How to Watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix [Easy Steps]

How to Watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix

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So is Princess Mononoke on Netflix? The anwser is yes, but not everywhere, some countries are blocked. To watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix, you will need a premium VPN service to unblock these geo-restrictions.

How to Watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix: Easy Steps

Follow these steps to watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix:

  • Visit Surfshark VPN and Register
  • Download and Install Surfshark VPN
  • Make a connection to France or Canadian server
  • Now, start Netflix.
  • Search Princess Mononoke
  • Watch and Enjoy!

Download VPN for Netflix

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Why Do You Need a VPN For Netflix?

A VPN can protect your internet connection and help you watch Netflix in countries where it's blocked. These services are available for almost every device, from smartphones and tablets to personal computers and routers. They're easy to install and use, and they're also relatively easy to troubleshoot. The best VPNs are based in a non-Five Eyes country and don't share user information with governments. In addition, a good VPN should use AES-256 encryption to keep your internet traffic secure.

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When using a VPN, you'll get a new IP address. This way, Netflix won't be able to track your location. Then, you can access the new content. You can also access movies and TV shows only available in specific countries. Some Netflix shows are only available in specific countries. You can't access them if you're not in the correct country.

While some VPNs advertise that they can unblock Netflix for free, beware that these services often sell your data. The best Netflix VPNs have servers in multiple countries and don't log your IP address. They're also fast and can get around Netflix's VPN blocking. Per our testing, Surfshark VPN is the best VPN for streaming HD Netflix without interruptions.

Download VPN for NETFLIX

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In what countries can I watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix?

These are the countries where you can watch this awesome anime.

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

Princess Mononoke Storyline

This is among the most popular films from Ghibli Production. In this anime, Ashitaka, a prince of the lost Emishi people, is cursed by the god of boars, a demon, and must travel to the west to seek a cure. On his route, he comes across San, an innocent human girl fighting for the protection of the forest, and Lady Eboshi, who is trying to take it down. Ashitaka must find a solution to balance the conflict.

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Princess Mononoke Trailer

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Is Princess Mononoke on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch this awesome anime movie on Netflix, but only in certain countries,

Is Princess Mononoke on Netflix US?

The show isn't currently available through USA Netflix. However, you can still stream it on Netflix using the premium VPN services such as Surfshark VPN or NordVPN.


The film is available in a variety of different languages available on Netflix. You can now access it on Netflix by following the steps I've explained in the process.

It's the best method to stream any of your most loved television shows on Netflix that are unavailable in your area. Please let me know if you've any queries by leaving a comment.

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