How to Fix AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN? 2024

AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN

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In this article, we will present many options to fix AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN issue. AudioBook Bay, a renowned torrenting website for audiobooks, allows users to download titles at no cost. However, recent issues have arisen when accessing it with a VPN. Reports indicate that AudioBook Bay's domains are inaccessible in several regions, including India, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Spain, and the website has begun to block VPN users randomly. 

A few possible explanations for this might include:

  • You are being connected to an overcrowded VPN server.
  • It is utilizing a VPN IP address that's been blacklisted.
  • Compromised security of your VPN.

AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN? [Quick FIX]

  1. Change Your VPN Server:
    Avoid crowded servers by switching to alternatives, preferably in the US or Europe.
  2. Clear Cookies and Cache:
    Ensure your browser doesn’t track your location by clearing browsing data.
  3. Stop DNS Leaks:
    Check for DNS leaks using online tools and adjust your settings if your actual location is revealed.
  4. Prevent WebRTC Leaks:
    Disable WebRTC in your browser or use extensions to prevent IP leaks.
  5. Fix IPv6 Leaks:
    Disable IPv6 at the VPN level or within your network settings to prevent potential leaks.
  6. Subscribe to a Premium VPN Provider:
    Consider using a robust VPN like NordVPN, ensuring optimal speeds and secure connections for torrenting.
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Why is AudioBook Bay not working with a VPN?

How to Fix AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN

Reports from users indicate that several of AudioBook Bay's domains are inaccessible in specific regions, including India, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Subsequently, the website has begun to block VPN users, seemingly without a discernible pattern.

A few plausible explanations for this occurrence might include:

  • Being connected to an overloaded VPN server.
  • Utilizing a VPN IP address that has been blacklisted.
  • A compromise in your VPN’s security measures.
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How to Fix AudioBook Bay Not Working with a VPN [FULL GUIDE]

If you're experiencing difficulties accessing AudioBook Bay while using a VPN, consider the following solutions:

1. Alter Your VPN Server

VPNs that are free or lower-tier often have servers that are burdened with traffic. Sharing an IP address with numerous users can activate blocks from websites you're trying to access. According to user reports, switching to a different server might resolve this issue, with US and European servers often successful.

2. Purge Your Cookies and Cache

Cookies can pinpoint your location and disrupt your VPN's protective measures. Erasing browsing data, including cookies and cached files, might help resolve issues. Here's a guide for Google Chrome:

Step Guidance
1 Launch Google Chrome, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, and hover over More Tools.
2 Click on Clear browsing data.
3 Navigate to the Advanced tab.
4 Select the checkboxes for Cached images and files, Cookies, and other site data.
5 Select All time for the time range and click Clear data.
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A similar process can clear cookies and cache in Mozilla Firefox.

3. Halt DNS Leaks

Even with a VPN active, your DNS queries can occasionally be revealed, exposing your true location. To check for DNS leaks, disable your VPN and visit websites like,, or A DNS leak indicates if the displayed IP, hostname, ISP, and country match your information. To resolve this:

For Windows users:

  1. Enter Control Panel in the Windows search bar and select it.
  2. Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Choose Change adapter settings from the left panel.
  4. Right-click the connection you wish to modify and select Properties.
  5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4), then Properties.
  6. In the pop-up, select Use the following DNS server addresses. Enter the new addresses (e.g., Google's and and click OK.
  7. Repeat the steps for Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCIP/IPv6).

4. Avert WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC, a communication protocol, can interfere with your VPN and disclose your IP address. Some VPNs provide built-in protections against WebRTC leaks. If yours doesn't, you can disable WebRTC in Firefox by typing about: config in the URL bar, agreeing to continue, and changing the value of media. Peer connection enabled to false. For Google Chrome users, browser extensions like WebRTC leak prevent and uBlock Origin can be utilized.

5. Rectify IPv6 Leaks

IPv6, a newer Internet protocol, can cause leaks when used alongside IPv4. Some VPNs allow you to disable IPv6 in their settings. If not, you can disable it at a system level:

  1. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar and click on it.
  2. Locate Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Select Change adapter settings in the upper left corner.
  4. Right-click on your network adapter and select Properties.
  5. Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) on the list.
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6. Opt for a Premium Provider

Consider switching to a premium VPN provider if the above solutions prove ineffective. For AudioBook Bay, a provider optimized for torrenting and offering robust leak protection is necessary. NordVPN is a prime choice in this context:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN and download the software.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the app.
  3. Launch NordVPN and select a suitable server option in the US or Europe.
  4. Click the large power button to connect.
  5. Visit AudioBook Bay's website and enjoy your free audiobooks!

NordVPN boasts over 3000 servers in 94 countries and supports P2P connections. It provides rapid speeds and robust leak protection to ensure a secure, uninterrupted torrenting experience.

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AudioBook Bay is a splendid resource for audiobook enthusiasts, but accessing it with a VPN can be tricky due to domain availability and random blocks. By adhering to the troubleshooting steps detailed above, you should be able to navigate through any issues encountered. If all else fails, consider opting for a premium VPN provider like NordVPN for a smooth and secure browsing experience.

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