HOW to Unblock LAOLA1 Outside Austria Germany in 2024

HOW to Unblock LAOLA1 Outside Austria Germany

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Walter

Laola1 TV, one of the most popular streaming sites in Germany and Austria is here. I'll show you HOW to Unblock LAOLA1 Outside Austria Germany with this guide.

This website offers everything, from motorsport and football to hockey and many other sports. If you don't live in Germany or Austria, try visiting a blocked website.

Laola1 TV can only broadcast events in Germany and Austria.

They will block your access if you're not in Germany or Austria. But unlocking Laola1TV can be done very quickly and I'll show you how to do it.

HOW to Unblock LAOLA1 Outside Austria Germany

You can watch Laola1 TV from outside Germany

You can access blocked videos by visiting the Laola1 TV website from outside Germany. This happens more often in real-time content but also in recorded videos.

You can also see different content. The screenshot below shows both the German website's content (left) as well as the content for visitors from outside Germany (right).

How can you access additional content?

You will need an application called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN hides your location and allows you to appear as if you are anywhere else.

As an example, let's say you are in the United States. You can use VPN to pretend you are in Germany.

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How can you achieve this? This is how it works.

How to watch Laola1 TV outside Germany

First, you must choose a VPN provider. You can search Google for hundreds of VPN providers. Laola1 TVs do not support all of them, and they don't offer German connections.

Here are my top three VPN applications for Laola1 TV viewing outside of Germany. Because they are easier to use and work well, I tend to choose Surfshark VPN and NordVPN

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Follow these steps after you have chosen one of the VPN providers with Laola1TV.

  • Click here to register for your preferred VPN provider such as Surfshark VPN
  • After you have registered, head to the “Applications” section of their website to download the appropriate application for your device. All major devices, including Android, Apple iOS, Windows PC, and Mac, are supported.
  • After you have downloaded the application and installed it, you can open it. Sign in to the account that you have created or submitted during registration.
  • Select Germany (1.) from the list of options and then press Connect (2.). .

Any app should connect quickly and let you know within 30 seconds.

Every website that you visit thinks you are in Germany.

You should now visit to access all German TV programs, sports, and other media.

No, thank you! I don't want Laola1 TV.

You may need to erase your browsing history if you have visited the site before without using a VPN.

Here is a screenshot of the steps required to connect to Germany using IPVanish.

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What is a VPN and how does it work?

You may be wondering what a VPN actually is and if it is legal.

VPN services are legal in nearly every country around the globe. They are only illegal in certain countries.

VPN works by tunneling through your connection via the location of a third-party-owned by the VPN company. The VPN company will forward your request to visit Laola1TV's website to your device first. This request is then sent to Laola1 TV by the server, this way your Ip Address location is masked and you can watch your favorite shows on Laola1 TV

Summary: How to watch Laola1 TV from outside Germany

A VPN is required to access Laola1 TV, as well as the entire catalog of live broadcasts. You can only use content that is intended for Germany or Austria with the VPN application. We recommend Surfshark VPN

There are many VPNs available, but not all support German connections. You can find IPVanish by clicking the button below. However, I have suggested some other options at the end of the article for those who want to shop.

After you have connected your VPN service to their German connection, go to Laola1 TV. Now you can watch any blocked video, live stream, or access an enormous amount of additional content.

Unblock LAOLA1 with Surfshark VPN

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