Does Starlink Work With VPN? (Best VPNs for Starlink in 2024)

Does Starlink Work With VPN? Best VPNs for Starlink

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Everyone is familiar with Elon Musk's Starlink but does Starlink work with VPN, you might ask? Online privacy will be a big theme for 2024. Every company is now trying to sell or use your data. A virtual private network, or VPN, is one of the many internet technologies that can help solve privacy problems.

Starlink and a VPN are often questioned. Today we will discuss what a VPN looks like, how it protects your online privacy, and whether Starlink can work with it. In short, an anwser to your question is, yes, Starlink works well with VPN. Let us dive into the details if you're interested in knowing more. Starlink is a game-changer like every other Elon Musks company so far.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks (VPN) are not a new concept. VPNs have been used by governments, businesses, and other organizations for years to allow secure communication between remote access points and servers.

A VPN is a secure tunnel that connects your computer to the VPN provider's servers. This VPN server routes your internet traffic before it reaches the public internet. The public internet is not able to see traffic from your computer. All traffic is routed through a VPN which protects your home network.

The data between your computer's computer and the VPN server are encrypted, so it is less likely that your computer will be hacked or exploited while traveling to and from.

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Why Use a VPN for Starlink?

Security and privacy

Privacy is the first and most important reason. ISPs may collect much information about you, regardless of whether you want it. Many ISPs state in their terms that they may sell your data to business partners or third parties. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Starlink, must record all websites you visit and give that information to law enforcement when required by court orders. Many websites also record your IP address to track your online activities.

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A VPN can be a cost-effective and easy way to protect your privacy, including browsing activities, from being logged into your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or any sites you visit. Although VPN is not perfect security and privacy solution, it can help you to protect yourself. Even though VPN is a great option, it's still essential to use other methods like blocking cookies from being tracked and keeping malware away from your device.

Online Gaming

You might also want to use Starlink Internet Service VPN to play video games. Starlink uses technology similar to the NAT (CGNAT) mobile phone. Starlink can serve thousands of customers with a single public address through CGNAT. Starlink can use this to serve thousands of customers, as IPv4 addresses are not widely available, and IPv6 has yet to be universally implemented. CGNAT works by giving you a private IP address that is not publicly routable and then connecting you via NAT to a public address.

While CGNAT isn't a problem with web browsing in general, it can pose a problem when playing online games. Online games will not work if you connect a PC or game console to an ISP that uses CGNAT. Because you can't accept any incoming connections, your NAT type will be shown as strict. A VPN solves this problem by removing CGNAT and connecting directly to a public address. A VPN connection is the only way to resolve CGNAT-related issues while playing video games.

A VPN gaming server is a good choice if you wish to hide your IP address. You can search the player tag on many websites to find an individual's IP address. VPNs will mask your accurate IP address and display the VPN provider's IP address instead.

Access to geo-restricted material

Many websites respond differently to different countries depending on where they are accessed. It can be as simple as displaying different prices or content based on location or blocking access. Many streaming services are not available in all countries. Some content is also restricted to specific regions. You can search the Internet from many locations around the globe with a quality VPN service, bypassing many restrictions. You can also bypass local blackouts, like those used in sports streaming services.

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Does Starlink work with VPN?

Starlink works perfectly with VPNs. SpaceX's Starlink Internet Service has taken control of the satellite internet industry. Traditionally satellite Internet services used geostationary satellites approximately 22,000 miles above the earth. Instead, Starlink uses thousands of satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), which are only 340 miles above the earth.

This eliminates the main problem with satellite internet: the delay. Starlink has a delay of 60-80ms, slightly lower than traditional broadband services. This contrasts with the legacy providers' 800+ ms delays. VPN works well due to Starlink Internet Service's lower latency. Starlink will work with most VPN services.

Is there anything negative about using Starlink's VPN?

In rare cases, Starlink VPNs can cause problems due to reduced speed and latency.

The delay and ping may increase because all internet traffic must be sent through the VPN server before reaching its destination. This could be detrimental to online video games and video calling.

Your traffic flows through a VPN server. This means that your upload and download speeds are affected by the VPN server. You might notice a slowdown in your download and upload speeds if you use the same VPN server.

For example, My VPN hub did a test, and the results were: By using Starlink without a VPN, we get around 122Mbps download and 107Mbps download using NordVPN service.

Starlink: Which VPN should I use?

There are many VPN providers available, but most will work with Starlink. There are many VPN providers on the market, which can be overwhelming. I have compiled a list of 3 top VPN providers that work well with Starlink.


NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services, and to make things even better, NordVPN is perfect for Starlink. We found it the most popular VPN due to its “money for the value”. With NordVPN, you get a fantastic amount of excellent features.

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NordVPN may not be as global as ExpressVPN, but the lower price makes up the difference. NordVPN makes an excellent VPN for Starlink's internet.

You can check our NordVPN Review here

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ExpressVPN's commitment to privacy is why it is one of the most highly rated VPN services. Their global server network is superior to most of their competition.

They are similar to private Internet access and have an intuitive interface and handy features such as automatic server selection. Although they are more expensive, you will get enthusiastic reviews that make up for the difference.

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Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN, is a VPN provider I use and highly recommend. The software and user interface are simple, and the prices are reasonable. VPN is one of those products that you can set up and forget. That's what Surfshark VPN has been for me.

Surfshark VPN VPN server caused a significant delay in my connection. They have an excellent feature called automatic connectivity. This automatically assigns you the best VPN server.

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Starlink is compatible with most VPN services, and our choice has come down to NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark VPN. Starlink will allow you to use a VPN to keep you online protected. While we recommend NordVPN over others, you can't go wrong using any of the options in the preceding section. We will love to hear your comments if you've tried Starlink with VPN and what your experiences are. You can write them down in the comments section below.

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