How to Watch More On Netflix [Fast Guide 2024]

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Are you tired of scrolling through the same limited selection on Netflix? Do you wish you could unlock a world of exciting movies and TV shows that are not available in your region? Look no further! In this guide, we will show you the secret to accessing and watching more on Netflix with a VPN. By using this powerful tool, you can bypass geographical restrictions and immerse yourself in a vast library of content from all around the globe. Get ready to enhance your streaming experience and discover a whole new level of entertainment. Let's dive in and learn how to watch more on Netflix with a VPN!

Watch More on Netflix – Fast Guide

Step 1: Install Surfshark VPN on your device.

Step 2: Open Surfshark VPN and connect it to the Germany server.

Step 3: Open the Netflix app or website.

Step 4: Visit Netflix

Step 5: Search More and enjoy.

Why use a VPN to watch More?

Imagine you're a traveler in a vibrant world of streaming entertainment, searching for hidden gems like More. But alas! The content you seek is locked away, confined to certain regions. Why, you ask? Well, it's like a secret party that only a few have the invitation to.

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You see, Netflix has to play by the rules of licensing agreements and copyright restrictions. They want to make sure you get the best content for your region. So, they use this thing called geo-blocking, which only lets you see what's available in your location.

But fear not, for there is a way to access this forbidden fruit. Enter the VPN, your trusty virtual genie. With a VPN, you can magically disguise your location and make it appear as if you're in Germany. Why Germany, you ask? Well, that's where More is waiting to be discovered!

So, grab your VPN, get your German IP address, and unlock the world of streaming possibilities. It's time to join the secret party and enjoy More on Netflix!

How to Watch More on Netflix from Anywhere [Full Guide]

Step 1: Install Surfshark VPN

To watch More on Netflix, the first step is to install Surfshark VPN on your device. Surfshark VPN is a virtual private network service that allows you to access geo-restricted content by masking your IP address and encrypting your internet connection. You can find the Surfshark VPN app on their official website or on your device's app store. Download and install the app following the instructions provided.

Step 2: Connect to the Germany Server

Once you have installed Surfshark VPN, open the app and log in to your account. After logging in, you will see a list of server locations. Look for the Germany server in the list and click on it to connect. Connecting to the Germany server will assign you a German IP address, which will trick Netflix into thinking that you are accessing the streaming service from Germany.

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Step 3: Open Netflix

After connecting to the Germany server, open the Netflix app on your device or visit the Netflix website using a compatible browser. Make sure you are logged in to your Netflix account.

Step 4: Search for “More” and Start Watching

Now that you have accessed Netflix with a German IP address, you can search for the show “More” and start watching. Use the search bar on the Netflix app or website to type in “More” and look for the show in the search results. Once you find it, click on it to start watching and enjoy your streaming experience.

By following these simple steps, you can easily watch More on Netflix using Surfshark VPN. Remember to always connect to the Germany server before accessing Netflix to bypass geo-restrictions and unlock a wider range of content. Happy streaming!

About More

Discover the captivating world of “More,” a thought-provoking TV series that takes you on an emotional journey. Set in a picturesque coastal town, this show delves into the life of a teenager who finds herself facing difficult realities and conflicting emotions amidst a refugee crisis. Inspired by Hakan Günday's novel, “More” offers a unique perspective on the human experience.

With its compelling storyline and rich character development, “More” explores the complexities of empathy, identity, and compassion. It sheds light on the challenges faced by both the locals and the refugees, highlighting the universal struggle for understanding and acceptance.

As you delve into this gripping series, you'll witness the power of storytelling in unraveling the intricacies of the human condition. “More” serves as a reminder that, despite our differences, we are all connected by our shared experiences and the capacity for empathy.

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Immerse yourself in the world of “More” and open your heart to its profound exploration of love, loss, and the pursuit of truth.

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