Best Anime Torrent Sites (Tested in 2024)

Best Anime torrent sites

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Finding the best anime torrent sites can be a frustrating experience. You should find a way to download and watch anime shows if you enjoy watching it.

We'll be looking at the most popular sites that torrent users use for downloading anime. All the most recent and greatest anime shows and movies can be found on these websites. Some websites allow you to watch the anime live. Others only permit you to download the anime shows.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for educational purposes only. My VPN Hub and I do not support downloading copyrighted content. A VPN can make torrenting safer and more secure.

Best Anime Torrenting Sites in 2024

Not all websites will work in your area because they have been blocked. To unblock any website, you must use a VPN. When you visit torrent websites, we recommend that you use a Surfshark VPN. These websites may have adult content or advertisements, so you must be at least 18 to visit them.

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Let's now take a look at the top 10 anime torrent sites.

1. Nyaa – High quality, latest anime torrent

Best Anime torrent sites Nyaa

Nyaa is the best torrent site and Nyaa anime is worth downloading. High-quality videos can be found on Nyaa's movie list and search engine.

Multiple search filters can be used to search for a new session. Users can also upload content. You can register for this website to receive the latest news and updates, as well as a list of anime sessions.

If the website doesn't work, you can always visit the mirror URL:

2. AnimeTosho is the best anime community website

AnimeTosho, one of the oldest torrent sites for anime, lists frequently updated content. This website is more than 10 years old and has a large community that uploads shares, and talks about anime content daily. Although the website looks old-fashioned, you can customize it.

The website allows you to download torrent files and also allows you to upload files to the site.

3. 1337X – A search engine that searches for anime.

1337x is a popular torrent site for downloading anime movies and shows. You can also download anime shows. The 1337x website has all the most popular anime shows.

1337X is a better alternative to RARBG and thepiratebay. The 1337x torrent site allows you to download anime shows. You will find the usual sessions as well as the underrated anime sessions.

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4. AniRena – Best Anime Torrent Follower

Anirena, a torrent tracker website, lists all the most recent Anime / Japanese content. You can upload or browse anime shows online. Tracker supports IPv4/IPv6 requests in TCP/UDP protocols.

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5. SubsPlease – The best site for anime schedules

SubsPlease is a similar website to the old HorribleSubs site that was recently closed. SubsPlease allows you to list all anime sessions via its simple website. You can also find a schedule of anime sessions that includes the most recent and upcoming episodes.

There is a Discord group that allows you to share anime content. It is simple and unadorned, but its design is extremely useful. You can toggle between dark and light modes.

Download content in 480p or 720p HD formats. Nyaa is an excellent alternative to watching anime.


6. Torrentz– The best torrent search engine to find dubbed anime

Torrentz is one of the most popular search engines for anime TV shows and movies. You will find many places to download your favorite torrent files. Torrentz has millions of torrents and pages.

7. BakaBT – Secret Anime torrent community

BakaBT is an exclusive anime community. To access the website's content, you will need to register. It is important to be more selective in the assistance you offer other people. After logging in, you can download anime torrents and share them from the large collection.

You must use IRC to register. BakaBT currently has two channels, #bakabt support, and #BakaBT. This is to ensure that the community is not open to non-anime fans.

8. Shana Project – Automated anime downloading

Shana is different than other torrent sites because it can automate your anime downloading. It can be set up to automatically download new performances whenever it matches.

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If you don't want the hassle of searching through torrent sites, Shana can help. If you don't mind annoying ads, it's an ad-free website.

9. AnimeUltime

This torrent site is proof of how much anime is loved in France. You don't need to speak French to enjoy the community. You can also download from the wide selection of anime titles.

10. BTDigg – A torrent site with no advertisers

Bigg is a torrent search engine that allows you to search for anime. It is fast and free from ads. BTDigg complies to the DMCA in order to provide legal content for its viewers. BTDigg is itself a legal torrent site.


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Honorable Mentions

These sites are great for downloading anime series and TV programs. These sites often contain obscure anime content which makes them popular among anime fans. These sites are your best bets if you want access to the top anime, even if they may not be the most well-known.

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Torrent content is the best method to download content without restrictions, but you have to do it safely to avoid possible issues, we recommend Surfshark VPN for that purpose. There are many content pirates you should avoid. You should be aware that these major Anime torrent sites may have illegal content, so it is important to be cautious about downloading them. Please let us know if you know of better sites in the comments below.

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