How to Watch DStv in Canada (Best Method in 2024)

How to Watch DStv in Canada

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If you are here than you want to know How to Watch DStv in Canada, well look no further. VPN allows you to access DStv Canada. We've listed five steps that you can use to access DStv Canada and your favorite channels.

DStv, or digital satellite television, is sub-Saharan African satellite TV. DStv offers channels in all sub-Saharan African regions and broadcasts more than 200 radio and TV stations. This guide includes a list of top VPNs for DStv Canada. Our VPN rating is based upon the speed, security, reliability, and availability of the VPNs.

Quick Guide: How to Watch DStv Canada via a VPN

Follow these steps to view DStv Canada via a VPN.

  • Surfshark VPN is a trusted VPN.
  • Install the VPN app on your device.
  • Register with your credentials to log in to the application
  • Connect to a South African server
  • Open the application or visit the official DStv site.
  • Register now to enjoy DStv.

Surfshark VPN allows you to unblock DStv

To watch DStv Canada, you will need a VPN.

To unblock DStv Canada you will need a VPN. It is a geo-restricted TV service. The following message will appear if you attempt to access DStv in Canada without a VPN: “Unfortunately, DStv now is not available for your area.”

To unblock streaming services, Canadians need a VPN that is trusted and has South African servers such as ExpressVPN.

VPN hides your IP and DNS, allowing you to bypass geoplocks. It also gives you anonymity online and eliminates your ISP's accelerator pedal. You can stream securely and safely.

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These are the top VPNs to watch DStv Canada in 2021

Our VPN rating is determined by speed, reliability, security, and number of servers. To unblock DStv in Canada, we have selected the best 3 VPNs:

1. Surfshark VPN for Canada that is affordable and opens a stream

After testing over 20 VPNs, we recommend Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark, which offers unlimited sign-ins and costs $ 2.49/month for a 2-year contract, is a pocket-friendly option to watch DStv Canada. It offers 3200+ servers across 65 countries.

Surfshark offers its services at $ 2.49 per month with its 2-year plan. It offers all the security and data protection features that a VPN needs, including 256-bit encryption. Surfshark lets you access Voot and Vudu in Canada. Hulu is also available in Canada with Surfshark.

The VPN provided a download speed of 79.74Mbps and an upload speed at 39.64Mbps for a 100-Mbps connection.

Surfshark is the best way to unlock the DStv

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2. NordVPN – The largest server in the VPN 5485 network

NordVPN is a great way to stream DStv Canada. It boasts a network of over 5,400 servers in 59 countries and more than 50 servers in South Africa. This makes it ideal for streaming. It's well-known for its features, including ultra-fast connections, non-login policy, and military encryption.

NordVPN offers its services at $ 3.30 per month (VPN Awareness Month- 2-year plan 72% discount + 3 months free). It boasts a network with 5,485 servers across 59 countries.

This will give you a huge advantage in unblocking DStv and stream streaming without server load or bandwidth allocation. NordVPN allows you to access Peacock TV Canada and YouTube TV Canada.

The VPN provided a download speed up to 85.34 Mbps, and upload speeds up to 42.35Mbps when it was connected at 100 Mbps.

3. ExpressVPN – The good alternative VPN to check DSTV from Canada

It was able to deliver a download at a fairly high speed.

It has 3000+ servers across 94 countries and provides unparalleled services.

It is available for $ 6.67 per month and can be used for 12+ 3 months. ExpressVPN offers 256-bit encryption to secure streaming and protects IP and DNS leaks. ExpressVPN can also allow you to access NBC Canada from Canada by unblocking BFI Player.

ExpressVPN allows you to watch DStv


Can I access DStv Canada via a VPN?

You can access DStv Canada via a free VPN. We recommend you not to use free VPNs as they cannot bypass the strict geographic restrictions of DStv. Premium VPNs are more reliable than free VPNs.

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Because they leak IPs and keep logs, free VPNs are notoriously insecure. You should not use free VPNs regardless of what they claim.

Is it legal to use a VPN to access DStv?

Unless the authorities in your region have prohibited the use of VPNs for DStv, it is legal to use a VPN. Most people use VPNs to protect their online privacy. A VPN is legal for accessing DStv. It is also not subject to piracy.

How to Register for DStv Canada

These are the steps to sign up for DStv Canada.

1. Register for an Surfshark VPN. Install your application on your device.
3. Connect to the South African server by connecting to the VPN app.
4. Visit the official DStv site.
5. 5. Click on the Register button.

6. To create your DStv Account, enter your details.

7. Enjoy your favorite shows on DStv.

DStv plan and price in 2021

DStv offers a variety of packages to its customers, including the following:

EasyView36 channelsR29USD 2.05 Access66 channelsR115USD 8.11Family91 channelR295USD 20.81Compact125 channelsR409USD 28.85Compact Plus143channels) R539USD 38.02Premium157channelsR829USD58.48

DStv best channels

DStv offers more than 200 channels to its subscribers, including these popular channels:

  • BBC Earth
  • Boomerang
  • Comic book network
  • Channel O
  • Disney Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Nickelodeon
  • M-Net
  • MTV
  • Universal studio
  • SuperSport OTT
  • VUZU
  • WWE Channel

DStv has sports channels

DStv offers a variety of sports channels.

  • TellyTrack
  • SuperSport 15
  • Ginx eSport TV
  • SuperSports events
  • SuperSport Blitz, Maximo1, Play, (1-13)

You can watch the best TV shows and movies on DStv

DStv has a wide range of TV shows and movies that are well-known for their unique storylines and platforms. These are some of the top TV shows and movies available on DStv:

The Big Bang Theory
Catfish: The Series
Hawaii Five-O
Station 19
This is Us
Strike Back
Rizzoli & Isles
The Voice
Death in Paradise
Geordie Shore

How to set up DStv on multiple devices

Follow these steps to connect to a trusted VPN and set up DSTV.

You can watch DStv on Android devices

  • Connect your Android device to a VPN and choose a South African server.
  • Get the DStv App from the Google Play Store.
  • Start watching DStv on Android by opening the app

You can watch DStv on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to the VPN and choose the South African server.
  • Get the DStv App from the Apple Store.
  • Start watching DStv on iPhone or iPad by opening the app
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Apple TV: Watch DStv

  • Connect your VPN to Apple TV and choose a South African server.
  • Get the DStv App from the Apple Store.
  • Start watching DStv on Apple TV by opening the app.

Install DStv on Samsung TV

  • A VPN allows you to connect to South African servers.
  • Connect your SmartTV to the Internet.
  • Get DStv in the App Store.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The application will display the code after installation.
  • Go to now on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • To link your DStv account with Smart TV, sing to it
  • Enter the code to start watching DStv with your Samsung TV.

You can watch DStv on Xbox 360

  • Open the Xbox 360 Apps Store
  • Install DStv.
  • After installation, the code will be displayed.
  • Sign in with your Xbox 360 and enter the code to get DStv.

How can I watch DStv with no decoder?

This application allows you to watch Dstv online without the need for a decoder. You will need a smartphone, tablet or laptop to install DStvNow.

You can now watch your favorite content anytime, not just during a broadcast with the DStv app.


Can I watch DStv Canada?

VPN can be used to view DStv Canada. To view DStv in Canada, you will need a VPN because DStv can only be viewed in South Africa.

What VPNs are compatible with DStv Canada?

You can watch DStv in Canada with premium VPNs like Surfshark VPN, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.


How can I get free DStv channels from Canada?

These steps will allow you to get DStv channels for free in Canada.

  • Visit
  • Choose Register from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the form.
  • Click the Create Account button to create an account.
  • Please enter your driver's licence, smart card, or customer number. Scroll down to select Skip if you don't have a DStv subscribe.
  • Start watching DStv free of charge by giving your profile a name. Upload a profile photo.

What channels can I view in VPN Canada?

You can access over 400 DStv channels via VPN. These are some DStv channels.

  • Universal studio
  • Vuzu
  • BBC First
  • BBC Brit
  • Comedy Central
  • Zee world
  • BBC Lifestyle
  • Travel channel
  • The world of discovery
  • SuperSport 1
  • NBC 1
  • Disney Channel
  • CBeebies
  • SKY News

Is it legal for Canada to unblock DStv?

Unless your local authorities have prohibited the use of VPNs for DStv, yes. Most people use VPNs to protect their online privacy. A VPN is legal for accessing DStv. It is also not subject to piracy.


DStv, a web streaming service that provides a wide range of high-quality content like Date My Family or Dark Matter, is amazing. This amazing service is not available to Canadians. Here are some steps to help you get DStv from Canada using a VPN. We also have a list with the top VPNs to watch DStv in Canada so that you can access it easily.

How to Watch DStv in Canada With Surfshark VPN

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