ExpressVPN not working with YouTube TV? Easy FIX

ExpressVPN not working with YouTube TV

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Is your ExpressVPN not working with YouTube TV? It is probably because Youtube TV was able to block all active Express VPN IP addresses.

This is because YouTube TV constantly monitors and attempts to block IPs provided by ExpressVPN from connecting to its service.

To resolve ExpressVPN not working on YouTube TV, follow these easy steps. If you're looking to find out the reason for this issue and how to stop this from occurring again, continue reading until the end of the article.


ExpressVPN not working with YouTube TV: Easy FIX

Here are the steps to resolve the issue with ExpressVPN not working with YouTube TV. If you find that one solution doesn't resolve the issue, proceed to the next option until you can watch YouTube TV with a VPN again.

Clear Cookies

Fix ExpressVPN not working with Youtube TV

Deleting cookies is a good starting point when trying to resolve ExpressVPN issues using YouTube TV. Cookies are utilized to improve your experience online. They are tiny files that your browser saves. You might have noticed that certain websites require you to sign up for them.

YouTube TV utilizes cookies frequently. So even if it's not your memory of having accepted cookies in the past, they could remain in your browser. Although they're not malicious, The issue with the cookies is that they can include information regarding your current location.

If the location stored in Cookies (your current location) differs from the one you select by the VPN, YouTube TV can discern the difference and realize that you're using a VPN to access its services. If that occurs, it will block your connection.

Use another ExpressVPN Server

Use another ExpressVPN Server

Change servers via ExpressVPNYouTube TV may have stopped working since the IP address used by ExpressVPN was detected and removed from YouTube TV.YouTube TV cannot completely block ExpressVPN, however, and it can stop the IP addresses that it offers. It doesn't mean it could block all ExpressVPN's IP addresses.

Switching to another server will provide you with a new IP. If the IP isn't blocked, YouTube TV will work with ExpressVPN.

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Select More Premium VPN Provider

Switch to a better VPN, such as NordVPN. If clearing the cookie and switching over to another server isn't enough to resolve the issue of ExpressVPN failing to connect to YouTube TV, all of ExpressVPN's IP addresses are currently blocked. It is possible to wait for ExpressVPN to provide the new addresses which aren't blocked. However, it's impossible to predict when this will happen. Since you've already experienced this issue, it's evident that ExpressVPN's efforts to keep pace the YouTube TV's VPN blocking methods aren't working.

That means that there's plenty more that they have to address the issue other than simply releasing the new IP addresses. In the current situation, if ExpressVPN announces a unique IP address, in the end, it will also get blocked by YouTube TV.

The fastest and most efficient method to resolve this issue is to use a fully compatible VPN with YouTube TV. We suggest using NordVPN.

NordVPN is a solution to get around YouTube TV blocks that guarantee you won't face the same issues with ExpressVPN.

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Why did ExpressVPN stop working with YouTube TV?

ExpressVPN cannot work anymore on YouTube TV because all of its IP addresses are blocked by YouTube TV.

YouTube TV does not have the right to broadcast all its content worldwide. Because of this, YouTube TV tries to prevent users from streaming content to regions where it doesn't have the right to broadcast it.

If you don't do this, you may lead to issues with licensing and content which can lead to severe penalties.

Because ExpressVPN is one of the most well-known ways to stream YouTube TV anywhere in the world, it may be subject to the same penalties as YouTube TV. To avoid this, YouTube TV tries to detect and stop ExpressVPN connections.

What is the reason YouTube TV blocked ExpressVPN?

The most common method of YouTube TV blocking ExpressVPN is monitoring IP addresses that connect to the service.

ExpressVPN has more clients than IP addresses. It is required to function as a business. The issue lies in the fact that YouTube TV knows this and utilizes it to its advantage.

ExpressVPN customers are required to share IP addresses. Additionally, if YouTube TV detects many connections to the same IP address, it recognizes that it's an ExpressVPN IP and blocks it. In most cases, just one device in the family can connect to YouTube TV via the same IP address. Also, anything more than 8-10 connections appears odd on YouTube TV. Users who use identical IP addresses as ExpressVPN can count on the order of hundreds or thousands.

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It's not just a problem with ExpressVPN. It happens to all VPNs, but it is essential to have VPN equipped with these measures to avoid this issue.NordVPN has this kind of security measure.

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Does YouTube TV still work with VPNs?

YouTube TV will still be compatible using a VPN. However, it would be best if you used the VPN using IP addresses in sync with YouTube TV. You'll require a VPN that doesn't have all the IP addresses it uses blocked by YouTube TV.

The best VPNs for this are those that play mouse and cat using YouTube TV.

If YouTube TV identifies and blocks an IP provided via NordVPN, switch to another VPN server, and it will work efficiently.

This allows you to watch YouTube TV from anywhere in the world safely and will help avoid the errors you experienced when using ExpressVPN from repeating themselves.

How do I solve ExpressVPN not working on YouTube TV?

To resolve ExpressVPN not working on YouTube TV, you need to upgrade to a more powerful VPN.

Below is a list of the top VPNs to watch YouTube TV worldwide.

Most VPNs can stay only one step over YouTube TV's VPN-blocking methods and offer reliable servers all over the globe.

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Best VPNs for YouTube TV

If you cannot watch YouTube TV, you will want to get the Best VPN for Youtube TV from the list below.


NordVPN VPN for YouTube TV gives you unrestricted access to your favorite TV shows and news channels without the hassle of a geo-blocked TV service. Its user-friendly apps make it easy to use, and you don't need to be a computer genius to use it. Choose a server location, hit “Connect,” and you're ready to go. This VPN takes just a few minutes to install and run.

NordVPN offers more than five thousand servers in 59 countries, including the United States. This extensive network of servers ensures you get reliable access to YouTube TV. Besides, you'll find ultra-fast connections that make it possible to watch 4K and Ultra HD content. In addition, the company is the world's leading VPN provider, and its apps connect to its massive network of VPN servers in a snap.

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Surfshark VPN

With Surfshark VPN for YouTube TV, you can enjoy a high-speed Internet connection and bypass restrictions imposed by YouTube. It uses the WireGuard protocol to ensure lightning-fast speeds and works on most devices. Its Smart DNS feature allows you to connect to the VPN even on devices not supported by the service. It also offers servers located in 99 countries, including the US.

The company offers a free 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no connection limits with Surfshark; you can connect up to six devices simultaneously. It also allows you to share your account with others. As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection, you'll be able to watch YouTube TV and other streaming services worldwide.

Another great feature of Surfshark is its fast and stable service. Its VPN server locations offer a fast and reliable connection. You can easily install Surfshark VPN on supported wireless routers, and its software is compatible with various devices. You can download the app from the App Store or the vendor's website. It has a flat, easy-to-use interface.

Watch Safely Youtube TV with Surfshark VPN

CyberGhost VPN

If you're looking for a VPN service that will let you watch YouTube TV from countries other than the United States, CyberGhost may be just the thing. The company is based in Germany, but it has over three thousand servers in 70 countries to help you unblock the video website. The service also offers dynamic IP addresses and torrenting support. In addition, it offers excellent mobile apps.

To install CyberGhost for your device, go to the official website, sign in, and choose a subscription plan. You'll want to select a subscription plan that fits your needs. Then, you can install the CyberGhost app from Google Play. Once you've installed the application, you'll need to allow location permissions. Once you've done this, navigate to the Streaming friendly tab. Select the one that says Germany Optimized for YouTube, and then tap Allow. When the app begins to connect, you should see the VPN icon.

The CyberGhost VPN app is a good option for beginners, as it's easy to use and intuitive. It also offers a variety of locations to choose from. You can even select servers that cater to geo-blocked content.

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