I'll discuss this in the following paragraphs.

How to watch Attack the Titan on Netflix Worldwide?

If you watch Attack the Titan on your Netflix account, it's pretty simple to use a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A reliable VPN can assist us in shifting our address to another one around the globe.

When we go to Netflix, it will recognize our new location and display the content from that region (country).

This same method can unlock Attack on Titan Season 6 and many other shows on television.

Let's look at how to watch Attack on Titan season 6. particularly:

  • Only a handful of nations, such as Japan and South Korea, can watch Attack the Titan on Netflix all seasons.
  • To connect to one of the countries listed above, you'll have to install a VPN that hides your actual location.
  • It is the VPN I use and highly recommend for Netflix streaming is Surfshark VPN.
  • After Surfshark VPN is installed, Connect via your Japanese server (or any other server mentioned above)
  • Reopen the Netflix App, go to the Netflix page, and type in “attack on titan.”
  • Now you can see the attack on Titan at the top.
  • Play any episode now and have fun watching the show.
  • You can also unlock more anime, such as My Hero AcademiaTokyo GhoulJujutsu Kaisen, and Detective Pikachu.
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In what countries can I watch Attack on Titan on Netflix?

In Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, all seasons are offered; in other countries, only certain seasons are available.

JapanAll 6 Seasons
South KoreaAll 6 Season
SingaporeAll 6 Season
MalaysiaAll 6 Season
PhilippinesAll 6 Season
ThailandAll 6 Season
Italy5 Seasons
Hong Kong5&6 Season
France3 & 4
CanadaSeason 1
USASeason 3 & 4

In what order should I watch Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)?

  • Season 1
  • Ilse's Diary (OVA) Record of a Fallen Soldier
  • A Sudden Visitor: The Torturing Curse of Adolescence
  • Distress OVA
  • Attack on Titan No Regrets Part 1 and 2
  • Season 2
  • Wall Sina, Goodbye Part 1 and 2
  • Season 3 Part 1
  • Lost in the cruel world (OVA)
  • Season 3 Part 2
  • Attack on Titan: The Final Season (Currently on Netflix)

The most popular Attack on Titan characters

Eren Jaeger He is the primary character in the series and has the potential to be the size of a titan. Also, he is the strongest character in the show.

Mikasa Ackerman The girl was Eren's friend from childhood and shares an intimate relationship with Eren. She is mighty and strong and can take out titans with weapons.

Armin Arlert is a genius who is knowledgeable about titans. He can comprehend the workings of the titans because he spent the bulk time studying the titans.

John Kirstein is One of the most powerful characters in Attack on Titan, but he does not know much about the world beyond his small town because he's in the village all day long playing with his pals.

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Where can I watch Attack on Titan: Season 6?

You can watch Attack on Titan on Netflix. However, it is only available in Japan, South Korea, and several other countries. If you're outside of those countries, it is impossible to access all episodes on Netflix since Netflix employs geo-blocks. Therefore, it's not available to those in the US, Australia, the UK, or any other nation.

Are all seasons of Attack on Titan available on Netflix?

The entire seasons of Attack on Titan are available on Netflix. However, if the entire series isn't available in your area, in that case, it is necessary to connect to a different region, such as Thailand or Japan, for the chance to watch their anime.

Is Attack on Titan on Netflix in English?

Attack on Titan has multiple dubbed versions accessible on Netflix. Unfortunately, only the first season of the English dub is available. You may find other seasons in Japanese, Italian, and French.

Is AOT Finished?

In December 2020, the fourth and final season, with 16 episodes, premiered from the first part. Then the second part, consisting of 12 episodes, ran from January to April 2022, and a third and final part will run in 2023.


I hope this article helped you learn how to watch Attack on Titan on Netflix and answered your question, ” Is Attack on Titan on Netflix?”. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to answer your questions in the shortest time possible.

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